Christmas Vacation Day 3!

Welcome to day 3!

We finally arrived to Wisconsin this day! We left Sioux Falls South Dakota and drove all the way through Minnesota to my parents house in Deforest Wisconsin. It took about 6 hours we didn't stop anywhere special this day besides to get gas. I swear Minnesota where we drove, there is fricken nothing until you get to Rochester and Lacrosse. We pulled into my parents house at around 4:30pm. We unpacked and made something to eat. Sat in the living room and talked and caught up on things. Was a pretty relaxed day for the most part, it was nice relaxing after this 3 day trip. 

After we both relaxed for a few hours and hung out with my parents, we had some plans to hangout with some of my old co workers. It was my friend's birthday Megan Trudell, I met her from the movie theater I use to work at in high school. And we've been friends ever since! She had her birthday at The Glass Nickel Pizza in Madison its about maybe 15-20 minutes from my parents house. The Glass Nickel had an improv comedy show there and it was hilarious! AND to top it off this place had THE BEST peanut butter mocha nitro stout I have EVER! I couldn't believe how good it was. I downed 2 of those bad boys they were so tasty! The improv was so much fun Megan picked a good place to go for her birthday! Everyone had an amazing time and I loved being able to catch up with people we use to work with. I swear the best friends you have in life; are the ones where you can live far away, you know everyone starts going in different directions in life and you don't need to be texting 24/7. Yet when you do come back and visit you just pick up right where you left off. It's just such a good feeling knowing that I can meet up with my old coworkers and we all just pick up where we left off and everyone gets along! And we don't text every minute of every day and we still all remain close. Like I'm not stressing about dumb shit like, "oh I gotta text these people I don't want them to forget about me!" That doesn't happen cause they're good friends! 

Megan on stage at improv comedy show telling her favorite Christmas movie story. The Nightmare Before Christmas


The comedy show lasted about 90 minutes and then we all decided to meet up at Pooleys in Madison. I've never been there, but it's a giant bar with a bunch of old school athletic jerseys in it. We got a drink there and talked with everyone, the usual catching up, asking how everyone is doing now. We decided to do a tequila shot for Megans birthday and right before we were about to do it. The bar tender said that Megans younger sister and her friend couldn't even be in the bar cause they aren't 21 yet. I mean obviously they couldn't do the shot cause they weren't old enough, but not even allowed in the bar is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. Like they can't sit with us and talk... So we took the shots, I chugged my beer and we headed to Megans apartment to celebrate! We got there and her apartment is super pretty, just a cute comfy cozy feeling. And her roommates are super nice! We ended up taking another shot and talked a bit until we started playing some flip cup. My favorite drinking game haha! After we played a couple rounds of flip cup and my team LOST, we decided to head out. It was getting late and we wanted to get up early in the morning to hangout with my family. 

Megan's apartment and her roommates!

Some of the coworkers and Pooleys

The night was so much fun though, I seriously love hanging out and catching up with friends. Josh had a blast and I had a blast, I think we both needed it haha

I'll be posting more throughout the week ta ta for now!


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