I'M PREGNANT // 22 Week Update, How I'm Feeling, Everything You Need To Know


August 13 2019:
You read that right! The time has come in our family to talk KIDS!!! Now, of course we talked about kids before we even got engaged (like every couple I think should do before marriage). But it's time to talk when to start trying to have kids! From today August 13, 2019 throughout the next year is just me documenting thoughts, conversations with Josh and doctors, basically anything children related. I tried to document our thought process and steps we took along the way. So anything bolded is literally the day it happened.

I remember back in middle school I think I was in maybe 7th grade some old soccer friends and I were talking about kids and how many we wanted. I don't remember why or how the conversation got brought up, but we were talking about kids. And everyone in that friend group at the time knew for sure they definitely wanted kids. Everyone except me wanted them lol. I said, "absolutely not I don't want kids."I didn't want to carry a kid for 9 months, I didn't want the kid to turn out like me and have to deal with a snarky teenager, I didn't want to deal with morning sickness, and all the pain that being pregnant/labor brings, and I didn't want to gain weight and go through losing it all after labor. Everything about having kids I just didn't want. I wanted just me and a husband. So I was opened to the idea of maybe adopting kids at the time. 

I remember later that same day I brought it up to my mom about kids. Just asking general questions; if her and dad wanted kids, names, how many, how old she and dad were, etc. I told her I didn't want any, I didn't want to get fat. She goes, "Oh Brittany once you're older and have a kid and you're holding your kid in your hands you'll change your mind." I'm thinking okay whatever, I'll be a little more opened to the idea of it... we'll see..."

High school rolls around now, so about 2 years later and I definitely wanted kids at this point LOL HAHA! I knew for sure I wanted to be a young mom and I wanted all my kids before the age of 30. My mom said she had Tyler at I think 28 or 29 and she had me at either 31 or 32? If I'm remembering right? But, I knew I wanted all my kids before 30 and to be a young mom. I obviously didn't want to be 16 and pregnant situation, I hear that joke all the time! Just at some point in my twenties to be pregnant would be my ideal situation. It's so annoying telling people I want to be a young mom because it feels like most people don't want to have kids till later in life like late twenties or thirties. So I always get so many judgy people when I tell them this. 

It's funny at the time in high school when I knew I wanted to have all my kids before the age of 30 it was like a dream. I wanted it to happen, but low key didn't really think it would happen. I even thought that through college when I turned 20. I still wanted to have all my kids wanted before the age of 30, but didn't think it was going to happen. 

Would you look at that! I met Josh we dated for almost a year talked about families and all the things I think you should talk about before getting married or engaged. And everything lined up perfectly for what we wanted in life, like an exact match. You know it's meant to be, God leading you to the right person in life when everything you want in your future matches perfectly between the both of you! 

So the time has come we sat down and talked when we should start trying for kids. I honestly wasn't nervous about it all. Until a couple of days ago my mom brought up kids for my brother Tyler and Delana. And a ton of my favorite Youtubers and bloggers on Instagram just got pregnant or are pregnant right now. Some friends have been asking us about kids also. All this happened within the last week and it started making me nervous and thinking more. So a couple of days ago it hit me, I'm 23 going to be 24 in November. You don't know how long it'll take to get pregnant! It could take a weeks, months, even years. Then you're pregnant for 9 months and then doctors recommend waiting a bit before you go for your next kid. All of that time added up together, month wise, IF everything works out perfectly could take over a couple of years. I'm thinking, "crap if we want all of our kids before I'm 30 and our goal of being young parents... like we need to start soon!" I sound crazy but when you think about it, it is true! If Josh and I want anywhere from 2-4 kids (praying I can even get pregnant of course) then we got to start right away. 

