Christmas Vacation Day 4

Welcome Everyone!

Talking about day 4 of our Christmas Vacation! So today was a rough day after Megan's Birthday party. I was literally hung over all day to say the least... I'm talking full on HUNGOVER and it lasted ALL DAY. I couldn't believe how sick I was just pounding headache and queazy from the second I woke up till 8pm. I felt so bad this was the day we were supposed to hang out with my parents all day. And instead I laid in bed hungover all day. The sad part is the day before at Megans party, we purposely left early enough cause we knew we wanted to get up early and spend the day with my parents. We also had plans this day to visit my brother Tyler and his fiancee Delana their new house they just got. You know what did it in, was probably the tequila shots I swear I love those shots... but all they do is fu## me up haha. 

I ended up sleeping almost the whole day. Josh helped me get my life together around 4pm, so that we still had time to go visit Tyler and Delana and their new place. My parents, Josh and I stopped and grabbed some dinner at Five Guys, my dad loves that place. Who am I kidding we all love Five Guys, so much food for so cheap and they make a bomb a## burger! We brought all the food over to Tyler and Delana's place. Tyler and Dad were working on finishing up the fence in the backyard so Delana gave us a tour of their house. Their house is humongous like so much room they don't know what to do with it haha! The house they got, it definitely is a fixer upper, but I mean they knew that when they bought it and honestly I think they like projects. The projects they plan on doing to their house will definitely keep them busy for the next couple of years that's for sure! I think when it's all finished it'll be a beautiful house. 

We were at their place for a few hours I think, talking and catching up with life. The usual what you do when you visit with people. After we got done eating and Tyler and Dad finished up the fence we were talking about when we should open Christmas gifts. So the past couple of years since Josh and I got married we typically open gifts on Christmas Eve. But there was a miscommunication between my parents and Tyler and Delana, they thought that we were going to be around on Christmas day. Usually Josh and I leave to his family's town on Christmas day. It's also a little more difficult because Tyler and Delana both have jobs where the busiest time of year is around Christmas. Tyler works for Fedex so he delivers packages and Delana works in a nursing home. So literally the busiest time for them. They both actually had to work on Christmas Eve, so we're all sitting there with our phones out trying to figure out when to do Christmas at like 6 or 7 at night.

So I pitched the idea that we could just meet at Mom and Dad's house and open gifts now. It's still early enough that we could make it back and open gifts and then everyone could still get to bed at a reasonable time. That's what we all ended up doing! We grabbed everything and booked it back towards my parents house to open gifts. We all got there and opened gifts right away and it went so good! Everyone was happy with what they got and we got done in a reasonable time! At first I think we all thought it was going to be rushed, but this really was the only time we could get this in and be all together opening gifts.  


We ended the night cleaning up and saying goodbye to Tyler and Delana since we weren't going to see them again on this trip. Even with the miscommunication that happened it ended up being a really good night everyone was so happy and we were all able to be together. I didn't get a ton of pictures on this day, probably because I was so sick this day, but I snagged a few of them!


Thanks for reading and see ya for the next days post! 


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