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  • 5 Things That Are Going Out Of Style (clothing and life related)

    1. Wearing Lots Of Makeup: Examples of more minimal makeup; wearing only 1-3 eyeshadows, lighter coverage foundation like a bb or cc cream, makeup ...
  • Little Makeup Haul!

    Hi Everyone! I wanted to share some thoughts on some new makeup I purchased recently! I didn't get a ton, which is why I'm not making a whole video...
  • Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review!

    Resell Makeup

    Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Review

    Charlotte Tilbury Aesthetic

  • 2nd Trimester Update!

    2nd Trimester


    Short Blog Post

  • Guy Gift Guide 2020

    Men's Gift Guide

    Christmas Ideas

    Holiday Guide

  • Tech Gift Guide 2020

    Tech Gift Guide

    Gaming Items

    Cellphone, Computer, Podcasting Items

  • Gifts For Her 2020!

    Women's Gift Guide 2020

    Lot's Of Affordable Gifts

    Little Bit For Everyone

  • I'M PREGNANT // 22 Week Update, How I'm Feeling, Everything You Need To Know


    AH-HA moments are make believe 

    Everyone's Reaction 


  • Sydney Grace Eyeshadow Review

    Single Eyeshadows

    First Time Ordering Through This Company

    Creating My Own Palette

  • Amazon Haul

    Amazon Haul

    Bunch of Random Finds

    All Wins

  • Netflix Recommendations Continue! Part 2

    Netflix Recs Part 2!

    Some Oldies

    Some Obvious Picks

  • First Month In Austin Texas!

    First Month