Boston Day 3

Welcome in!

For Boston day 3 it was a pretty rainy day, but we made the best of it! We started off heading to the Samuel Adams brewery tour. Wasn't the greatest tour of all, I think it's because the lady that gave the tour she was new. You could tell she was getting trained to give tours she had to ask her coworker some questions just kind of felt like we didn't learn much. We can't complain though it was a free tour and that was one of the things I for sure wanted to do in Boston! Like every brewery tour we got free beer at the end, so we were all happy!

From there it was easy to head to Back Bay to do some shopping! This is when it started raining pretty bad, so my mission was to find an umbrella. We first stopped in this hotel bar and grabbed a drink. Rachel and I got a fancy mixed drink and Allison had a beer. Both the mixed drinks were delicious! Afterwards we stopped in a couple of stores. Back Bay was definitely more of a high end shopping area. We found an H&M though which is more our price range and I found the umbrella I was hunting for! We walked along back bay a little more, stopped in some shoe stores and Lulu Lemon. Right before we headed back to Rachel's place we stopped to grab some sea food that was recommended to us. Rachel and I don't like sea food so we both got a grilled cheese sandwich. And that grilled cheese sandwich so fricken good one of the best I've ever had believe it or not! AND it was only like $3 haha!

Fancy mixed drinks! Rachel's is on the right mine is on the left.

After getting back to Rachel's apartment we rested for a little bit and decided to get tickets to the joker movie. Places close pretty early in Boston (same with Seattle) so we figured seeing a movie gives us something to do. Loved the Joker probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while if not one of the best movies I've ever seen. I already liked all the Batman movies so this just topped it off for me. Ended the night getting back and falling asleep right away. This day was a ton of walking and rainy colder weather so we were pretty tired by the time we got back. I think we made the best of this day though considering the weather we really were busy every minute of this trip! 


Couple of more pictures from this day! This picture was early in the morning I look like I just woke up LOL.


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