2nd Trimester Update!

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to post a quick update on how my 2nd trimester is going! I felt like not much has happened in this trimester, so I don't think this will be too crazy long of a blog post. 

The 2nd trimester felt like it lasted forever. Right now while I'm typing this I'm about 28 weeks pregnant. So, I'm in my third trimester now. The 2nd trimester, the biggest difference I noticed was my heartburn has gotten really bad. I have to really be careful on what I've been eating because the heartburn kicks in so fast. A lot of the other things that was happening in the first trimester have really went away though. For example; the couple of migraines I had in the first trimester, I haven't had any of those. I haven't had any constipation, I haven't been feeling as tired. The baby bump has gotten bigger, which is obviously expected. I feel like so far this 2nd trimester it's grown the most compared to the first trimester. 

The last appointment I had on December 21, 2020 I got a lot of bloodwork and shots. Other than that everything went really smoothly. From this point on my doctor measures my stomach to see if the baby is growing right. My stomach measured small, so she ended up doing an ultrasounds to make sure everything was good. She said everything looks good and is growing right. 

Like I said really nothing crazy has happened during this 2nd trimester. Thank goodness it's been fairly smooth! Let's hope this continues!

The next appointment is later in January, which I think is just a checkup no shots or bloodwork or anything. So I'll check back later in the next few months with any updates!

See ya next post!

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