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Daily Planner Notepad:  
I got this idea from Kiki Chanel she made a video and there was a clip of her writing in this calendar notepad planner. I've never seen a notepad version of a blank calendar. I thought this was so cool, I've actually been looking for something like this for my bullet journaling because it takes me FOREVER to make a calendar in my bullet journaling. So I went to see if I could find something like she was using and this is the closest I could find. It's actually almost perfect except it's bigger than I was expecting, so I have to fold it over to fit in my bullet journal. Not a big deal, I'm just happy it's so much faster to bullet journal. I just write the month and days in the boxes and tape it in my journal. But this calendar notepad is genius I use it only for bullet journaling, but this would be great for any office. I like the idea of not having to buy a new calendar every year also. 

Castor Oil: 
About 2 months ago it was looking like my eyelashes were thinning and getting shorter. I mean maybe it's just all in my head, but that's what it was looking like to me. I think it's because I started wearing mascara most days and it started taking a toll on my lashes. So I was doing some research and I found this lash serum, but it was around $60 and I can't justify spending that much for a tiny little bottle and having to repurchase that whenever it ran out. I dug deeper and found this castor oil, I watched some reviews and videos on this castor oil and from everything I was coming across it looks like it works for people. I tried it out and have been using it for about 2 months now and I really think I've noticed a difference! I really think my lashes look longer, my lashes look fuller, healthier, more spread out and I've even noticed my mascara applies a thousand times better. This castor oil is WAY more affordable than that $60 lash serum. If you're looking to get fuller lashes and longer ones I highly suggest trying out this castor oil. At least give it shot before you drop $60 on other lash serums. It comes with all the tools you need to apply it also!

Weekender Bag: 
I've been eyeing this weekender bag for a long time, but always turned away because I didn't want to spend  the money on it and we don't travel that much. I saw some people posting about this leather weekender bag from Sole Society, but that one is even more expensive even when it does go on sale. So this past year with us traveling more than usual and moving, I finally pulled the trigger and bought this Amazon one. It was still less money than others I've been finding. I think this one is bigger also. So it just made sense in my mind to finally purchase this one. I used it on our move to Austin and it really does hold a ton, it'll be so nice to use when we start flying to travel again. I got the bigger sized one because I figured I might as well. I didn't want to get the smaller one and then regret it a week later. But I love the compartment on the bottom. I use that bottom part for shoes like heels or sandals. I think if you had big boots it wouldn't work. I put my makeup bag on that bottom section also and then top I left for clothes. 

Packaging Cubes:  
I heard good things from Jessica Braun about packing cubes. She said in a video a while back that she's able to fit more in a suitcase with packaging cubes. We don't do a ton of traveling, but this particular year we have more traveling than usual. So I wanted to try out some packaging cubes, mostly to keep things more organized. And I think I'd have to agree  with her I felt like I was able to hold more in my suitcase and it was way more organized. I was saving so much time in the mornings finding the clothes I want to wear and putting them back in the suitcase. I mean purely just the time saving itself is what sold me on these. Your suitcase is clean and organized and just easier to pack all around. It says that these packaging cubes are water proof, I haven't tested that but the material feels like these would clean easily if you did spill something. Another thing I want to note is you get a lot in this set and there's a lot of color options I got the red just for something different.


No Show Socks: 
Because I bought a couple of pair of casual shoes some knock off brand Vans in the last few months that require no show socks. I purchased a pack of no show socks off Amazon. I gotta say these are by far the best no show socks I've ever owned. A long time ago back when I was in high school I purchased a pack of no show socks from Famous Footwear and they were pretty expensive for socks if I'm remembering right. They NEVER stayed up on my feet. Constantly sliding off my heel, consistently messing around with them sliding them back up. I would get a bunch of cuts and blisters on the back of my heel. Not with these Amazon ones though! They have little grips on the inside of the sock so they stick to the heel and stay up. They're incredibly comfy, to the point where I'm wearing them all day not just when I wear the shoes. They wash great no problems with them after I wash them. Way more affordable also.

Razor Holder: 
In our showers in this Austin apartment it's a standing shower and it's pretty small. So there's no room to set your phone. Both Josh and I are people that watch YouTube videos, Netflix, listen to audio books while we're showering. That's just the habit we got into over the years haha. Well, there's no ledge to set the phone so it doesn't get wet. So I purchased these razor holders that stick to the wall and you're supposed to use it for a razor. I've been using it for our phones and it works great! No issues at all, my phone has a case on it and it works just fine. It came in a pack of 4, so I have 3 more of these that I don't know what to do with. But yeah, this solved the little issue we had for an affordable price!

Folding Mirror: 
I bought this mirror because the last one I had wasn't staying up on it's own anymore, which defeated the purpose of a travel mirror. It was also really small and super old, so it was just time to replace it. I saw this recommendation from Jessica Braun she has this exact folding mirror for traveling and I like how huge it is. Because it folds it makes it really easy to slip into any bag for traveling. When you flip it over to use it the leather material holds it in place nicely. I've used it a couple of times for traveling and had no problems with it at all! Best travel mirror I've ever owned, I would rebuy it if anything happened!

Amazon Essentials Black Sneaker: 
I was looking for a comfortable black sneaker that works for casual outfits. For example I wear a lot of jean shorts and a graphic tee. I didn't have a comfortable lace up sneaker, I have a lot of sandals that work, but they're not comfortable to walk in for long hours of the day. I saw some Vans that looked good, but didn't want to spend the money on a name brand like Vans. No reason I'm just being cheap 😂 But I found these black Amazon Essentials brand that look extremely similar and over half the cost. These are some of the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever worn. I used them while traveling and wore them all day when Josh and I explored downtown Austin for a whole day. No issues! I was completely comfy all day. I even want to go purchase these in a couple of more colors I love them that much. 

Kitchen Sponge Holder: 
Our kitchen area in this Austin apartment is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the kitchen we had in Seattle. I mean everything is smaller in this kitchen the appliances are smaller the cabinets and counter space it's all small. So with that being said there's truly no room to fit a kitchen sponge and our cast-iron scrubber. My husband came across this sponge holder that sits INSIDE the sink, which I have never seen these before. This little sponge holder has been perfect for us! Solved the problem having it inside the sink, so then we have more counter space available and it's less messy. So the sponges are dripping off in the sink not all over the counter. Before I was constantly cleaning the counter from the sponge dripping on it, but now I don't even have to worry about it. Little tip make sure you measure the metal bar of your sink so the sponge holder fits best. 



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