Candid Experience So Far!

Hello! Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with everyone my Candid experience. After a lot of research the last 3-6 months I decided to go with Candid for my clear aligners. I was told throughout my whole life from dentists that I should get braces, but you know braces are like $10,000 if not more than that. My family we couldn't afford that for Tyler and I, also it wasn't a need in our family, dentists were just recommending it. Cause ya know that's what they do. So with that being said I never thought in my life I would be able to afford braces! It never even crossed my mind that this time would come. 

After we moved to North Carolina we found a dentist right away. First thing I did when we got our teeth cleaned was ask them about Invisalign, or clear aligners in general. The dentist went on and on about my wisdom teeth, how I should get those taken out, he gave me a referral to this guy to take them out. We get done with the cleaning and I started talking with Josh saying how, I asked the dentist about Invisalign not about my wisdom teeth. The dentist didn't even talk about the aligners... he just lectured me that I should get my wisdom teeth out soon. So I was pissed cause I didn't get my questions answered. Months go by and it's time for our next cleaning. We go to a different dentist and same thing I asked this dentist what they thought of clear aligners. And same fricken response this guy is lecturing me about my dang wisdom teeth. We left and again I was so angry, like I'm just looking for an answer about clear aligners if they'll work for me or not and cost of them. Months went by and we went to another dentists same thing. Basically just going around in circles... We went to 3 dentists and consultations the 2 years we lived in North Carolina and kept getting the same response about my wisdom teeth. Which isn't what I wanted to talk about... I wanted to talk about clear aligners and if they would work for me. I say everything to stear the conversation back to clear aligners to get my questions answered. But, for some reason all these dentists wanted to talk about are my wisdom teeth.

After 3 consultations in NC that's when I really started believing that all dentists are trying to get a paycheck. As in they'll do/say anything for a money grab. It sounds bad, but I can't think of a nicer way to put it. I mean come on 3 consultations at 3 different dentists throughout 2 years of living in North Carolina and all 3 just lectured me about wisdom teeth, not the actual clear aligners. I mean come on! Like of course they want me to first spend thousands of dollars to get my wisdom teeth removed then spend another thousands of dollars to get metal braces. Clear aligners like Candid and Smile Direct are metal braces competitor, so of course they're going to say anything to scare people like me away and spend more on the metal braces. I don't know I'm over here just waiting for the day that metal braces are a thing of the past. It's just wild to me how much more expensive metal braces are than clear aligners. I did my research, I talked to plenty of dentists and looked up plenty of videos and came up with questions I had on clear aligners and metal braces. Even with dental insurance the cost still comes out that it's more for metal braces.

So fast forward to Josh and I moving to Seattle. I did the same thing I had 4 consultations with 4 different companies. Smile Direct, a dentists that does metal braces and I had 2 consultations with Candid. The first consultation I had was with Smile Direct. I found them through a Facebook ad, everything looked good basically what I was looking. The consultation went well and I was ready to pull the trigger with them. Until later right before I went to bed, the same day I had the consultation with them. I wanted to jump on Facebook and check out their Facebook page. Just for curiosity, they had a good looking website, so I thought their Facebook page would be good also. At this point my mind was pretty much made up that I was ready to go with Smile Direct and Josh was happy with them also. I'm scrolling through their Facebook posts now and checking out some of the comments and I couldn't believe how bad the comments were. I'm talking... I'm scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of comments of just never ending negative comments. About how their customer service is garbage, people are stuck on the phone for hours with no one answering, people that have questions or problems with the aligners with no help from the customer service, aligners cracking and people waiting for months for the new aligners to arrive, but by the time they get them their teeth have already shifted back to the original spot. I mean it was crazy. I was seriously having a hard time finding a good comment. I showed Josh and he started reading through them. Also, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt let me make that clear. I get that people are more likely to post a negative review/comment if they actually have a bad experience. I get that's typically what people do. I couldn't get over how many there was though. I'm not kidding when I say I searched through hundreds of comments and was having a hard time finding one good comment.

Josh told me to try looking on Google reviews maybe those will be different. So I went on there and they had a 4.5 star review and all the comments were super nice. BUT a lot of the reviews as in majority of them were all good reviews specifically about the consultation. People saying; how nice the person was during the consultation, she answered all the questions she had, people leaving with a cute goodie bag, they showed them each step clearly, etc, etc. But when you think about it, I think it's safe to say OF COURSE every consultation is most likely going to be a good experience. I mean it's the first time your meeting with that company of course they need to have a good first impression on people so then it suckers people in. I'm not interested in how nice people were during the consultation I want to make sure these aligners work and I won't have any issues during the whole process. So all of these Google reviews were just about how the consultation went not the actual aligners. I'm over here thinking okay this isn't really that helpful. Decided to look into Candid now. 

Josh actually found Candid through a Hulu advertisement in one of the commercials haha! At first I kind of shook it off, thinking whatever it's just another company that's advertising. Josh and I both looked into and it looked like a fairly newer company. We looked into the reviews on Facebook and on Google and there wasn't a ton of reviews, which is why we were thinking they're a newer company. But, the reviews everywhere were better than what we were seeing on Smile Direct. Shortly after I set up a consultation with them and same thing at Smile direct it went well and I was happy after we left. They said I'll get my treatment plan in 3-4 weeks. We did receive the plan in that time frame and it looked good I was happy with it. 

