Christmas Vacation: Day 8

Welcome Welcome!

For day 8 on our vacation we actually didn't have much planned. Jessica and her husband Brennan, they both left to Brennan's family's Christmas in Minnesota. So it was really just Josh and I hanging around. Josh and I slept in a little bit and met up with his grandparents for brunch. We ate a Rico's they had a really good selection of food and a lot of it happened to be keto friendly!

We stopped at Tyler and Rachel's house that burned down. We wanted too see what was left and we both haven't seen it since the excavator came in and pushed it down. Rachel was also talking to us the day before at the Schmidt party and said we should go over and look at it. So we met up with Josh's grandparents Martha and Lyle and walked around it for a while and got some videos of it. 

Here are some links to the videos of the house after it burned down, if you want to watch them:

After brunch Josh and I headed to a museum in Appleton. I had no idea there was even a museum in Appleton. I never heard anyone talk about it until Josh asked me if I've ever been there. I'm like, "there's a museum in this town?" haha I just never thought there was one is all. Josh kept calling it the "Hudini museum" so I was interested. We stopped there for a couple hours and walked through it. The Hudini section of the museum is always there and then they had a couple sections that looked like they change it up occasionally. It was a good museum, Josh and I enjoyed it! It's a smaller museum, so it was good when you need something to do. They had a guitar section there that went over some musicians and showed some of the new technology that's making guitars. There was some cool looking guitars all different styles and colors and showed how to play them it was kind of fun. And in the last section there was some history of Appleton. There was these phones that you could pick up and you could listen to some people back in the day, of their interviews of these people that grew up in Appleton when it first started. So for example there was a doctor talking about how a typical day went for him being a doctor in Appleton. Honestly, that section wasn't too exciting but again, something to do.

After the museum we went back to Jessica's place and took a little nap. We definitely needed it, I mean we passed out sound asleep for awhile. We drove to Josh's mom's house and said by to her and Josh's grandma Julie, since we were heading back to Seattle the next day. It was nice saying goodbye and talking for a bit with them. Josh's mom Jodie actually gave me a nice Packer hoodie that I wear all the time. It fits perfect! On the way back to Jessica's place we stopped at his other grandma Martha and her husband Lyle's house, to say goodbye. At their place we ordered some food, I wasn't crazy hungry, but it was still really good and filling. I ordered a big bowl of chili and let me tell ya, it was HUGE! And Josh was helping Lyle fix his computer. It was getting pretty late out and we still had to pack, so we said our goodbyes and headed back to Jessica's place. We showered and hit the hay right away. 

Only a couple more blogs of this trip and we'll be finished up! So stay tuned for the next one! The next few posts of this trip are quite eventful also!


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