Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping!

I really think this has been the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday year EVER! Most of the gifts Josh and I got at were on "lightening deals" from Amazon. In fact now that I think about it just about everything we got for Christmas this year was from Amazon haha! Shocker isn't that everyone now though?! But, I remember the last 2 years for Black Friday and Cyber Monday I couldn't find crap for deals that were online. At least things in my Amazon lists seemed to never be on sale around this time. Or everything I had ready to go in the cart for Cyber Monday wasn't on sale. The only good sales I found 2 years ago were at Kohls on Black Friday in the store. 

I'm just so impressed with Josh and I! The last couple of years we got away with kind of having a theme for family members. For example; one year we bought everyone Christmas sweaters to make it easy. And then the following year our wedding pictures were all done being edited, so we printed out and bought big frames and gave those to a bunch of people as a gift. So we were able to knock out a bunch of people with some sort of themed type gift like that. So this year it was a little more difficult coming up with each individual gifts for people. With such good deals this year though it made it so easy! I also think not being in debt played a role so budgeting for Christmas made it a bit more easy. 

It was crazy Amazon had a laptop macbook pro for almost half off. Originally $1,000 on sale I think it was $650. We almost bought one just so Josh could have his own laptop! The Amazon Echos had crazy deals, we ended up getting the Echo Show which is originally $100 on sale for $50. I think Josh got it for even cheaper though cause he bought a package deal so I think it was more like $20. Regardless though still a steal! Pretty much my entire side of the family their gifts were all lightening deals. 

I felt so lazy the past couple of days just cause I've been sitting and shopping, but I mean we got all of our Christmas shopping done! I wish I could show what we got that was on sale, but obviously don't want friends and family seeing what we got them! But just wanted to share that this year of Christmas shopping has been awesome and I'm just so surprised at how good these deals were! I hope everyone had good Christmas finds this year like Josh and I had!

See ya next time!


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