Favorite Lipsticks: Part 1

Hi Everyone!

For this blog today I wanted to go over a list of my favorite lipsticks! It'll be mostly lipstick brands/lipstick lines that I've really enjoyed. These aren't in order or anything just a list of a bunch of lipsticks I like. 

  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink: The thing about these lipsticks is they are super drying. I mean... they are unfortunately. BUT, they really do last ALL DAY. I've ate the greasiest, messiest food around and it doesn't budge. I don't need to touch it up afterwards or anything. It truly lasts all day. Easily the best long lasting lipstick you'll find. Just make sure you hydrate your lips before you put this lipstick on it'll make a huge difference. And when you put it on DON'T RUB YOUR LIPS TOGETHER! Do one lip at a time if that makes sense. No rubbing the lips together. 
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: I have this in a couple different shades and I think these are SOOO comfortable. They aren't drying, super creamy, you can layer it on throughout the day, they feel high end, there's a ton of color options and they're super cheap. I mean they're so nice I was blown away by them! These aren't the most long lasting lipsticks, but they don't chunk up when you have to re apply them. And like I said they're so comfortable throughout the day. 
  • Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Color: I think they changed the packaging on these lipsticks, I'm not sure on the formula though? But, I have 2 different shades in this lipstick and I think for how cheapy these are they're only a couple of dollars. The quality of these I think are phenomenal. Again super comfortable and creamy. I actually think these are pretty long lasting. I never find myself re applying them super often maybe once or twice, which isn't a lot in my opinion. 
  • Milani Amore Satin Matte Lip Cream: I have these in a BUNCH of colors! I think these are super comfortable, they layer well, they're long lasting, the shades in this line are gorgeous. I think these lipsticks are a home run. I've worn these lipsticks so much and every time, I'm so happy with them. I'll definitely be buying them again if I run out of them. 
  • NYX Lip Lingerie Matte Liquid Lipstick: A lot of people I don't think like these lipsticks. These are drying and they don't re apply well if you have to re apply it throughout the day. But I think these are pretty long lasting. What sold me on these lipsticks are the shades. The colors in these lipsticks are GORGEOUS, perfect nude colors for everyday. I have a ton of these in my collection. And I even wore this lipstick on my wedding day. It was the perfect color I was looking for, for an affordable price. But, yeah I'm recommending them because I think they're pretty long lasting and I think the shades in this line are perfection. 

This is just part one, I was going to put all of them on here. But I think it would be a crazy long post, so I'll split this into 2 parts. Like I said this isn't in any order just listing off my favorite lipsticks I've been enjoying the last year or two. 

See ya next post!



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