So we sat down and wrote it out. Our ideal time frame of start to finish with kids. We didn't really know how to go about it, so a written out time frame seemed like a good place to start? Again, let me say this over and over... a time frame IF EVERYTHING WORKS OUT GOOD. Like a time frame based off of, if I can even get pregnant, like no medical issues if that makes sense. Because I know there's plenty of women in this world that actually can't get pregnant. Josh and I are huge believers in that everything happens for a reason, God has a plan for everyone. So I don't want to assume that everything will work out perfectly and we'll have this effortless pregnancy with no issues. I want to be opened minded in that whatever happens, happens and there's a reason for it and to just trust God that he has a plan for us. It sounds bad like I'm thinking negatively about it, like assuming the worse is going to happen. But really I am being positive about everything trust me!

Something Josh and I have been talking about a lot lately is when people say, "Oh I'm waiting for the right time or the right moment." For example, "I'm waiting for the right moment to get married." Or "I'm waiting for the right feeling or time in my life to have kids." Or "You'll know it when the time is right." Or this "ah-ha" moment some people wait for. Anything along the lines of that. I Honestly... don't think that's a thing... I've never had that ah-ha moment in my life where all of sudden I'm thinking, "yes now is the time."

We decided together that we wanted to get married. I know so many people that just wait and wait and wait for years for that perfect moment, ah-ha, gut feeling, type thing and it NEVER happens. We believe in, "you're not going to know until you try it." Another example is everyone is telling me that you'll know you're in the right career when you have that ah-ha moment. I can easily say that has never happened to me or Josh. Here I am 2-3 years being out of college now still trying to figure it out. People told me the same thing about working from home and having kids. "Oh you'll know when the time is right, you'll feel it." And I say well guess what, there is no "feeling it." All of the careers I've had, I tried them out for a few months or years and then I made a decision whether I like the job or not. Another example working from home. I'm trying it right now to see if it's a good fit for me or not before I make a decision. You're not going to know until you actually try it. So I suggest stop waiting for this "moment" or "feeling" that will most likely never happen and you'll be waiting for YEARS for it. Just take the step and try it. Then make a decision.

That's what I told Josh today I said, "I don't know if I'm ready for kids, but I know that feeling will never come. I'm not going to wait for years and years and before I know it I'll be 30, 40, 50 years old and still not have that feeling for kids." So we're just taking the next step in life and trying for kids summer of 2020. See where God takes us next! 

The reason we decided on summer 2020 is there is some last minute traveling and visiting people we want to do. We want to travel somewhere do a big vacation/celebration for paying all of our loans off. We want to have an actual honeymoon because that is something we sacrificed and put on hold to pay our loans off. We want to celebrate Christmas with family and visit some friends for college again. So summer 2020 when all of the traveling is done seemed to make sense. It seems bad planning when to have a kid because like nothing ever stays according to plan like plans can change. But I mean we gotta start at some point and if plans change then plans change, you gotta go with the flow at some point! We figured there's always going to be something that pops up or a reason to put something off like having kids. At some point you have to stop making excuses and go for it!

January 30th 2020:
A couple weeks back Josh and I went to hangout with some friends that recently moved to Seattle. They are actually trying for a kid soon, so of course kid talk started. They were asking a lot of questions and I was asking them a bunch of questions. One of the questions we talked about was like timing when we wanted to have all of our kids. So I told them if everything happens the way we would like, I would love to have all of our kids before the age of 30. I ideally want all of them back to back, so I'm not 60 years old still raising a kid. And I brought up how I really want our kids to be independent right away. I want to be able to go to the grocery store with out a screaming naughty kid. They also asked me if I'll be preparing for a kid, stuff like that. I said, "honestly I don't think I'll be doing any huge adjusting or any research before I have kid." As bad as that sounds. And I know... GO AHEAD JUDGE AWAY I REALLY DON'T CARE. I know plenty of people right now that either had kids or is currently pregnant. And all that researching does is stress them out. They start second guessing everything, they don't know which way is the right way, they get crap for any decision they decide on. There's no winning. Everyone raises their kids differently, no there's no reason for mommy shaming. So with that being said I'm going to do no research. I'll go to the doctor listen to what they say. I'm not going to change the way I'm living my life right now. I'm going to work out my normal routine and keep following the diet I have been doing. Just obviously adjusting to whatever the doctor suggests, is the plan.

