Boston Day 4

Welcome to Day 4!

Today we are headed to Salem! We got up early and headed to Salem, we first stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab some coffee and hot chocolate. While we were driving to Salem it was wild with how many Dunkin Donuts we passed. I Googled it and like I suspected Dunkin Donuts was created in Massachusetts. Starbucks is all over the place in Seattle and it was created here. And that's how I figured Dunkin Donuts was created in Boston.

We get to Salem and parking was a mad house. We had to pay $30 for parking, I shouldn't of been surprised Rachel did say October is Salem's biggest holiday. Right away it was packed in Salem people everywhere, it's like a never ending festival there when it's October. It's crazy how this town is like it's own little thing all because of the Witch Trials that happened way back in 1692. Everyone that lives there has a unique culture and style there like; goth, into sorcery type stuff, tarot card, basically anything spooky or witch related type things. Like if you grew up there you're going to be raised in that culture. For example; there was a shop that we went into and the lady running the counter it looked like she owned that shop. But her daughter was helping out at this store, like this lady started a family business and is running a what seemed to be successful business based off of these witch trials. Just running a spooky witch store with cute halloween and witch related things. It's just wild the culture that's there like if you grow up there you're going to be into that unique style. It's hard to explain in a blog until you actually go there in October and see what I mean.

Me in front of the Witch House.


Basically the whole town of Salem was one giant festival. The streets were filled with tents with people selling stuff. All the little shops to go into were spooky themed. They had this one cute it was all wands, like Harry Potter wands. And it was packed wall to wall. It was so cool though it was a library themed with just wands every where. Next to it and basically on every block there was people doing tarot card readings I had to get use to that people asking us if we wanted a reading. But it goes back to what I was saying how the culture is just so incredibly different there.

Wand store that reminded me of Harry Potter!

We walked up and down the entire town checking everything out. It was a lot to take in, it was so cool being there though in October. We got pretty hungry by this time after some shopping. I couldn't believe how every restaurant was completely full. I'm talking like every place had at least an hour and half wait time. There wasn't a ton of food options but the few that were there was full. We walked for awhile trying to find anything, but eventually we just put in our names to the wait list at Boston Burger Company. We walked for an hour and half waiting till the restaurant called. We got in and they had the biggest yummiest looking milkshakes I've ever seen. I regret ordering one they looked that good. We all devoured our food and headed out to explore some more. 

There was pretty much two things we absolutely wanted to do. We were only in Salem for 1 day so we couldn't do every little thing there. But the two things we wanted to do for sure was; see The Witch House and the graves/where the people were hung. The Witch House was pretty cool, I actually learned a few things once we got in. The house itself is so cool it has that that black shingling and a lot of the Witch house was original for the most part. I learned while we walked through it that "Witch House" isn't actually the "witches" house. It's actually the house of the judge, the judge that sentenced the witches to be hung. The other interesting thing I learned, which I kind of figured but it's nice knowing that is most likely what happened. The "witches" weren't actually witches, this whole event happened in 1693. So there wasn't like medicine to cure sickness's and there wasn't diagnoses for mental illnesses or sicknesses really. There wasn't even much for doctors back then. In the Witch House they had some facts while you're walking throughout the house. And there was a few of them that said that they weren't actually witches, most likely they were either sick or had some sort of mental illness that was causing them to act the way they did. It's just back then the resources to cure and diagnose any of those didn't exists so they thought these people were witches. 

Witch House! Had to wait in line for a bit!




I guess I think it's crazy that this entire town is based off of being spooky and a huge tourists place for these witch trials. When in reality it's a lie if you think about it haha. Like the witch house isn't actually the witches house and the witches weren't actually witches they were just sick or had some sort of mental illness. I'm being a hypocrite though Salem was really cool just seeing how this small town has a completely different culture.

After the Witch house we went walked around a bit to see any other site seeing places. Some of the tickets for this stuff were a little pricey and the lines were so long, we would have been there all day waiting. So we went to this cider place called Far From The Tree Cider. They had some fun drinks there we all got this Ectoplasm cider it was green and tasted like jalapeños. Allison got the slushee version of this drink and it was weird, hers tasted WAY more hot than ours. Mine was the perfect amount of spiciness, but hers you had to like chase it with something it was so hot haha! After the cider place we walked and did some shopping at the stores again. We also stopped at an ice cream shop called Melt Ice Cream that was really good! I swear Massachusetts knows how to make their ice cream! We then headed back to Rachel's place for the rest of the night. 

Far From The Tree Cider! With our Ectoplasm drinks!

Such a fun day probably this day and the next day I'll post up next are my favorite days!


When night time came around a bunch of scary statues were put out!



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