Christmas Vacation Day 5

Hello Everyone! Just realized I uploaded these out of order by accident, so sorry guys but I think you'll get the picture!

Welcome to day 5! Today was another crazy busy day, I mean every day on this vacation we were busy. Today we were meeting with our friends Alex and Amanda who recently got engaged. They live in Milwaukee right now and we weren't going to be able to meet up with them any other day while we were on this trip. So Monday morning is the only day we could see them. We got up at, I think it was 5am to get ready and we met them in downtown Madison at a restaurant called The Old Fashioned. Let me tell ya they did have some good a$$ old fashions. We exchanged gifts with them at the restaurant. We got both Alex and Amanda a Christmas ornament in the shape of a beer bottle and the shape of a coffee cup. We wanted it so they remember the trip we all went on to Asheville NC. And they got us some home brewed beer that they make a winter ale that was I think 13.5%! If you're wondering it is VERY good! We chatted for awhile we didn't have a ton of time to catch up hence why we met with them in the morning. I had to be back in DeForest to meet up with Rachel and Allison. We had the rest of the day planned to hangout. Josh took the car and was actually scheduled to work from home this whole day, so it actually worked out pretty well. 

On the way out saying goodbye to Alex and Amanda, we actually watched our car get a parking ticket right in front of our eyes haha. It was funny but yes it was kind of annoying. We literally walking towards our car and asked the parking meter guy if he just put ticket on our windshield and he goes, "Yup." We just started laughing like of course this is our luck... I forgot to mention in the last blog post, we got pulled over in Minnesota was just a written warning for speeding. We got pulled over the day before in Wisconsin on the way to Megan's birthday for speeding got a ticket. And now this parking ticket. So this parking ticket just was a cherry on top tacked on to the list. 

I met up with Rachel and Allison and Betsy at Rachel's parents house. We talked briefly and then headed to brunch. We met up with Allison's friend Dana there and we all waited in the lobby area for a little bit until a table opened up for us. I think everyone thought the food they ordered was just alright, but I was very happy with my meal haha. I got a giant omelet with your classic fillings; cheese, ham, tomatoes, spices and side salad. This omelet was huge to I couldn't even finish it all. But, yeah my meal was awesome haha! 

Afterwards we headed to Half Price Books. Betsy got some books for her mom, I bought some calendars and Rachel got some books also. We then headed next door to East Town Mall in Madison to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I was looking for some shoes if there was good deal and Betsy was looking for some gifts for her boyfriend. We actually ended up spending a long time at the mall! Betsy found some cute tops for our fancy dinner later that night. I couldn't believe I couldn't find the boots I was looking for. I checked so many clothing stores and couldn't even find the right color of boot I wanted. But it was fun I obviously love shopping and we all haven't gone shopping together in years at this point. So it was fun going to a mall like back in high school days and shopping around. 

We headed back to Rachel's place and opened up gifts! And I gotta say everyone nailed the gift exchange! Rachel got me some workout clothes that I actually wanted to get a super nice zip up long sleeve to run in! And Allison made both of us a shutterfly memory book of when we went to Boston and explored it, it was so cute and I love shutterfly books they really are such a good memory book! Betsy cup me travel mug which is literally what I put on my Christmas list this year haha! And I got Rachel cute cardigan she wears cardigans a lot to work. I got Allison a carharrt laptop backpack, I thought it was a cooler but she said it's backpack and that she uses it all of the time!

The book Allison got Rachel and I!

After the gift exchange we headed back to Allison's place to change and get ready for our fancy dinner at Eno Vino Downtown. We stopped at a liquor store by her place to grab some drinks so while we were getting ready and waiting for the guys to meet up with us we had something to sip on. Josh, Devin and Blake met up with us at Allison's and then we headed out. And holy kanole the view from this restaurant was jaw droppingly beautiful! We were on the 10th floor of this hotel smack in the middle of downtown Madison with a perfect view of the capital. Cleary pictures don't do it justice but it really was incredible. I've lived in Madison for 21 years of my life and I have never even seen that amazing of a view. So this restaurant was set up so every plate on the menu is a shared plate. There was no sides or appetizers everything is shared. I ordered meat balls which were delicious. I wish I would have ordered more of those. And I ordered brussel sprouts that were good, but I liked the meatballs more haha! Josh got the mahi mahi ceviche and sweet chili calamari fries. And he said both of those dishes he liked a lot! I honestly just couldn't believe how nice this restaurant was and the food was delicious. After we finished up eating and we all got some pictures together we headed back to Allison's place. We got back and had some drinks together and hung out for a bit. Josh and I started getting tired and it seemed like everyone started to slow down and also get tired, so we packed up and headed back to my parents house. 


Left to Right: Me, Allison, Rachel, Betsy

We headed to bed and called it a day! Super good and busy day, like I always say I LOVE hanging out and catching up with friends!

See for the next post!



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