If I had a nickel for every time that someone is giving me shit for wanting all of our kids before the age of 30, I'd be rich. Everyone says, "gotta let your body heal before you have the next one." Well if my body heals 2 months after giving birth and I get pregnant THAT WOULD BE A FRICKEN BLESSING I WOULD BE OVER THE MOON HAPPY. I think my body will know when I'm healed up. If I get pregnant 2 months after giving birth. Then that means my body is healed and ready to have a kid again. I've always wanted to be a young mom. I would love to have them all right away back to back. Then I'll be young by the time they move out of the house. Also, all of the pain of giving birth and just being pregnant will be in this short block of time, not carried out over the course of 10 years. I get how this sounds... but like I don't want to be in my 50s or 60s still raising a kid. I want to be young and energetic mom and hangout with them. 

February 18th, 2020: 
I had a doctors appointment just for a checkup. I wanted to talk about some past medical history and meet my new doctor since we live in a new city (Seattle Washington). Wasn't anything crazy or anything. I just had some questions about how to prep for when we're ready to have a kid. Again, general questions that I'm sure every first time parent asks. She wanted to get some blood work and do a pap smear to have on record. So I got that done during this checkup. All the tests came back perfect, nothing to worry about or anything. Because everything looked good on my medical history, bloodwork looked good, diet and exercise looked good. She said really for Josh and I, whenever we're ready to start trying for a kid we can go for it. I really didn't need any prepping or anything. I thought that was pretty exciting! I guess I was shocked because I know some people that had to take some medication and supplements or had to change their diets. They had a lot of prepping to do before they started trying for a kid. So I wanted to go in and see if I needed to start doing anything differently. But, she said Josh and I are good to go whenever we're ready! 

July 24th 2020:
As I'm typing this we are now living in Austin TX. The months in between February and now have been pretty chaotic. With COVID and everything closing everything, then opening back up and closing again. It's just been really crazy for us. Between Josh moving to a new team and trying to move during a pandemic and rescheduling all of our travel plans that I talked about earlier in this blog post. It's been a lot of replanning lol. So the original plan was, we had a ton of traveling in the months of May, June, July and August. We had weddings to attend, we had our honeymoon booked and ready to go. That was supposed to happen May 5th 2020, I was going to visit some friends in Minnesota, and we had a trip to visit our friends in New York. Well, COVID happened and we had to go in and cancel all those trips back in April. I didn't think it was a big deal I was optimistic thinking everything will get back to normal in June and we can rebook all those flights. I called the Barbados hotel we were staying at and asked them some questions regarding COVID and traveling. They said everything opened back up June 4th, so we should be squared away to still get our honeymoon in. This honeymoon we planned is a big determining factor. Because we really wanted to get this honeymoon in along with all those other trips I rattled above BEFORE we started to try and get pregnant. I didn't want to be pregnant traveling by any means. I didn't want to be getting morning sickness, dealing with getting sick on our flights, I didn't want to be watching what I eat on these trips, feeling tired the whole time, and dealing with packing clothes that fit. I just really wanted to get all of this traveling done. Then right when we get back we can try for a kid. That was the original plan we had. It was all strategically planned out way ahead of time back in 2019. 

June 22, 2020:
So June rolled by we got all moved into our new apartment here in Austin TX around June 22nd. We literally got all moved in to the apartment and immediately the next day we went to check our trip to Barbados. We went to go book flights for the following week. Both of us wanted to get this trip in, literally the following week. We figured the sooner we get this in the sooner we can start trying because we were already getting close to being behind schedule. This schedule we decided and wrote out a year ago. Sounds silly having a written scheduled out plan for getting pregnant, but I do believe having some sort of plan is better than no plan at all. Even if plans change, I still think it's good having one. Also, the sooner we got this trip in the faster we didn't have to worry about scheduling it anymore. We went and sat on our deck and I messaged the place we were going to stay at while being in Barbados asking the same questions I did earlier. Asking the resort in Barbados how travel is looking and if they're even still open or if they closed down again. They said they have a mandatory 2 week quarantine period. So anyone that flies into Barbados has to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks for COVID reasons. Well Josh and I definitely did not want to do that for a couple of reasons. One, we didn't budget to be there for 3 weeks total. Secondly, we just didn't want to be there for that long. Thirdly, we didn't want to risk getting stuck there for even longer. Especially with Josh starting on his new team, it was just too risky for us. We didn't want to get there and then all flights get closed down again and then next thing you know, we're stuck in Barbados for who knows how long. 

