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I wanted to write about my goals for this year 2019 and how they have been going so far! I kind of break up my goals into categories to help keep them more organized and it's easier for me to track how I'm doing throughout the year. So my husband told me that what he uses to help pick his goals is this chart called The Wheel Of Life. He was using this way before he met me, so I decided to give it a shot when I saw it it looked like it covered every category. 

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1. For my career goal this year I wanted to focus on social media more, posting on social media and just being more active on it. And I wanted to try putting my boutique clothing and jewelry at a flea market or some sort of pop up shop.  

2. The financial goal for this year, which has been our goal way before we even got married is to finish paying our loans off. If you talk to Josh and I you know this has been a big goal of ours and our main drive is to pay them all off and never be in debt again.

3. For the spiritual goal mine is to pray everyday twice a day and to do more daily devotions. Our first year of marriage was to go to church every single Sunday for an entire year, and we accomplished it we didn't miss any Sunday. It was nice because it really built a habit for us to go every Sunday at this point we feel bad if we miss church.

4. The physical goal was kind of long. I started the keto diet about 6 months into our marriage. So to kind of go with that I wanted to start intermitten fasting. So the goals were to not eat until 4pm everyday, continue with the keto diet, run at least 1.5 miles a day, lift 2x a week, stay involved with soccer, and track my weight. Like I said kind of long but I wanted to be self disciplined and be specific with the physical category.

5. Intellectual category I didn't have a specific goal because ever since I met my husband we listen to audiobooks, podcasts, watch youtube videos, and netflix documentaries all of the time everyday. Every couple has a thing that they do together that's our we listen to so many podcasts. And all of those I listed off are ones that are really intellectual based you'll learn something for sure.

6. For the family category I wanted to be less stubborn not to jump the gun and be mad or hold onto anger. James 1:19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. This is a good example of what I wanted to be better at. 

7. The last category for social this was the other category I didn't have anything specific really. My husband and I are both pretty social in my opinion maybe I'm wrong, but at least I don't think we have trouble meeting people I think we're pretty friendly. 

A random one that I wasn't sure how to fit into this wheel or didn't know what category to best put this one in: I wanted to be more positive especially with the boutique going on and just starting one and not knowing a lot. I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts and reading a book all about entrepreneurs, and I know being an entrepreneur can be frustrating at times. And that people go through slow seasons and business's grow slowly it isn't going to happen over night and the only thing you can do is to stay positive. But also just a more positive outlook on life, like there was a week where Josh and I were traveling back to Wisconsin and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong on this vacation. With flights, Ubers, hotels, weather, rental cars you name it everything went wrong but the whole time we just had to stay positive. 

How all these goals are coming along? Really good actually better than I could ever imagine! Career goal is going amazing! I love what I am doing, I'm posting more on social media more than the previous year especially. And I did get into a flea market in Raleigh North Carolina! I learned so much from it what I need to do in the future and what I need to add to my boutique. Since moving I contacted the flea market here in Seattle and they only allowed hand made crafts and clothes, so right now I'm searching for pop up markets to be in. 

Our financial goal since Josh got the new job at Amazon, we are actually scheduled to finish paying our loans off even earlier than we expected! We started at $120,000 in August 2017 and today we have less than $20,000. We're shooting for next month August or September to be completely finished with them!

The spiritual goal is going pretty well I need to get a little more consistent with it. There's always seems to be about 2-3 times a week I forget to read a devotion or forget to pray in the morning. Overall I'd say it is going well!

Physical goal is going great! We're always consistent with the intermitten fasting and following the keto diet Mon-Sat. I go on a run 5-6 times a week and we both have been lifting 3x a week. I was involved with soccer the whole time in North Carolina and I'm looking for new soccer team now since moving to Seattle. So really doing well in this category, I would say this has been the healthiest last couple of years of my life.

Intellectual like I said before I didn't really have a specific goal, we still listen to podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries all the time. Nothing really has changed in this category.

The family category is going incredibly well also! I always keep that Bible verse in the back of my mind.

The social category since moving to Seattle in June we've already hung out with Josh's team a couple of times and it was great. Really not worried at all I know we'll make friends here, we made a bunch of life long friends in North Carolina and we expect the same here! And we already have tons of plans for the rest of the year to get to know more people going to community events and work events and meetups!

And lastly the random positivity goal I had, I got this journal called the 5 minute journal I use that everyday and track it. It's really helped a lot just a quick little reminder every morning and night and it helps just overall better improve my thinking and staying positive. Definitely plan on to continue using this in the future!

Just wanted to write about this, so I can see my improvement. I really like the Wheel of Life it has a good set up with different categories. I also think it really helped me track my goals, helped keep me accountable to them, and helped with self improvement a ton! I can honestly say this is probably the first year where I really tracked and can see my goals and feel myself reaching those goals. I suggest everyone to give it a shot it's a good feeling being able to see and feel your goals getting accomplished! 

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