Essential Oils????

Welcome In Everyone!

I wanted to share my thoughts on essential oils and I wanted to hear what you guys think of them! Not going to be a super long post just thinking out loud quick.

First and foremost I'm no expert and will be straight up honest... I don't know any research on oils. I'm STRICTLY just going off of my own experience with essential oils. So take this with a grain a salt. If they work for people awesome!

I started using essential oils in 2016 when I went to massage therapy school. It was a whole topic in school. It wasn't a long section because there's other classes you have to take where they go further into depth about oils. So this massage school only covered a tiny bit of it. They basically covered what some of the oils are known to do for example; a common one that everyone probably knows about is Lavender oil. Lavender oil is supposed to help with sleep and get you relaxed. After we looked at some of the common oils we went and actually used them, like practiced with the oils. So we mixed the oils in with the massage oil, we did some tear drop therapy. Nothing advanced just very basic techniques. 

But my question to everyone is do these oils actually work? The only oil I've successfully noticed a different with is tea tree oil. I use it when I get acne breakouts and I definitely noticed a difference. The acne goes away almost the next day. I do think they genuinely work for some people, but I know some of these essential oils are crazy expensive. I've seen oils that are like $50 for a tiny jar and I'm just thinking I can get this lavender oil in a bigger jar also at Walmart for $5. Like is the $50 lavender oil really working any better or any worse than the Walmart brand one? I don't know? 

I've tried lavender oil many different ways over the course of the last 2-3 years and I have to admit... I haven't noticed any difference at all. The way I sleep hasn't changed not even a little bit. I tried lavender oil in a diffuser, directly on my skin, soaps, scrubs, in shampoos/conditioners, in my actual massage oil, candles. Nothing I haven't noticed anything. I know eucalyptus is an oil that's supposed to help you feel more awake and I've tried that also for about a year and same thing I haven't noticed a difference. This is when I really started thinking, do these oils actually do anything or at least are these oils worth the high price point? 

I mean I get my tea tree oil that I use when I get acne, at Walgreens for $10 and that lasts me over a year easily. And that's with my husband who uses it also. So I don't know... I mean no offense to the people that sell oils for their jobs or part time jobs, but it's okay to ask questions. Like I said I'm sure there's oils that really do help people. I'm basing it off of my own experience, I really don't see a difference with these oils which makes me question the high price point is all. Like I said if the oils work for you and you don't mind spending the money on them that's fine, in the end it's up to you what you want to do. 

So let me know what do you guys think?

Thank you all so much!

Brittany Schmidt


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