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This is my first Amazon Haul video and blog post! I really enjoyed filming this video, so I'm excited to do more of these! I also just love Amazon and all the products mentioned in this video and blog post are winners! So maybe that's why I enjoyed filming it so much! Listed below is everything mentioned in the video and products I've been loving the last few months. Everything listed is all stuff I recommend there was no fails in this haul! A lot of the items mentioned below are beach type items because my husband and I had our honeymoon coming up. It's rescheduled now and with that being said a lot of the swim suits mentioned I haven't tested in water obviously so just keep that in mind. The review of the beach related items are strictly from trying them on in the house how they look and feel and other reviews on Amazon. 

*Products Mentioned*

Checkered Purse - This was by far my favorite purchase of 2019! This purse and everything that came with it was phenomenal! I mean this purse blew me out of the water. I set the bar low just incase, so I didn't get disappointed if it did suck. But nope it more than exceeded my expectations. Everything that came with this purse is incredible. I literally feels high end! If you're looking for a Louis Vuitton dupe this is it, seriously. Worth the money for sure!

Swim Suit Cover - This swim suit cover was simple and really all I was looking for. I've never owned a swim suit cover, but specifically got it for our vacation coming up. It's just a simple black swim suit cover with some little tassel detail along the sides. I was hoping it wasn't see through, but it was hard finding a swim suit cover that wasn't see through. Do they make non see through ones is that a thing? It's simple and straight to the point gets the job done! I got a size small and it fits great a little oversized and doesn't lay below my knees hits right above the knees. 

Slippers- I've been looking for some good slippers the last 6 months and I finally found them! I heard about these slippers from all of the other bloggers on Instagram and decided to give them a shot! I've always gotten super cheap slippers and finally splurged and got these $25 slippers 😂 I know $25 isn't a lot I just never spent that much on slippers before and these are perfection! Just what I was looking for. Warm and they have a rubber like bottom, so I can take them outside and not have them get ruined! Heads up they are VERY WARM slippers. Your feet will warm up fast, I promise that haha.

Snake Skin Swimsuit - Let me tell ya I never buy swim suits. The last time I bought a swim suit was about 5-6 years ago. And just now replaced that suit. Swim suits are just something I don't get excited about. I never get excited about cute new trending suit styles or anything like that. So I got this two piece white suit with snake skin print, basic and to the point. I wanted the snake skin print on it incase it was see through, it's not but it's something I worry about with white suits haha. My only little thing with this suit is I wish the bottoms were more covering the booty. I'm not really into the "cheeky" look I prefer more covered up bottoms. I can't complain though cause I know that's the thing it's what's trending are swim bottoms that are cheeky. This suit is still comfortable and flattering though which is why I'm still recommending it!

Black Silk Dress - This dress I saw it recommended by Mirror and Thread on her channel. She suggested it for a Valentines day dress. Me and her are about the same size and I thought it looked STUNNING on her! So I tried it out and it really is so pretty. The honeymoon my husband and I are going on we plan on going to some nice dinners where you get dressed up and I wanted this dress for exactly that just a beautiful elegant dress for a nice dinner. I would definitely need heels for it, its pretty long. I was surprised by the material its like a silk material, but it was surprisingly comfy!

Blue Lace Dress- I was a little hesitant at buying this dress because I always thought the length of these types of dresses, ones that don't go all the way to the ankles, but not above the knee that kind middle area. I always thought they looked like mom dresses on me. BUT when I saw Mirror and Thread share this dress when she had it on it looked STUNNING. One of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. So I went and purchased it right away and I do love it! It looks so elegant and pretty, perfect for attending a wedding. The material feels thick like high end, I think this dress is totally worth the price tag.

Marble Cup - This is quick simple item. I wanted something a little more sleek looking on my vanity for my makeup brushes. I always used a makeup bag or plastic old cup for my makeup brushes. So when we moved here I wanted something nicer. And this white marble cup did just that! Hold all the brushes perfectly simple and to the point!

Paper Bag Pants- I saw these on Lee Benjamins channel she shared a bunch of good looking work outfits and I thought they looked so good yet the laid back style, if that makes sense? So I bought these in a medium I was thinking they would be tight around my hip area, I was totally wrong get your normal size these pants are super stretchy! AND they're incredibly comfy, I would wear these pants around the house casually if they didn't look so much like dress pants. Trust me these will be the most comfiest dress like pants you'll own! I love the tie around the waist and the the kind of flare look that goes with it also.

Lace Top- This lace top is what Lee tucked into the paper bag pants I got this because I kept hearing good things about these tops. They come in a ton of different colors and they're just a good basic to have. They'll literally pair with anything. So when I saw she paired it with the work wear outfit I figured this is a good time to start collecting these tops and slowly get them in different colors to match around. They are very soft and flowy, but you can tuck it to make more of an hourglass look if that makes sense.

Biotin Supplements- After moving to Seattle I wanted to start taking biotin again. I've been on and off of biotin throughout the years and never saw a difference. I saw that on Amazon this one got a lot of reviews and people saw results after a few months. I know I didn't get any before or after pictures, which defeats the purpose. But trust me when I say I have noticed a difference. Just brushing my hair and putting it up in a bun there's more hair to work with. And my nails I'm clipping them every other day. I haven't noticed a difference in thickness of my hair only length, I've noticed a difference. 

Blazer- I've never owned a blazer before so when I saw this blazer was part of the outfit that Lee showed, I figured this is the perfect opportunity. I didn't realize the sleeves of this jacket are cuffed kind of. I found out they're supposed to be like that. I'm really liking the blazer look lately, so I plan on purchasing the other colors in this blazer. It's just a very clean sleek look that I'm into right now.

Black Swimsuit- Another good swimsuit! Kind of like I mentioned before, swimsuit shopping isn't something I get excited about. As long as a swimsuit works and covers everything up I'm happy with it! I like simple solid colors in swimsuits, so this one is a plain black swimsuit. The bottoms on this suit cover the whole butt which I prefer and I like how the top has a cute little tie in the middle that's optional. Just a good solid black suit that gets the job done. It feels good and is comfy like I said I haven't tried it in water yet, but feels good going from trying it on. 

This is everything I've reviewed so far, I'm hoping to do another big Amazon haul soon because I enjoyed this one so much! Let me know below if you guys liked any of these Amazon finds or want to try any of them or have any of your own recommendations!



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