Fake Eyelash Update!

Welcome Welcome!

I wore fake eyelashes again for a second time, so wanted to do a quick update! It took a while to get them on properly again, just like last time it took me like 20 minutes to get them on. My third attempt at them was actually at a wedding. I was so frustrated, I ordered a bunch of them that were cheap. But the reason was to practice with them before this wedding, so then by the wedding I would be able to put them on quick. Well they NEVER came so last minute there I was searching for other fake eyelashes to use at the wedding. I found a few options I brought but because I didn't practice beforehand I was struggle bussing it in the car at the wedding. I'm sitting in a car looking in a tiny mirror. I honestly probably took 20 minutes again to get those fu##### on. I got them on but they weren't comfortable, they felt like they were going to fall off halfway through the night haha. I kept asking my husband's cousin Noah how they looked and kept checking them all night.

Thankfully Noah said they looked good. I actually got a lot of compliments on them. I'm over there thinking they feel so uncomfortable how can they look okay, but I was checking them all night and they looked fine! I have some extra packs I'm going to keep practicing with and I contacted the company about the eyelash pack that I ordered and never showed up. Hoping I get those to keep practicing with. Below are the pictures from the wedding. And the pic at the top of the page was from my second attempt.

See ya next time!


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