Christmas Vacation Day 6

Day 6 Christmas Eve has finally arrived!

Today was actually a pretty chill day. If you remember we decided to celebrate earlier, because Tyler and Delana had to work. This was literally Josh and I's only day to sleep in so we slept in a bit. And then honestly we really did just hangout and talk with my parents. Everything was closed and we didn't really didn't need anything anyways. My parents cooked all day a big Christmas Eve dinner. It's funny the joke my dad always says; "Cook all day for 20 minutes of eating." He gets annoyed slaving away in the kitchen for only eating for 20 minutes, it all works out though it's nice being together.

While my parents were cooking Josh and I got a little bit of work done not a ton, but we were able to jump online and get some catch up work done. Had to catch up for the lack of work we did the other few days. I was so mad at myself my goal for this vacation was to get some work done each day even if it was like 15 minutes of work I would have been happy. But, ended up only really working at the hotels each night. I didn't get nearly as much done the days at my parents house or Josh's sister's house. Like I've been mentioning in every blog though, we were literally busy EVERY SINGLE DAY on this trip. Like it didn't matter we were busy morning to night every day. 

We ate dinner which was delicious! I'm sucker for stuffing anyone else love that stuff?! And I love like the boxed stuffing like the cheapy weapy stuff it's so good to me haha. Ended the day after eating we had some cocktails Josh made us all. I didn't drink a ton of them because my stomach was still feeling a little weak after that hungover day I talked about in another post. But I had a couple of them. And then we just pretty much went to bed later. Nothing to crazy just a nice relaxing day which is what we needed. 

Again so sorry I uploaded these out of order! For a reference this is the day before the fire happened at Josh's cousin's house. 

See ya next post!


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