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For today's blog I wanted to do another Amazon wins and fails! The last one went so well and was fun to film and type up, so I wanted to make another one! This one is a lot of home related products from Amazon. And as a lot of you know Josh and I are moving soon, so a lot of what I'm talking about we decided to get rid of to make the move easier on our end. We're moving by yourselves we didn't hire a moving company or anything, so the less heavy lifting for us the better!


Bar Stools  It was actually kind of difficult to find bar stools that we liked. I was finding a lot of sets of four or two but with the length of our counter three fit/looked best. These were your standard dimension bar stools. The color scheme of our apartment is a lot of light gray, white, and then a mix of dark wood and light wood. So we wanted the black colored bar stools to pop a little bit. We both settled on the saddle style stools we thought those were the most comfy without spending a ton of money. We both like these stools a lot! They were your basic bar stools, got the job done. My only complaint is they were hard to put together. But I mean once you get them put together they were good to go!

Table: This table was exactly what we were looking for! It's minimalist, smaller, we liked the darker wood and was a bench style. The last time we had a table some of the chairs broke pretty quick, so this time we wanted the bench style. And the benches fit under the table, so it makes it easier to store and less of a hassle. The size was perfect, we live in a one bedroom apartment and we don't use a table a lot. So we wanted a really simple, basic table. Lastly the darker wood is what we prefer and wanted to match the other furniture. Plus this table is super easy to take apartment and put together.

Makeup Vanity: I spent a lot of time searching the perfect first vanity for me. We have this perfect spot in our bedroom right in front of a window for vanity or desk of some sort. I wanted to stick to the black/darker furniture theme to match so I found this black vanity. This vanity was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted something minimalist, not a bunch of clunky drawers everywhere I wanted something that had just a couple of smaller drawers and something with a mirror. I love the built in mirror I actually used that mirror a lot. I love how you can open and close it and store makeup in that top section. The two smaller drawers on the side were so nice for single eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc. The vanity also came with a bench and dividers for all of the drawers. It was little hard to put together, but nothing crazy. The amount of makeup it held was perfect for me. My rule of thumb was if this vanity ever got full where, I couldn't fit any more makeup in it, then I new I had to much makeup and do a declutter. It really is a perfect sized vanity. 

Here's some that are similar: 

Living Room Furniture: This living room furniture was all sold separately, but from the same company. It was a TV stand, side table, and coffee table. All matching set, and this set was gorgeous. What sold us is the mix of dark wood and black in it to match everything else. And we loved the matte black metal on it. Josh and I are a sucker for industrial style pieces and that's exactly what this furniture was modern and industrial. We got these cause because we figured we can keep them for a while and have them in our future house. 


Some alternatives if you need:

Pillow Basket: I wanted to get something to hold our couch throw pillows and blankets. We didn't have anything for awhile and just kept piling up on the couch. I found this giant basket that fits a couple of small throw pillows and a couple of blankets. Again the color matched our light grey theme and it was a big size enough to fit what we wanted. Simple and straight forward basket, I think they had a couple of different sizes of baskets also. I got the biggest one they had. It's easy to move with also!

Mine is in the light gray color.

Storage Baskets: For this apartment we really wanted it to look more adult and sleek. All of the storage type stuff we had our first 1-2 years of marriage was actually from when I lived with my parents 😂 so all of it was kind of kid looking bright green and blue colors. They just didn't match at all we really just kept them to move with and planned on donating them after we got here to Seattle. And that's exactly what we did. It actually took forever to find nice looking baskets we were pretty picky with them. We settled on these whicker style cubes for the closet. These only came in a two pack so we found this other whicker one that kind of matches to pair with. Lastly we got one of these smaller storage cubes for the TV stand. We wanted something to hold our gaming stuff in so we weren't picky about these ones just something to make do for the time being. All of them have worked great and we're moving with them all right now. We spent a lot of time looking for what we wanted and it felt good replacing all of those kid cubes we've had for a long time. Down side to the whicker cubes they don't collapse down very well, which is making it hard to move with them difficult. 


Here's a couple of alternatives that look similar.

Kitchen Set: When we moved to Seattle we really wanted to get an actual matching kitchen set. Before we had all mismatched plates, bowls and mugs. Well, for our wedding someone gave us a Macy's gift card and we haven't used it yet. We've been married for almost 3 years now haha! So we went to Macy's looking for a nice matching kitchen set. Everything at Macy's was well over hundreds of dollars for less kitchen bowls, plates, and cups. Or you had to pay for each individual item at Macy's which made it cost a ton. Well on Amazon they had full matching kitchen sets; 4 bowls, 4 mugs, 4 small plates and 4 large plates for significantly less. You just get way more for your money, so we ended up going with Amazon for just about all of our kitchen related stuff.

Jars for Flour: My husband surprised me one day with these flour jars. We've been buying a lot of bulk almond flour, Lillys Chocolates, coconut flour, and stevia. When we get it in bulk it comes in these baggies and the bags were piling up in our cupboard. I wanted to get to them easier, the bags weren't labeled, it was just a hassle and messy because sometimes the bags would get punctured. I would even forget we had this bulk food sometimes. So with these jars they look so good on the counter, easy to get to, less messy, you can actually tell what  you're using and remembering to use them. The lids are easy to take on and off, easy to clean simple and gets the job done. 

This link isn't the exact ones we got but here's a similar one and another one.

Full Body Mirror: This mirror was so perfect! Super tall and loved how thick the frame is. I will probably will be reordering this mirror if I'm being honest. The only reason we sold it is because we're moving and I think it would be a pain to move with. I wish it was a matte black frame but this cream colored one matched our apartment colors just fine. I definitely recommend it, it's a little pricey but I think it's worth it! They have a couple of different color options the only one that was available when we purchased it a year ago was the cream colored one.



Couch Cleaner: We got this couch because it was the exact style that we wanted BUT it wasn't the color we originally wanted. We wanted a light gray colored one, but the one we wanted was sold out. So we settled on this white, cream colored couch. If you know me you know I HATE white, cream, tan colored bedsheets, couches, etc. I think they stain easily and you're constantly cleaning it to keep it nice and bright. But this couch cleaner sucked it did absolutely nothing. In fact the brush we purchased just ruined the couch it pulled on the fabric causing it to pill up a bit and almost unthread the material. We purchased a separate spray bottle for it also, we didn't have one around the apartment. I spent all day using this couch cleaner and I'm serious when I tell ya, this couch cleaner literally did nothing I saw no difference before or after. 



Vacuum: This vacuum had great reviews on Amazon, it was recommended by another blogger. And in all honestly I don't think I would repurchases it. This vacuum is great on hardwood floor, I'll give it that. But carpet it was garbage it didn't work on the carpet at all. So if you have any carpet or rugs or mats of any sort... just don't even bother with this vacuum. Which is why I put it in the fail section. It is lightweight, easy to use, affordable and worked on the hardwood floor. But it just performed so bad on carpet I can't recommend it for that reason. 


That's it for my Amazon wins and fails list home edition! Lots of wins and just a couple of fails! I stand by all the wins and would repurchase them.

*Some of theses purchases I'm realizing now that I'm grabbing the links for them all. A lot of them have changed prices since we bought them a year ago. The ones that worked for Josh and I still recommend them and would repurchase them. 

I hope this helps and thanks for checking out the blog!



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