We were both pretty upset at this time. I was more fed up with all of this more than anything. Fed up with rescheduling our plans, rescheduling flights, places opening then closing just completely fed up with it all. We then looked up other places we could try for a honeymoon we looked into Hawaii and Nashville. But, Hawaii had the same thing quarantined for 2 weeks. And then a lot of places in the states were already closed. So it wouldn't have been a fun honeymoon when a bunch of restaurants, hotels, beaches and touristing areas are all shut down. At this point this is when I suggested to Josh, "maybe we should just completely cancel this honeymoon trip?" I figured this is the third time we've had to reschedule this honeymoon. I'm getting sick of having to push it back and play this game of it opening up and then closing. At this point we won't even get to go on our honeymoon until next year at the rate this going! Josh was upset, but understood. We saw on the website that because of COVID they're doing full refunds. So we were able to get a full refund thank goodness! We were both bummed, but I was happy to get the full refund and not have to keep stressing about getting this trip scheduled. I was just getting so sick of rescheduling it every month and because we had to keep pushing the honeymoon back we kept having to put our baby plans on hold. 

July 25, 2020:
It's now July 25th and we've been trying for a baby for about a month now. I know it's silly, it's only been a month so it's not a big deal. But I feel like everything happens for a reason and canceling that honeymoon trip is a blessing in disguise. I know Josh really wanted to get that trip in before we had kids because he's thinking we wouldn't want to go on a honeymoon once we have kids. I get that, but I also had the attitude that if we waited this long to go on a proper honeymoon what's another year or 2? So we started trying on exactly, June 29th having babies and now it's all up to Gods timing.

July 31, 2020:
I took a pregnancy test today Friday July 31st, after I got done working out and YUP it came back positive! I was shocked in the sense that, I really thought it was going to take moths or years to pregnant. Like I had my mind set that it was going to take months or years to get pregnant, because I know and follow people on YouTube where it took them months to years to get pregnant. I guess it just seemed like a common thing. Second reason I was surprised is because I really haven't had any symptoms at all (knock on wood) no morning sickness, not really tired, no appetite changes that I've noticed. I did have sore boobs BUT that was VERY early I'm talking only days after Josh and I first started trying. I'm talking we tried June 29th and only a couple of days later the sore boobs happened and lasted about a week. I feel like that's way to early and I haven't had any problems since. So I didn't really think much of the sore boobs. I don't know? Would symptoms happen that fast after having sex? The only reason I suspected it would come back positive is just purely because I missed my period. My period is very random it's not consistent. I get it every month, but there's no consistent week it happens. I didn't get it at all this month of July, so that was really the only thing I was going off of. Now it's just business as usual and pray each day that this pregnancy goes smoothly.

Later this day I told Josh I'm pregnant! If you don't know Josh, he's not the type of person that drops to the floor crying. He's very stoic, just not someone that shows his emotions. He was cheek to cheek smiling the whole time I told him though! I got him some gifts for announcing it. I got him some pacifiers that say "Dad" on them, a onsie that says "little peanut" on it and the 2 pregnancy tests I took. Josh is a few years older than me, so he wanted kids yesterday. When we got married he knew I wanted to enjoy married life together, just him and I for a bit. So when he found out I'm pregnant, he was just over the moon so excited and happy! He was actually the one that wanted to tell everyone immediately! I had to keep reminding him to wait until we see the OBGYN haha!

