Black Wash Cloths? GENIUS

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In the last Makeup Monday blog, I wrote how my favorite makeup remover is Albolene. I mentioned how I've tried so many different makeup wipes and they never get all the makeup off, how I think makeup remover in general is just expensive especially for a good one. The list went on, except for this Albolene that I was introduced to. So the Albolene consistency is like vaseline. Really goopy and thick, I'm not complaining because it's the best stuff I've ever used to remove makeup. But, you need a wash cloth to take the Albolene off. So you rub it all over your face and then you need to wipe it off, right. Well I was just using any wash cloths we had lying around and quickly noticed I was staining all the wash cloths we had. I knew they were going to get stained, but I didn't really have anything else on hand to take this makeup off. 

Well, Josh and I were traveling and I can't even remember where we were going, but we stopped at this hotel for the night. I went to take my makeup off and I saw in the bathroom they had these really cute black wash cloths that said, "Makeup" on them. I showed Josh this and was mind blown haha. Like this stupid simple thing, just a black wash cloth is genius. Like how have I not thought of this, I felt so stupid. Of course this black wash cloth is the way to go to take makeup off. It's black so no makeup will ever show up, which means no stains EVER. And the little touch of detail, "makeup" written on it was adorable! I wanted that hotel wash cloth so bad! I couldn't believe this is the first time I'm seeing this and couldn't believe that not more hotels are offering this!

Shortly after we got back we stopped at TJ Maxx to shop for some storage bins for the apartment. And I actually came across those EXACT wash cloths at TJ Maxx and it came in a 3 pack of them. I think they were like $10 for 3 of them. It might seem expensive, but for how often I use them and they had the engraved "makeup" stitched into them, I couldn't resist. I wanted to get them so bad haha! Bought them and guess what literally use them almost everyday. They wash great and they're great to offer people when you have company over. A classy little black wash cloth for any guests that need to take their makeup off. Just a nice little touch for when you're hosting!

But, I couldn't believe how stupid I felt that I haven't thought of this. So wanted to share with you guys this little makeup hack, I guess you can call it haha! Here's a link to some Amazon ones below! These aren't the exact ones I have but same idea and honestly I think they have them at TJ Maxx a lot if you want to check it out.

Amazon wash cloths

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