Computer Confusion

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So the past 3 months I have been having some crazy computer problems lately and let me tell ya it's been crazy! I dropped my mac book air back in June like when we first moved to Seattle. I was working on the couch and I got up to grab some coffee and it slid off of the couch. I ran back over grabbed it and half the screen was blacked out. Sounds bad I know, but after a few hours went by the screen slowly went back to normal. A couple weeks went by no issues or anything. And one morning I got up opened my laptop to get some work done and...nothing... completely black screen. I messed with it all day, I was calling Josh trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing. Josh got home later that day and was working on it for hours he couldn't get it to work.

The only way we could get it to work is by hooking up the laptop to the desktop screen. So the display was coming up on the desktop. That pretty much told us that the computer was working, just the screen is busted. The other issue we're having with the laptop is it doesn't go in sleep mood like when you close the computer and open it back up it doesn't come back on. You have to completely shut it down and turn it back on. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It's been frustrating just cause it's not affecting just me and my job it's affecting Josh also. He hasn't been able to work on his app as much as he's been wanting too. I know what everyone is thinking, "just work in the bedroom then" or "just use Josh's work computer." Couple things; the weather has been super nice out in Seattle these are the nicest months of Seattle, so I want to take advantage of it by working outside on our rooftop deck before it gets cold and rainy. The last thing I want is to be is stuck inside our bedroom for hours at a time. Also it's way faster and more convenient for me to airdrop pictures from my phone onto our macbook. You can't do that on our normal desktop computer. The last thing is that the app that Josh has been working on is an iOS app, so you have to have an Apple computer. Josh's work computer is an Apple computer BUT it's an Amazon policy that you can't work on personal projects on their computers. So Josh's work computer is strictly for Amazon work only. 

We made a game plan though. We both decided that we'll deal with the laptop we have for the month of August and in September we'll budget for a new one. It's annoying yes, but hey it still works so might as well make the best of it for now. So we started by buying a $7 Amazon macbook toolkit thing to try and fix the laptop that way. Figured if we can fix this laptop for seven dollars than spending $1,000 on a new one, sounds like a good deal to me haha! So we opened up the back of this laptop and cleaned it out, Josh unplugged some things to see if that would help. Did all of that but no luck still a dark screen. Then on Friday Josh found a good deal on a newer Mac book Air, we bought it then headed to the Apple store to see if they could get a diagnosis on this busted one. The Apple store ended up doing the same exact thing that Josh did open up the back and unplugged some things. And surprise surprise it didn't work...SHOCKER. We then headed to Best Buy to pick up the new Mac book. We first stopped at the clearance section like the opened box mac book section to see if there was anything better. We did find a better one BUT, the store was about to close in 5 minutes and we were asking for help from a worker for the last 40 minutes and no one has helped us. So because of the poor customer service and store closing soon we decided to go with the laptop we purchased online. 

So here is where it gets crazy! The next day (it was later at night the next) I went to turn on Netflix for the rest of the night and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! The fricken broken laptop that's been busted for months at this point all of a sudden turned on. Good as new no issues, like it wasn't even broken ever. I turn to Josh and go, "JOSH THE SCREEN IT'S WORKING!!! I THOUGHT THE GUY SAID IT DIDN'T WORK!!!?" Josh was just as confused and shocked as I was. We both had no idea what in the world was going on. I worked on that computer all of the next day no issues.

UNTIL this morning Josh went to work on the computer and it didn't turn on again! I went to charge it to see if that would help at all, I checked it again like an hour later and it worked! So basically we have this spotty laptop that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work LOL! We have 2 weeks to decide to either keep or return the new macbook. It's still too early to tell what to do with the new laptop... cause like $1,000 is a big decision. So far so good with this laptop it's been working all day Josh got a lot of work done on it. We backed up everything on that laptop just incase though so no worry there. HAHA can't complain though we're both happy that it miraculously started working again! That's been our little roller coaster ride of laptop issues the past 2-3 months can only pray it gets better!

Update: It's now September and this laptop is still going strong!

Ta ta for now!


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