September 4th 2020: We had our first OBGYN appointment and I'm exactly 12 weeks pregnant! We got our first photos and heard the heartbeat of the baby. Was a really stressful busy day because this appointment was supposed to happen September 9th and the doctor's office called and rescheduled it to today. So literally last minute this is all happening. Not a big deal ended up working out better for us. This upcoming weekend we are headed to Milwaukee to plan our friends wedding Alex and Amanda. So when this appointment got pushed to today it worked out because we can make it a long vacation and surprise our family/friends by telling them that I'm pregnant and still plan their wedding. Getting 2 things done in one trip! Josh and I are sitting at a Culvers just days before today September 4th eating dinner and on the phone with Alex planning this trip for their wedding. And the whole time Josh and I are thinking, "Why is this working out so perfectly? We're able to visit with our friends to plan their wedding. And still able to visit with our families and surprise them that I'm pregnant. And it just so happens this doctor's appointment our first OBGYN appointment got pushed to today. Which works out in our favor because we can just leave the appointment and get on the road right away."

September 4, 2020:
BUT THEN today as we were packing and just about to head out the door to the OBGYN appointment, when the doctor's office called and rescheduled on us again.... So Josh and I are infuriated at this point because if it was reversed. Like if Josh and I called last minute and asked them to reschedule we would get a whopping bill that we canceled our appointment and we would be considered a no show. But yet this office is able to call 40 minutes before the appointment and reschedule and there's no punishment. Anyway.... we tried to call back 3 times and no answer from the doctor's office. So we decided to just show up and see what they could do for us. The least they could do is try to squeeze us in with ANY doctor that's available because they tried to reschedule on us. We got there and they were able to get us in for the ultrasound and sonograms, we had to wait 30 minutes for the doctor to come in and tell us how the baby is and answer questions we had. It all worked out in the end. The only hiccup was the waiting for 30 minutes because the doctor had an emergency, but we were fine with that. This whole trip to Wisconsin revolved around this OBGYN appointment because we wanted to surprise everyone with the photos of the baby. So we were just happy that they were able to get us in for both those appointments. 

September 5, 2020:
Long story short everything turned out good! Kid is healthy, I'm healthy and we're doing everything right. We got back from the appointment around 4pm and then quickly threw everything into a couple of suitcases, ate a quick snack and headed out the door to Wisconsin. We got on the road around 6pm and the weather was terrible which made the roads and traffic terrible. Just a huge thunderstorm and heavy rain. There was a lot of crashes along the road that slowed the traffic down. We got to Wisconsin on Saturday September 5th around 8:30pm and are staying with my parents in Windsor WI for the first few days.

September 6, 2020:
We told my parents on Sunday September 6th and it was the BEST reaction!!! My mom cried and my dad's mouth literally dropped to the floor haha! It was the exact reactions I was going for, I was so happy! I was telling Josh beforehand how for this trip I really want to go for the surprise factor. We had the perfect front for this trip to Wisconsin planning our friends Alex and Amanda's wedding. Which is true we're standing up in their wedding and they wanted to fly us here to specifically plan the wedding. All of that is actually happening. It just timed out perfectly that I'm also pregnant and we got the clear to start telling people that I'm pregnant.

For my dad we gave him a champagne bottle with a sticker over the original label that said, "Our greatest adventure begins" with a baby carriage on it. I handed it to him with the bottle faced the other way and said, "Look at this champagne we found we thought you guys might like." Then that's when his draw dropped haha. He was frozen for probably a solid minute and my mom was freaking out saying, "What, what is it?!" He handed it to my mom and she read it and did it get it right away which is super funny and then her jaw dropped and gasped and immediately started crying. We gave hugs all around and started talking about me being pregnant. They asked questions like; how far along are we, any symptoms, we told them not to tell anyone yet. All the typical ones you can think of. I handed them some gifts we got for them. I got them a couple of coffee mugs that said grandma and grandpa on them. With an envelope of the ultra sound pictures. My dad left into the garage after he read the the bottle, we think maybe he cried a little bit in the garage because I mean... he's going to be a grandpa now. But, we're guessing maybe he went into the garage to pour himself a drink, for all we know. He came back out and was all excited and talked for a bit and then he took Josh and I on a ride on his motorcycle, he just finished fixing up. This in all honestly was by far the best Labor Day weekend! My parents said it was the best ever they've had and Josh and I agreed! This was definitely the best, most eventful Labor Day weekend we've ever had also! It was just all around so happy and we celebrated late, until I think it was 1 in the morning when we all finally went to bed. 

