Christmas Vacation! Day 1

Welcome to my Christmas vacation blog day 1!

Today was a pretty rough day nothing bad or anything, just a very exhausting day. I'll explain; so every Wednesday I have a soccer game and it just so happened that this weeks soccer game is at 10pm. Now if you know me, you know that my entire life I have always had issues with sleeping. I NEVER get a full 8 hours of sleep, like you're supposed to. I've tried everything in the book to try and get myself to fall asleep and nothing has ever worked. I'm still till this day trying out different supplements and drinks to try and fall asleep. So with that being said whenever we have these 10pm games it just sucks because my entire day routine gets thrown off. Because, the whole day I'm just kind of waiting around for this soccer game. When usually around 10pm Josh and I are kind of wrapping up the day, getting ready for bed. But, instead we're heading out to a soccer game. It sounds like I'm complaining and hate soccer, I'm really not it's just the 10pm games that are rough. They just really mess up my sleep schedule! By the time we get back around almost midnight, I just worked out so you know adrenaline is going I'm not tired at all. Josh and I finished up last minute packing, we packed up the cooler, Josh went and loaded up the car, we mapped out the route we were going to take. So by the time we got all that done and went to bed it was already 1am. I'm tossing and turning in bed for over and hour just not tired. So I got up and went to the couch, long story short I didn't get any sleep Wednesday night. 

We woke up Thursday at 5am, Josh got some work done that morning and I struggle bussed up to change and get ready. I was just dragging Thursday morning, luckily Josh got some sleep and he started off the first leg of the drive. I ended up falling asleep pretty early on, like passed out haha. It was nice though falling asleep time flew by! Driving through the first set of mountains, I was worried we were going to need to pull over and put on our tire chains that we specifically bought for this trip. And we didn't practice beforehand putting them on like we should have. The whole time I'm thinking, "Man if we have to pull over and put these chains on, it's going to suck cause like a 10 minute process is going to take us like 30 minutes to figure it out." Luckily we didn't need them, so that was a blessing and saved us some time!

All of the mountains we drove through had this perfect layer of snow on them. All so pretty.

The mountains were gorgeous driving through them. They were covered with just the perfect amount of snow, seriously looked like a post card picture! And it was like that the whole way. But doesn't take away how stressful it is driving through the mountains. People that are from here just fly through these mountains at like 80mph and here Josh and I are slowing down to 40mph haha! I guess I can't blame them, if you've lived in these states for years your use to driving around these mountains.

We first stopped in Missoula Montana, because Josh was running a meeting for his work. We pulled into a Starbucks, stretched our legs and Josh called in for his meeting. It took about 20 minutes or so and we got back on the road quickly. I drove the last part to our hotel about 3 hours away in Bozeman Montana. No issues with the Rocky Mountains they were all cleared of snow. Only issue I had is I think our lights need to be changed. It was so dark out and and our lights were just not cutting it. I ended up turning our brights on the rest of the way. 

This little town our hotel was at was actually super nice! Such a cute little downtown area that they had all lit up! We checked into our hotel and then went and grabbed some dinner. We ate at Back Country Burger Bar, I wasn't super hungry so I got brussel sprouts and a western cherry cyder. Josh got a burger and fries and doppel bock for his drink. Everything was super good I actually almost wish I would have gotten a burger because they were so different and tasty! I think they like hand make their own patties and use maybe some grassfed beef or something? I don't know but it was delicious! I want to try and stay fairly healthy on this trip. I don't want to use, "Oh it's a vacation!" and pig out on carbs and sugar all week. So I'm trying to stay healthy and keto as best as I can!

Brussel Sprouts in Bozeman Montana

After dinner we headed back towards our apartment I dropped Josh off cause he had to finish up some work projects. I ran to Target and Ulta for a bit to do some shopping! Found a couple things not a lot but I mean it's Target so like I always find something haha. Isn't that just about every female though that goes to Target haha!

Got back to the hotel and that was basically the end of our night just went to bed. We both wanted to get up early the next day cause we had a ton of stuff to do the next morning. Can't wait to share the rest of the week with everyone!

See ya next time!



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