Boston Trip Day 2

Welcome Welcome!

The second day of the trip was packed full! Rachel had to work in the morning, so it was just Allison and I this morning. It actually worked out kind of nicely because we wanted to run to the grocery store and grab some snacks and drinks for the weekend that we like. This entire trip I was running off of little sleep because of the time change, I'm not sure how I managed to not get crazy tired through the day. Allison and I got up at 8:30am, got ready and headed out to the store. The first place we stopped was Whole Foods since it was the closest place. We got there and it was crazy how expensive it was we ended up only getting a few things there and put most of it back. Right up the road we saw there was a Walgreens and we had MUCH better luck there. We got everything on our list for like half the price haha. I thought maybe it was a thing just plain coffee in glass like I could buy just plane coffee at Walgreens from like the cooler. I guess I'm stupid and that's not a thing. All the pre made coffee had tons of sugar in it and I wanted to stay at least fairly keto on this trip. With all the holidays coming up I didn't want to drop the ball this early before the holidays, and pig out on sweets and carbs for every meal. 


We get back to Rachel's place to wait till she got back from work. While we were waiting, Allison and I made bloody mary's. We were so pumped for these Bloody Mary's, especially me I haven't had a genuine Wisconsin style bloody in so long. If you don't know midwest bloody marys... They are the BEST EVER. They have beef sticks, pickles, celery salt, cheese, sausage, some places even put an entire burger on the bloody mary. They're just incredible! We made them and they were SO SPICY. Like I'm a baby already when it comes to spicy things, but this was like next level. Allison looked at the pre mix she got and it was the spiciest mix, we didn't know it was actually going to be that hot. It was definitely hot enough that we would take a sip and then have to take a sip of water haha! 

Once Rachel got back from work, we headed to Lil Italy right away. It was super cute it actually reminded me a lot of Milwaukee. A lot of older buildings like the TV show Full House with the narrow houses super close to each other. This entire trip was a lot of walking, a lot like Seattle everything is pretty close by within walking distance. Something I really like with any city not just Boston, but any city is when there's a lot of unique shops and markets. I like them cause you get a good idea of how the city is and the style and all the unique local makers if that makes sense? I always find something that is unique to that city.

Buildings in Lil Italy

Along this walk we stopped and toured the Paul Revere house. We asked tons of questions it was a good little stop along the trail. Its nice cause it's a quick and cheap tour, doesn't take up a whole day. It's cool cause his house is right in the middle of Boston. It's crazy seeing how different it was back then, like how different downtown was back then compared to now. 

Paul Revere house! It's so cool looking how the shingles change to black!

Later on in the day we had dinner reservations with Rachel's co workers at this Italian restaurant. It was kind of funny, we get there a little bit early and the guy that owns the restaurant was blocking the door. He's basically interrogating Rachel asking her all these questions like; where is the rest of our group, when will they be here, we can't go in until they show up, etc. So Rachel is texting her friends asking if they are on their way. He finally lets us in to sit and the waitresses bring us bread and water. He comes back in to see what name the reservation is under, so Rachel told him. And he can't find our reservation so Rachel goes to pull up the email confirmation and saw that she accidentally made it for a different day. I thought it was funny, so no big deal. I thought he was going to rub it in our face, but the owner was actually really nice about it. He got us into his other restaurant next door. We had to wait kind of long, but it was totally worth the wait all the food was so good! They're meatballs were jaw dropping so good!

Din Din!

For most of the day Allison and Rachel were keeping a secret from me. I was so mad I hate hate hate when people keep secrets from me! We left the restaurant and headed to a brewery! I LOVE going to breweries, I think they're so fun and I like trying new beers out, especially in places I haven't been to yet. I got a sour beer (my favorite type of beer) and it was so good. It was a really good thing to end the day with, just drinking a beer and talking with friends!

See ya next post for our 3rd day in Boston!


Cute little spot Rachel brought us to for some pics!


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