September 7, 2020:
The next day we told my brother Tyler and his fiancé Delana. Same deal we were all on the deck enjoying the weather. I handed Tyler a lottery ticket and told him, " We got these on the road up here. We thought you and Delana like getting lottery tickets once in awhile." This lottery ticket was a fake one we got on Amazon it was a pack of 6 I think. Typical lottery ticket you scratch it off and on the bottom you get 3 baby pictures in a row. And then you scratch the bottom off and it says, "we're having a baby!" Pretty straight forward. We thought it was a fun little pregnancy announcement gift. So he scratched it off because these are fake lottery tickets you have to put a little more effort into the scratching off portion. But he eventually he got there haha! He got it all scratched off and read it allowed, "we're having a baby!" He didn't really get it either haha! I had to ask him if he got it or not lol! After I asked that he understood and I handed Delana the champagne bottle for her. I got them some gifts just some little can cookies that said aunt and uncle and then photos of the first ultra sounds. 

September 8, 2020:
This date might be slightly off because I didn't write it on the exact date I told Allison and Devin. But they were the next people we told. I met up with Allison and Devin at their apartment in Sun Prairie. We had plans to meet up and then grab some dinner and hangout for a bit. Allison gave us a little tour of her apartment because this was the first time I've ever seen it. I handed her a bag and the lottery ticket. She said she's never bought a lottery ticket before, so this was her first time haha! Little did she know this was a fake! She scratched it off and immediately knew I was pregnant! She goes, "Are you pregnant!?" She was over the moon excited! Asked all the questions you typically ask when you find out someone is pregnant. We all talked for a bit she was asking how I was feeling, when we started trying or if this was a surprise. Questions like that. She told me if we needed anything or someone to plan a baby shower to let her know. At this point we were getting hungry, so we headed to a nearby brewery that they lived by called Full Mile. We ate dinner and they got some beers that were delicious! It was such a good time! Everyone was happy and excited and eating good food and drinks. It was so nice catching up with them!

September 9-11:
After spending time with my side of the family/friends, we headed up to Josh's side of the family. I didn't get exact days of when we told Josh's family, but it was for sure during the days of September 9th through the 11th that we told them. We first met up with Josh's mom Jodie and his grandma Julie. Jodie's wife Sarah was at work that morning. So we met up with her later that week for breakfast and talked with her for awhile. Sarah's daughter just had a baby, so she was telling us about her grandkid. And now Jodie will be having one! We gave Jodie a lottery ticket first for her to scratch off. Jodie is an expert at lottery tickets, so she new right away this one was a fake haha. She kept stopping half way through asking me if this was a fake ticket. Josh and I are telling her, "no we just got these lottery tickets traveling here at some random gas station." She then read the back of the ticket which says, "this isn't a real ticket it has no value." So that was pretty much a dead give away haha! But, she kept scratching away and after she finished scratching the ticket off, she immediately started scrying. She bursted into tears! Out of everyone that we told she probably cried the most. She actually made me cry, was crying so much haha! For Jodie we got her a T shirt  that said promoted to grandma. She loved it and is so excited to wear it. 

The next day we met with Josh's grandparents Martha and Lyle. I think Martha and Lyle are similar to Josh, as in their pretty stoic people. Nothing wrong with that, they just aren't the jump up and down, crying with joy type of people. We got Marty a throw pillow and Lyle a coffee mug. Both of them had a cute saying on them announcing that they're going to be great grandparents! Both were excited and asked some questions, again your typical questions that you ask when you find out someone is pregnant. Marty got me a nativity scene little toy set, which is actually our very first baby gift we received! It's super cute perfect toy for any baby or toddler!

