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Hello Hello Everyone!

As you all obviously know I love makeup and watching YouTube makeup tutorials. So I recently started trying out Colourpop Cosmetics. And I know everyone posts about them and how they push out too many launches every week and it's hard to keep with them and their makeup up launches, I know. But, everyone does say how good their products are they're always good and reliable and affordable. So with that being said I'm over here thinking, "Sign me up!" Good and affordable makeup, yes please! The only place that sells Colourpop is at Ulta or their website. Which is kind of annoying I wish they sold at more places, just so it's more convenient, but not a big deal I know. Another thing that kind of stinks is their collections that they put out every week they don't always put them at Ulta so then you have to get them off their website, which stinks cause you have to pay for shipping. But, like I said no big deal in my opinion!

I placed an order on Colourpop because I wanted the California Love palette and the Sweet Talk palette. No huge reason I wanted them besides they looked pretty. All of the makeup people on Youtube said those palettes they tried and loved them! Figured this is a good time to try Colourpop out! I got them in the mail and literally some of my best palettes! Everything about them is amazing; color, tons of pigment, blend great, the shimmer shades are incredible, long lasting and affordable! I put in another order with them last week for some single eye shadows and SHOCKER another palette, it's called Going Coconuts. To defend myself haha I did buy these for some upcoming traveling Josh and I are doing. I want to pack lightly so I want to get some smaller travel friendly makeup. That makeup should be coming in today. Since then I've bought other products from them and have been nothing but happy with Coloupop products. Like they are amazing products!

BUT the main point why I wanted to make this post is that, I honestly don't get why people are complaining so much about Colourpop. I know they release so many products every week and people think it's a lot they can't keep up, but like they're good! We're complaining that Colourpop is releasing so many GOOD products? From a business stand point in my opinion they're playing their cards right. The more they're releasing the more people buy the products because they always have good products they're reliable and affordable. Colourpop is just getting their name out there to the world. I don't know... I just think they're doing everything right. I think I would do the same thing honestly. They come out with launches that people like and buy why are we complaining about that? So of course they're going to release more, they do their research on what people like or what's popular or going to be popular and they nail it every time! I don't know I just don't get it I think keep doing what's working ya know!? 

Anyway that's all I got for today I'll do an update on here or in my Instagram stories on how I like the new stuff that I ordered from them! See ya next post though!


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