Ever heard of it? Cause I didn't until I met my husband Josh! I was hanging out with him one night and I was getting ready to take my makeup off and brush my teeth and I realized I totally forgot my makeup wipes. I hate using soap and water because I feel like it never gets all the make up off completely. I was so angry, whenever I fall asleep with my makeup on I ALWAYS have a break out on my face. Zit city all over my face. Josh went into his bathroom cabinet and pulled out this Vaseline type stuff called Albolene. At first I was like, "yeah no I'm not rubbing that all over my face that's not going to work." And he showed me it actually says on the back of the container it's meant to remove makeup and moisturize at the same time. I was like okay, whatever I'll try it I don't have anything else on me that will work. Josh used Albolene when he was doing MMA fighting, if you're wondering why in the heck does he have it. 

So I gave it a shot and I couldn't believe it. This stuff does wonders! Took everything off WAY better than any other makeup remover I've ever used. Like sometimes I have mascara that doesn't come all the way off. Nope this stuff took it off like a fricken magic marker. I'll admit the consistency of it, is kind of annoying. It really is like vaseline rubbing it all over your face, but if you can get over that it's the best thing out there to remove makeup. I don't know about you, but I would rather have all my makeup off than deal with zit city on my face the next day. AND it really is the most moisturizing thing I've ever put on my face. I didn't even realize I had dry skin on my face until I started using this stuff, it's been a game changer. I can't believe how moisturizing it is you can feel it just soaking into your skin it's incredible. Your face will feel baby soft the next day. 

I just had to share this stuff it's amazing to me, I don't use anything else to remove makeup now. I only use Albolene to take off my makeup, it's even good as a chapstick putting it on your lips over night it's just so good.

Sorry for the inconsistent posts for makeup Mondays by the way! I don't really have an excuse for it besides, I just been writing other posts so sometimes the makeup Monday posts I don't get to as often. And also this series is just something fun I like do when an idea comes to me!

Thank you guys!



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