Boston Trip Day 1

Hi Everyone!

I've been out of town the last 5 days for some vacationing with friends! An all girls trip was needed! My friend Rachel recently moved to Boston for work, she was in Cincinnati and her work GE opened up a new location in Boston. I've never been to Boston, so when Rachel invited Allison and I, we both wanted to go and figured out a date right away. 

Drinking some spicy Wisconsin Bloody Mary's! (Some of these are from the second day of the trip.) It was pretty late when I arrived to Boston so we really only got one picture on the first day.

My flight to Boston left at 7am Wednesday October 9th, so I got to the airport at 4:30am. I was so worried about the airports, I don't travel alone... like ever usually Josh is with me. This was only the second time I've been in the Seattle airport. And the Seattle airport is big, so it's not like I knew or remembered what it's like inside. I just kept thinking, "watch me get lost and miss my flight knowing my luck." Got to the airport and surprise I was worrying about nothing haha! Made it through TSA with no issues and found my gate with no issues. I was surprised how awake I was I really didn't get tired at all this entire day. I thought for sure I was going to fall asleep in the airport or on the plane and I didn't sleep at all.


We boarded the plane, I listened to some podcasts and audiobooks most of the time. I went to plug in my headphones to the tv that was on the plane and I couldn't believe it... I got a new phone recently the Iphone 11, so the headphone jack is different than everything else. It didn't work with the plug on the plane tv. I was so mad, I was getting burned out of podcasts and books I just wanted to watch a movie to change it up. And the only pair of headphones I have don't work with the tv. Ended up listening to podcasts the rest of the 6 hour flight. This was the longest flight I've ever been on, Josh gave me some advice to use the bathroom and stretch when I needed it. I had to use the bathroom like 10 times on this flight, thank God I was sitting on an aisle seat. I can't imagine how annoying that'd be getting up and asking people to move every time I needed the bathroom. It was annoying getting up so much, but it helped a ton getting up and moving around. 

Landed in Boston around 7:30pm, landed nicely no complaints about the flight at all. There's a 3 hour time difference from Seattle to Boston, Boston is 3 hours ahead. If you're ever lost in an airport after landing, just follow baggage claim. I do that every time in every airport and it's always helped me find the person that's picking me up. I was starving after I got off the flight, I was so happy when Allison and Rachel got me a delicious pastry it was filled with chocolate cream and covered with chocolate chips. It was so good I could have ate 10 of them!

Rachel drove us back to her place, we set our stuff down and got settled in. I was still pretty hungry so we took out our phones to try and find a place to eat. Rachel said a lot of things close early in Boston, same as Seattle everything just seems to close early. We decided on Chinese food, I was in the mood for some General Sau Chicken. It was weird they call General Sau Chicken, General Gau Chicken. It was throwing me off I thought it was a completely different thing, until Rachel looked it up and saw it's the same thing. We went and picked up our food, ate and ended the night just talking and catching up on life. Pretty easy day since I didn't get there until late. The time difference was making the mornings rough, but it was manageable I thought it was going to be harder honestly. I think I was falling asleep late, but the 3 hours of sleep was a pretty deep sleep, just enough to get through the day!

I'll share the next day later this week!

Brittany Schmidt


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