Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to talk about some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes! And to touch on some of my favorite reliable brands. I posted recently about my favorite lipsticks, so thought this would be appropriate to talk about my favorite palettes currently. None of these are in order just listing off what I like and have been using a lot!

  • J. Cat Beauty Sunset Boulevard Palette: I saw a review of this palette from this Youtuber a couple years back. (She doesn't do Youtube anymore unfortunately.) And every look she did with it was incredible and the shimmer shades on the bottom 2 rows looked stunning! I waited for a long time to buy it because there was just other makeup products I was buying before this palette. And this palette I wouldn't consider the cheapest palette ever.  I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. I ordered it from Ulta and it came in with some of the shadows smashed. Returned it ordered it again... came in smashed AGAIN. So heads up this isn't Jcat's fault this was Ulta's fault they weren't packaging the eyeshadows properly at all. I was pissed because evey time I returned it I wasn't getting a full refund because I had a coupon at the time, so they weren't refunding me the coupon also. So The second time I ordered it the coupon didn't count if that makes sense? Long story short... It was a mess ordering it. I messaged JCat Beauty letting them know that Ulta wasn't packaging their eyeshadows properly and sending out shattered palettes. I was so fed up with Ulta, I ordered it from JCat's website, it stinks cause their shipping cost is a lot. BUT at least my palette came in fully intact. Unfortunately, you can't get it on JCat's website anymore only at Ulta. So just a heads up if you want it. But, yeah I love it the colors in it are right up my alley, the shimmer shades are as good as you'd think they'd be, there's warm and cool tone shades in them. Really just a great solid palette.
  • Milani Bold Obsessions Palette:  This palette is a great staple palette! It's organized nicely to have a little of everything. The eyeshadows are super pigmented! It's a good size to travel with, I actually travel with this palette a pretty good amount. I've done a lot of decluttering lately and this palette I always hold onto. They have a few different palettes that are in their gold like packaging and honestly, they're all great. I recommend any of them. Just find the color scheme that you like and you'll be set. This particular one just fit me so well and I love it. I owned a few of them, but this one and one other one I kept. I ordered mine from Walmart, it's actually a little bit cheaper there than at Ulta. 
  • Colourpop Going Coconuts Eyeshadow Palette:  I talked about this palette in a recent post, so sorry if I'm repeating myself. BUT this palette and honestly... all the other Colourpop eyeshadows... I'm absolutely am obsessed with! The reason I'm picking this one is because LITERALLY every single shadow in this palette, I use. The 3 shimmer shades are no kidding, jaw droppingly gorgeous. The matte shades are perfection for blending. The colors every last one of them are perfect. And with all of the traveling that's coming up for Josh and I, it's the perfect size palette to travel with. It's probably all I'm going to bring for eyeshadows, is this palette. 
  • Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette:  This is the most expensive palette on the list and the most expensive palette I've ever bought haha. But it really is a perfect everyday palette. I mean that was Tati's goal was to make a palette that'll work for everyday use and still able to get full on glam looks. And yeah I think she did accomplish that. It really does have every shade you'll need. I wish it had cooler tones in it, but maybe that's her next launch for all I know? Super pigmented shadows, the shimmers/glitters are great, for me I love how it's for everyday you don't have to think about it just grab the palette and use the neutral colors. It's just an easy palette ya know?

I wanted to talk about some brands that are really reliable brands. Like if you didn't know what to buy just go to one of these brands and I'm sure the eyeshadow palette would be great. For example; the Milani Bold Obsessions eyeshadow palette in that same line of eyeshadow I have the Soft and Sultry palette. Both are incredible. Colourpop is another example; I have the Sweet Talk palette and the California Love palette both some of my favorites and in that same line of eyeshadow. These are brands that really just pump out good eyeshadows. 

I have a couple honorable mentions I wanted to mention! These are pretty new to me, but I've used them a couple of times and so far really like how easy and quick they are for everyday. 

  • Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshell Palette: This is a small eyeshadow palette, but the colors are so easy and quick! I wish the pink shimmer shade was more shimmery, but like I said it's been really easy and quick out the door looks with it, that I love about it. It can be a messy look and still look pretty if that makes sense? And it's only $3 so you can't complain.
  • ELF Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette:  Also a small palette, but I love the 4 shades in it. Again so easy and quick to use. The shimmers in this one are pretty impressive! And because it's so tiny, it's perfect for travel! I used it recently and I loved the easy look I made and it lasted all day! Again this palette is also only $3.

Thank you for reading I hope this was helpful and maybe you got some ideas for your next palette purchase! These are all palettes that I've kept in my collection that I use almost daily!

See ya next post!


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