5 Things That Are Going Out Of Style (clothing and life related)

1. Wearing Lots Of Makeup: Examples of more minimal makeup; wearing only 1-3 eyeshadows, lighter coverage foundation like a bb or cc cream, makeup that doesn't last as long on the skin, or no eyeshadow just mascara, no lipstick (because of the masks), wearing makeup to run one errand and working from home could play a factor in why everyone is doing more minimalists makeup. I myself am doing this because as I'm getting older, I'm seeing that less and lighter coverage makeup on me just honestly looks better. And also it takes WAY less time in the morning to get ready!

2. Cold Shoulder Shirts: I always thought these looked weird even back when they were in style. I never owned one either because I thought these shirts would feel weird wearing them. These shirts just look uncomfortable. Exactly for what they're called I think they would be cold like just wear a tank top or a normal t-shirt no in-between.

3. Soft Leggings: I feel like I don't see a lot of people wear soft leggings anymore everyone wears athletic leggings, skinny jeans, joggers, or leather leggings. I still wear soft leggings not going to lie... around the house or when we're traveling because I think they're comfy 🤷🏻‍♀️ especially when sitting while traveling for long periods of time. But I really don't see people wear these a lot anymore. 

5. Living In a Big City: I have to say I really do think living in a big city will not be the popular thing anymore. Because of COVID I know a lot of people that are looking at moving out of the city or even state to a more secluded or less populated areas. I mean even we're doing this right now while looking at houses. For example; my husband is a software engineer that works at Amazon. Right now we're looking at buying our first house. But because he's working from home right now and that seems to be what it's going to be for  at least the next year. We're looking at living outside of the city. Houses are way cheaper, you get more for your money and when the time comes when Josh does have to go back into work, it'll only be once or twice a week he has to go back. So if he only has to go in a couple times a week, it's not a big deal living a little further out, is how we're looking at it. But, I wanted to bring it up because I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing. I think this is an awesome thing, it's going to help with places like LA and New York that are so busy to start spreading out a bit more so it's not so congested. I'm sure there's pros and cons either way you want to look at it but I think this is a good thing.

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