Christmas Vacation: Day 7

Welcome Back!

The day after Christmas was pretty sad actually. It felt like we all woke up the next day and everyone was moving slow, quiet and just feeling sad. I mean we all felt just terrible for Tyler and Rachel, their house burned down. They just lost everything. We also were up till 2am watching the fire department try and take out the fire, so we were exhausted. The original plans we had this day were to go to some breweries and then head to the Schmidt Christmas Party. With the fire happening, all the plans changed, understandably.  

We all slept in a bit and Josh's dad, Les stopped by to drop off some stuff. Pretty much that whole morning, we ended up all talking and hanging out. Les was telling us what the fire department and officers were telling him during the fire. He was showing us some pictures he took of the house. We were all talking and having breakfast. It was a nice, relaxing morning.

Afterwards, I wanted to go to Target to get some things. I knew it was the day after Christmas, so it was going to be chaotic. And it was... I don't remember the last time I've seen a mall that busy haha. When Josh and I got to Target as crazy as it sounds we actually saw Rachel there! I couldn't believe it! Rachel and Tyler's house just burned down and we saw her the next day. They were tat their house all night! I thought maybe they'd be sleeping in. It shouldn't surprise me though, I mean they lost literally everything. So it actually made complete sense her and her family were up shopping for your basic needs for the next couple weeks. Your basic stuff like; toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, shampoo, toilet paper, chargers, etc. So Josh and I talked to Rachel and her family for a bit, seeing how they're doing and if they need anything from us. She said it's actually kind of nice shopping right now because there was still so much stuff on sale lol! When we were talking to her, it's when it really hit me. Imagine waking up the next day and you don't have anything. No toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes, I mean nothing. I don't know it's wild to me thinking that. 

After we talked to them for a bit, Josh and I continued to shop a bit. I got some black over the knee tall boots and we actually found some Seattle hats! I was surprised a Seattle winter hat in Wisconsin!? So I bought it lol! Josh and I got back from the mall, we got ready for the Schmidt Christmas party. The Schmidt Christmas party happens every year. It's when all the Schmidt's through the years (in the Schmidt family) get together get together and catch up. Everyone brings a gift, and we do basically a white elephant gift exchange sort of thing. It's fun and always nice getting together with everyone. I mean that's one of the points of Christmas is getting together. It was nice and went well Josh and I got a water bottle and a Christmas themed stuffed animal that dances. Tyler and Rachel stopped by for a bit and talked for awhile about the fire. It sounded like they were on top of everything. Already they were writing down things they need to replace, where they're going to stay for the time being, they were on the phone with their insurance company. They were doing great at trucking along with everything. 

After that we ended the night getting a Cleo's Dirty Snowball. It tastes like a straight up chocolate milkshake, but loads of alcohol in it. It tastes so good and I can't find anything like it. I'm sure they're at other places and I just haven't found them yet, but for now this Cleo's Dirty Snowball is delicious! 

That was our laid back day on this trip. Like I said it was kind of a downer day with the fire happening and everyone was sad and moving slow this particular day. But it was nice and relaxing and nice catching up with people. 

See ya next post!


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