Christmas Vacation Day 2!

Welcome to day 2 on vacation!

This was by far the longest day of driving. We got up early around 6:30am and got to working right away. Josh went down for breakfast and had to work on some projects for work. He also had to run some meetings this morning, so he had to get this all done today. I went and worked out, showered, put some makeup on and changed. I made some sales this morning, so I went and found a nearby post office and dropped those packages off. On the way back from the post office, I stopped at the Target that was right by our hotel room and grabbed a shirt that I decided last minute I wanted to buy. I got back and checked on Josh to see how he was doing. It was getting pretty late in the morning almost 10am and we wanted to get on the road earlier than that. I went back to the room and started packing up some of the stuff, Josh came up shortly after and helped pack and we got on the road by 10:30am. 

Josh started off the drive for 2-3 hours, then I drove for a bit until we had to stop around 2:30pm. Josh had another meeting that he was running at this time. We stopped at Mcdonalds since it was the closest place that had wifi. I wasn't feeling super great, I had a little bit of a stomach ache. So while Josh was on the phone, I laid down in the car and was getting some work done on the computer. I think I just ate too fast and it upset my stomach a bit. The meeting took maybe 30-45 minutes not to bad. We got back on the road and Josh started off this time. We decided to go down to Mount Rushmore. 

Mountain ranges in Montana

We both thought in our life time we would never see Mount Rushmore for a couple of reasons. One, we never thought we would ever be in South Dakota by Mount Rushmore like we don't have any reason to be in that state. Second, we both have never had a real strong desire to see Mount Rushmore. So we figured this is probably the only time that we'll be close enough to see Mount Rushmore and going to see it didn't add anytime to our traveling. The problem was because we left the hotel at 10:30am and we stopped for Josh's meeting at 2:30pm so from Mcdonalds that was in Buffalo Wyoming to Mount Rushmore it was about 3 hours away. And then from Mount Rushmore to our hotel in Sioux Falls was another 5 hours. It was already late out by the time we got to Mount Rushmore, so the plan was to drive by Mount Rushmore snap a couple of pictures of it and continue driving. Sounds bad but I mean when its already like 7pm at night and we had 5 more hours until our hotel all we wanted to do was see it quick and continue driving. We took about 3 minutes at Mount Rushmore haha. We were so determined to get to Sioux Falls because we knew if we could get there today it would only be 6 hours of driving tomorrow. Mount Rushmore was alright, it was honestly what I was expecting it to look like. You look at the rocks get a picture of them for a memory and then head out. It's nothing to take a whole day on ya know? Like it really is, you see it and then head out. It sounds bad... but like what else are you supposed to do there? 

Mount Rushmore!

So we trucked on to Sioux falls Josh drove for a couple hours and then we switched and I drove a couple hours. We pulled into the hotel at 1am and went to bed immediately. I slept like crap this night I'm not even sure why I slept so bad. Especially after this long day. Such a long drive, but it made this next day a lot easier! And we got to see a National Park that we both thought we would never see before!

Stay tuned for day 3 of vacation!


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