Later that same day we met up with Josh's cousin Tyler. He was getting off of work, so we met up with him for dinner. We sat down at Flippers and talked for a bit. I handed him the lottery ticket and he started scratching it off with his keys. Again, because it was a fake lottery ticket the scratch off portion isn't great, but enough to still fool people haha. He was asking questions like, "is this a fake ticket?" Because it wasn't scratching off easily and I kept telling him, "no just keep scratching it off! It's probably not scratching easily because you're using you car keys!" He eventually gets it and stares at it for a sec. Digesting what he's looking at the 3 babies in a row and then gets a huge smile on his face! He goes, "no shit! Congratulations!" He took a picture of the lottery ticket and sent it to his wife Rachel. She was still at work, I think he really liked the lottery ticket idea of announcing it. 

After dinner Tyler's wife Rachel stopped by at Martha and Lyle's house. Tyler had to get gas and stop at the bank. At this point it was getting pretty late at night, at least for Josh and I, it was a long day of driving and meeting up with family. So we were getting pretty tired. But, Rachel stopped by and was just over the moon happy and excited for Josh and I. We talked about being pregnant, typical questions. She was telling us the Snapchat photo that Tyler sent her at work. Because she was at work she could only glance quickly at the photo, so the photo disappeared quickly. It was a funny story because Tyler took that as Rachel doesn't look at his Snapchats fully it was hilarious! But she was so excited for us just cheesin cheek to cheek the whole time. We ate at Marty and Lyle's house and I remember being stuffed because we already ate at Flippers. But, we ate there and then headed back to Tyler and Rachel's place to stay the night and we talked more there until really late at night. 

We then headed towards Sheboygan WI to visit with Josh's dad Les and his fiancé Rebecca. We stopped there for part of the day before meeting up with our friends at their cabin for the weekend. We spent most of the day with Les he showed us around Sheboygan and this fancy chocolate shop where we all got some cake pops. We got some delicious pizza at this market that's in downtown Sheboygan where Les gets his fancy oil for salads. We got back to Rebeccas house and Les made us dinner while we waited for Rebecca to get home from work. While he was cooking we handed him the champagne bottle that had the sticker on it announcing I'm pregnant. He completely glossed over it and just about stuck it in the fridge. Right before he stuck it in the fridge he closed the door and was like, "wait a sec" and then looked up at Josh and I, smiled, and congratulated us. It was hilarious he literally read the label and it didn't register right away. He thought it was just some fancy champagne that needed to be chilled haha! He had the funniest reaction! We got Les a travel mug and photos of the ultra sounds. 

Last person we told before we headed out to the cabin to visit our friends was Rebecca! When Les finished up making all of us dinner and we told him that I'm pregnant. We put up the ultra sound pictures on the fridge to see if Rebecca would notice. Spoiler alert! She didn't notice haha! She got home from work and she was telling us about her day and her teaching process. We talked about that for about an hour or so and in this time she opened up the fridge multiple times in this time. Not noticing the ultra sound photos! It was the funniest thing watching! After we ate dinner, Josh went and grabbed the champagne bottle that we gave Les that has the sticker on it announcing it. He handed that to Rebecca and she freaked out she was so excited, like literally squealed! I think she was so happy for Les to be a grandpa and Rebecca's sister just had a baby, so she was already in that baby fever! It was such a good reaction, they were both so excited for us. 

We ended up having to call Josh's siblings; Jessica, Jake and Jordan. We weren't able to visit them before we headed to the cabin. They all were excited and congratulated us. I think they were all surprised a little bit that Josh and I are the first to have kids. I mean I'm a little shocked also. I wasn't expecting to get pregnant this quick, I thought we'd be trying for a long time, honestly. But, they all seemed excited to be aunts and uncles. 