Just to do my due diligence, covering all my basis to make sure I'm making the right decision. I made a consultation with a dentist that does metal braces and Invisalign. I got referred to him from the dentist that does our cleanings, but I got specifically referred to this guy to talk about Invisalign and metal braces. Keep this in mind. So Josh and I get to the office for this consultation. He comes in and super nice and friendly I'm thinking, "This is great this guy is wonderful, I think I'm going to get a lot of questions answered." The consultation lasted maybe an hour or so and they took pictures of my teeth and pointed out the type of bite I had. So now I'm thinking great I know where this is going to go now... they want me to have metal braces to fix my bite. He then brings out these model teeth or mouths that have metal braces on them, showing me the options I have for braces that are best for me. He brought out 3 or 4 options of JUST metal braces he didn't even bring over the Invisalign model he had sitting by the rest of these mouth models. He pulls up his computer and starts showing me what they could do to my mouth with these metal braces. He told me because I was an adult my mouth anatomy is already fully grown so he would have to break my jaw and expand my jaw and put all of these screws and metal pieces into my mouth and stretch it and this will fix all of these things. He was going on and on showing me pictures of these screws in people's mouths for probably 10-15 minutes it was disgusting and horrifying. It was CRAZY I'm looking at this guy with my mouth opened and I tell him, "What about Invisalign? Why didn't you bring that option over, does that mean that Invisalign won't work in mouth? That's kind of why I'm here right now..." He told me if I want just straight teeth that Invisalign will absolutely work easily, but it won't fix the bite probably. That's what he said exactly. I just wanted to roll my eyes thinking I already knew this, this is what a bunch of dentists already told me about my stupid bite. I think it's wild that I had to bring up Invisalign, like he knew Invisalign would work for what I wanted done and he didn't EVEN MENTION IT. I think that's totally unprofessional. He's trying to get me to get these overly priced metal braces and break my fuc**** jaw for them and put screws in my mouth. I couldn't believe this. Especially because I made this consultation FOR INVISALIGN and metal braces. all I wanted to do was talk about Invisalign and if it would work for me. When we left I was talking to Josh saying how I can't believe that people even still use metal braces. I can't believe that this practice of breaking people's jaws and using screws in people's mouths is even still a thing. I don't know... I couldn't believe it. I was so horrified I said absolutely not am I going with this guy. To top it all off the cost of braces at this dentist was SIGNIFICANTLY more even for Invisalign it was way more than any of the other places we went to. 

After that terrible visit that's when I decided Candid was the best option for what I want done. All I want is straight teeth I don't care about this bite thing. And I'm not willing to get my jaw broken and screws in my mouth for it. I think that's just ridiculous. Candid had good reviews not many reviews, but the little they had were all good. Candid was over half the cost, I could do this from home, they had an office less than a mile away I could go to if anything bad did happen, the orthodontists that works with Candid said I'll be completely okay using aligners with my wisdom teeth still in, he also said in some cases the bite gets fixed with clear aligners and I only needed them in for 8 months. So this seems like the best option for me. 

I contacted them back and we had a FaceTime conversation of them explaining the whole process, I asked any questions I had, they went over the payment process, they showed a step by step of how the teeth will shift, literally everything you want to know was covered. I received my aligners within about 3 weeks I think it was, faster than I was expecting! I popped them in and the journey began!

My whole treatment plan if everything goes correctly will take about 8 months. The first set of aligners I put in of course were tight the first 3 days, but nothing terrible. I had a little bit of discomfort in my gums, but I think it was my gums getting use to having plastic on my teeth if that makes sense. Around the 3rd or 4th day I got a little bit of a blister on a part of my gums that was getting really painful. I felt it rubbing there right away, but I wanted to give it a couple of days to see if maybe it would go away or things would feel better. I was taking a ton of Listerine to help with the blister pain, but it wasn't going away. I called up Candid asking if I could shave down the aligner or if there was anything I could do. And I called Candid on a Saturday and she answered right away. She said, "Of course just shave the aligner in a circular direction and go with the grain so it doesn't damage the aligner." I did that exact thing and it felt 100% better, no rubbing or anything! Blister healed up just about the next day even! 

I'm on my second step of the aligners now and honestly I haven't had any issues since that blister issue in the first set. This second set has been super easy and pain free. I put in that second step of aligners and they were tight, but of course that eased up after a few days. So far so good! This second set of aligners is shifting my back teeth, so the first 2 days when I took them out to eat there was a little bit of pain. But, really only when I took them out to eat that's it. And even that pain wasn't bad, I didn't need to take any ibuprofen or anything. That's all I have back to report on so far! So far it's been an easy peasy ride (knock on wood)! I'll keep sharing more as I go, so stay tuned!

Side note: I'll share before and after pics later! I did take some I didn't forget and honestly because I'm only on the second step of this whole thing the difference isn't super noticeable right now. I'll do maybe a half way done picture, that makes more sense to me. 


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