3 Months in Seattle!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a little over 3 months now in Seattle! Got to be honest not a whole lot has changed since the last Seattle blog! At this point I'd say we're pretty settled in, as in we got our daily schedule figured out. Josh has been looking for ju jitsu gyms and I've been contacting people trying to find a female soccer league. So that should be figured out in the next week or so! Josh has almost finished his app he's hoping to get it on the app store very soon! I've been testing it for him and he's been fixing up the bugs in it. I've actually been busy with the boutique getting a lot of orders on Facebook Marketplace. I actually need to start thinking of a goal for next month for my business! I've been having to run to the post office almost everyday. And having to keep up with inventory searching for more products and packaging!

About 2 weeks ago we decided we would like to purchase a home, condo or townhouse by next summer 2020. So we thought we should contact a realtor now and start a relationship. Learn about the area since we've only been here for a few months. We don't really know how the area is, like what are the good and bad parts, so figured if we start now it would help make the purchasing part easier. We also don't know what type of place we want we're opened to the idea of a house, condo, or townhouse. So again, starting the process now seems like a good idea to get ideas of what exactly we want. And it's not like we bought a house before so we really don't know how long or what the process is like. My brother and his fiance bought a house recently and it took them a long time, so seemed like the earlier you start the better. 

Last weekend we looked at a couple townhouses and a condo. We also walked around the area to get a good feel of the atmosphere and if it's what we're looking for or not. We drove from the townhouses to Josh's work to see how the drive was. Seeing if it's a crazy busy drive or not to bad. The first place we looked at was more top of our budget still within budget, but on the high end of it. We liked it a lot the only problem we really saw with it is it didn't have a storage closet. Now we aren't looking for a place that has like 5 closets, but this place didn't have 1 at all. But everything else was nice! Josh and I are looking for modern style, has a big entertainment space and deck, extra bedroom and big bedroom closets and bathrooms. The second place was also a townhouse within our budget. This place we found from walking around the downtown area of west Seattle. This place was really big which we liked probably bigger than what we need. It wasn't exactly modern style, and some of the small things like sinks and closet doors were really outdated. The layout was a little odd didn't make a lot of sense for Josh and I. We like big entertainment spaces, but this one had 2 separate small entertainment spaces. And it had one room downstairs that was odd, they modeled it as an office, but I don't think it worked exactly as an office? I'm not sure what exactly what type of room it could be for Josh and I? But it was really big and had a garage and deck and even an extra room all within our budget it really wasn't bad all. Just not exactly what Josh and I are looking for. 

A little tangent- We've been getting some crap of, "Why are you guys not buying a house don't you want to own a house?" First off, I said we're OPENED to the idea of owning a house OR condo OR townhouse. We didn't just rule out a house completely. Secondly, we just started looking now we're not looking to buy something tomorrow we're taking our time we have the whole year to look. Third, the condos and townhouses we've looked at so far have all been the same size if not bigger than a house. And on top of them being even bigger than a house some of them have a gym, pool, and big entertainment rooms attached to them. Not everyone is looking for the same thing. Josh and I like big entertainment rooms and modern styles and like working out and having a gym conveniently located and living in a city area. We're not looking for a big place with lots of storage space and rooms because we think if we had for example 5 closets and lots of land and whatever else we would just buy things to fill those extra closets up. Buying things that we really don't need and land we would have to take care of. Josh and I just like living a minimalist lifestyle, it's been working for us. We enjoy not having lots of stuff just random stuff that has no purpose. If we need something we'll go buy it. For example we had a lot of books from college and we kept telling ourselves the 2 years in North Carolina, "We'll just keep them just incase we need them. What if I have a questions and need to refer to these college books." Well guess what that NEVER happened. So before we moved to Seattle we went through everything and got rid of almost all of our books. Also keep in my mind it's our first place and it's just the 2 of us right now. We all of have different likes and dislikes and value different things for example; one of the places we looked at was crazy expensive out of our budget and their big selling point was a view it had an incredible view. After talking with Josh we both agreed we don't want to spend that amount of money JUST for a view. Ya know if that view included and we were looking to spend that much then we want a view, but I don't want to spend that much just for a view. If that makes sense. Another thing is Josh and I don't ever plan on like settling some place for the rest of our lives. Like some people ask, "So are you guys staying in Seattle is this going to be our forever home?" And no we don't want to ever live like that. If Josh's job or even mine ever calls for him to move or transfer or even just change jobs completely or a company offers him more money whatever the case may be. We will move cause of it and honestly we enjoy moving getting a change of scenery and we enjoy road trips! This might be a blunt way of saying it... but yes, we follow the money if someone offers either Josh or I a job and it's offering more money that makes it worth us moving we will move. I mean that's literally why we moved to Seattle. Amazon offered Josh more money so we moved here! And it was an amazing trip! We loved turning it into a little vacation and made so many memories because of it we saw so many cities that we would normally never expect to see!

Besides the house hunting though we finished furnishing our apartment we're in now! We made a trip to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago it was for an engagement party! That trip went super well! It was so nice seeing our friends in Milwaukee and celebrating Alex and Amanda's engagement! I think next up on our list is finishing up Josh's app, finding a soccer team and ju jitsu gym, and we would like to start meeting new people. So just getting out a little more carving out time in the week to go to some events in the area. They have tons of events and festivals in Seattle I know we'll find a good group to hangout with more regularly. We've just been so busy trying to get our business's going and getting more steady busy, we've kind of forgot to enjoy the festivals in the area!

We had some family and friends come visit also and they seemed to enjoy Seattle! We brought them to your typical touristy spots cause it's not like we knew a lot about Seattle like best restraunts and places to visit so when they visited us we were kind of learning with them about best spots to see haha

I think that's it for right now though on this 3 month update! Feel free to come visit whenever! 


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