September 12-16:
Last up on this trip was visiting with our friends from college; Alex, Amanda, Tyler, Kayley, Shreya and Chris. This trip was originally to start planning Alex and Amanda's wedding. So this wedding was the perfect front to cover up that I'm pregnant. After we left from Les and Rebeccas's house we got to the cabin. It was pretty late by the time we got there, but we stayed up late and hung out. We walked in and pretty quickly handed Amanda the champagne bottle with the sticker on it. I told her we picked up some fancy champagne to celebrate and her draw dropped! People started grabbing the bottle reading it and freaking out! Everyone was so excited and couldn't believe it! They popped the champagne bottle right away if I remember right? Or at least poured some whiskey and bourbon and celebrated. Shreya had a good reaction he legit thought the champagne bottle was a fancy expensive bottle of champagne. He turned the bottle and couldn't believe it he freaked out. Shreya has a daughter already, so he was super excited that there's another couple that is pregnant now! Chris didn't say anything he's a weirdo, I told him to put the photo up on his fridge and frame it. 

This whole week turned out perfectly everyone was so excited for us and turned into a full blown 2 weeks of celebrating. I'm so happy we made this trip and it all worked out perfectly! Definitely will remember this forever and remember how supportive and excited everyone is. 

November 16, 2020:
Today we had our 22 week appointment. This appointment is our anatomy check. So the doctor measures the baby from every angle to make sure the baby is healthy and growing properly. This appointment was knock on wood, another easy appointment. We actually didn't have much for questions this time because everything has still been pretty smooth. Everything at this appointment looked good! My next appointment is where I'm getting a lot of shots and blood work done, not looking forward to that one haha. 

Not much happening for symptoms. This first 22 weeks of being pregnant have been just some heartburn (which is normal for me even before being pregnant.) I've been dealing with heartburn my whole life. So badly to the point where I feel like I need to throw up. So heartburn is nothing new to me. This only happened one time during this pregnancy so far, I had some bad constipation. I've added a lot of green smoothies and fiber one bars to fix this though and that has helped. I've had about 3 times where I had a nasty migraine. Not much you can do about that, but lay in the dark with an ice pack. That seemed to help relieve the migraine. 

Exercise has been pretty normal for me. My doctor said that whatever working out I'm doing now to keep it up. Working out is extremely healthy for the baby. Obviously if something feels wrong to stop and consult your doctor. I've been working out about 6-7 days a week. I've been running 3-4 miles about 3-4 times a week and then the rest of the days are some sort of weight lifting (legs, arms, abs). 

Diet we haven't had to change much. Our doctor said eat low carb and low sugar. Lots of healthy fats and oils so things like nuts, meat, salads. If you know Josh and I that has been our diet the last 3 years, so we really haven't needed to change anything when it comes to our diet. Supplements if you're curious I had to stop taking vitamin C, not sure why just following doctors orders. I'm taking fish oil, prenatal, and vitamin D. That's really about it. 

Baby shower I think we're actually going to have the baby shower after the baby is born. It just works in our schedule best having it afterwards. Traveling to Wisconsin in January would just suck dealing with the snow. I really wanted the weather to be nice and warm for our baby shower and by the water. So waiting for the summer in Wisconsin I think will be better, we can have the baby shower that we wanted. 

We do have a baby registry with Amazon and Target. I just started adding things this past week to it. Just small stuff like skincare products for me, a couple of maternity clothes, heating pad things like that. I'm waiting to add actual baby stuff until we announce the gender. And the bigger ticket stuff like a crib, rocker, changing table things like that. I'm waiting till Josh has time so we can pick those bigger items out together. 

We will be finding out the gender. We actually have the gender right now in an envelope, we just need to figure out how we want to announce it to everyone. But yes everyone will know the gender ahead of time. 

Overall it's been a fairly easy pregnancy so far (knock on wood). There's a couple of YouTubers I follow that are pregnant right  now and she said when she hit 30 weeks pregnant, everything changed. She felt completely different, symptoms were completely different. So who know all of this could change in the upcoming weeks. So I'm just staying mentally prepared and taking one day at a time. Continue doing what I'm doing because it's working and helping me stay calm, relaxed and stress free. 

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