Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Review!

Hi Everyone! 

It's been awhile! Been busy house hunting and getting things together for our first baby!

But today I wanted to do a quick Makeup Monday and share my thoughts on some Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow. If you don't know Charlotte Tilbury is a luxury brand you can find at Sephora or her website. Her products are expensive there's no doubt about it.

Because this is my first time purchasing high end up makeup, I didn't want to pay full price and then end up hating it. So I actually purchased a couple of these products off of Mercari and Poshmark. Say what you will, but I suggest looking on Mercari, Poshmark, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, places like that. Especially if it's your first time trying high end makeup. You just save so much money! I can say with each high end piece of makeup I've purchased from one of those places I listed above, I've gotten half off the price on all of them. The Charlotte Tilbury quads sell brand new at full price for $53. I've purchased a couple of these quads off of Mercari or Poshmark; brand new, still in the packaging, anywhere from $20-$30. You can negotiate with the sellers, so you have a little more control with the price. Also, it's probably a little more environment friendly purchasing "used" then constantly buying new stuff. Everything I've purchased has turned out so good! This isn't sponsored or anything just a little hack/something to think about trying if you're looking to save some money. 

The first Charlotte Tilbury palette I purchased off of Poshmark was the Darling palette. This sells brand new for $57. I got it brand new, with 2 shades swatched for $31. Out of all the palettes I'm about to mention this one is my favorite! This one is my favorite because this is my color story. The shades in this palette are EXACTLY what I look for in a palette the soft washes of pinks and corals. These aren't too bright or too dull. Just perfect in the middle shade that will literally work on anyone with any eye color. I used this all through the month of November when I purchased this, it's the quickest palette to use. I've been able to do my entire makeup routine in 10 minutes with this palette. I use one of the matte shades in the crease with whatever fluffy brush I have. And then throw one of the shimmer shades all over my center lid with my finger and I'm done with the eye look. 

The next 3 Charlotte Tilbury palettes I purchased, I got off of Mercari for either brand new or only swatched. I purchased the palettes; Exaggereyes, The Golden Goddess and The Queen Of Glow. All of these sell brand new in store at $53 each. I got them all for $32, $30 and $30, so just about half off all of them. These three quads I heard good reviews about them on YouTube. People saying if they had to pick their top 3 quads these would be them. I think my favorite out of the three would be Exaggereyes because the shades are more cooler toned, which is what I gravitate towards. What I love about these 3 quads is they're nice and subtle. Even the deepest shade in the quads looks intimidating. But, if you take a fluffy brush and blend it out, it blends out to this perfect crease shade. And of course if you want it to be deeper it builds up quickly and easily. I usually go for the more toned down soft wash of color look, so I typically don't want to build it up. The next thing to note with these quads is there's almost at least 2 shimmer shades in all of her quads. Usually one of the shimmer shades is more of a topper shimmer. And the other shimmer shade is a soft shimmer with color to it. I like her shimmer shades for these reasons, because they're not so in your face.

Queen Of Glow


Golden Goddess

Something to keep in mind with Charlotte Tilbury makeup in general. Is her makeup is specifically made to work with any skin type and any age. It's supposed to be more toned down, pretty and soft are the best words I can describe her makeup. Her makeup has a sort of aesthetic to it if you look through her products. It's just something to keep in mind when buying her makeup, you're not really going to find a whole lot of her eyeshadows that are crazy shimmery something you can see from space. But like I said that's the point of this brand. It's made to look good no matter what age you are whether you're in your twenties or sixties. It's flattering on all skin tones and ages. This next one I'm about to mention is an exception though lol, it's crazy shimmery!

This last quad I purchased is called Fire Rose. This one was released recently sometime in December. I won't spend to much time on it because it looks like you can't get it anymore, it was a limited edition palette. This palette really took me by surprise because it was so SHIMMERY! I mean the 3 shimmer shades in this palette you could see from space. I heard that the formula in this particular palette was different than her normal formula. And I agree it felt different than her other quads, but I really liked it. The formula felt buttery and soft and almost wet. If you can get your hands on this palette I totally recommend it!

I'm completely hooked on Charlotte Tilbury now after trying out these eyeshadows. I've decluttered a ton of my other makeup to specifically make room for these quads. And to top it off I was able to get them at a more affordable price! I highly suggest if you're looking into dabbling with high end makeup check out Charlotte Tilbury as your first purchase I really don't think you'll be disappointed. All of her quads are stunning and look beautiful. Really good, can't go wrong with her brand. Also her quads come in a bunch of different color stories, so I'm sure you'll find one that fits you're style!

YouTube video is what I'll be working on next, so see you all soon!

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