November 14th it's my birthday today! My husband Josh seems to one up it year after year! This year he got me the Business Boutique Goal Planner. It sounds lame like, "Oh... cool a planner..." But I was so happy when I opened it up and saw it! It's just what I need for this upcoming year. This planner has everything it's basically like an already made bullet journal. It has goals for the month and daily goals, little inspiring quotes, Bible Psalms, teaches you how to set specific goals, questions you answer to set the goals, self car tips and reminders, not just business goals but also family goals, a gratitude journal inside and a timeline of where you should be at to reach the goals you set! Literally has everything you can imagine to get organized for your business and life!

The second gift he got me is the new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. He pre ordered Pokemon Sword, I was debating on buying it myself but he ended up getting it for me! I'm so pumped to play it, there's been so much hype about it. From what I've been hearing and reading it sounds like it's going to be such a good game like a game changer for the Pokemon and Nintendo world! If you follow Pokemon as close as I do you'll get it.

Josh is taking me to dinner tonight, I'm not sure where yet. It's a Thursday today so we're not going to be out crazy late. Saturday Josh is taking me to a couple of distilleries. I'm so excited for those because I've never been to a distillery yet, so I have no idea of what to expect!

UPDATE: The distilleries were awesome! We went to one with whiskey and one with rum. The whiskey one was my favorite I like all the tasters except there was one that was whiskey rye. Josh and I both aren't huge fans of rye whiskey it's pretty spicy, we both like smooth whiskey. We even found some good Christmas gift ideas there, so we have an excuse now to go back! The next place was rum, I don't really like vodka which was the first 3 testers. But the last 3 were really good we ended up buying a bottle of one of them. The one we picked is good to make cocktails with, we wanted to try and make some fun cocktails we've never made before. I didn't know the town we went to for these distilleries was in a town that is known for distilleries and winery's. I was telling Josh we need to go there more often and explore, we never go to distilleries or wineries.  

Awesome birthday! Really was one of the best ones yet!



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