Favorite Lipsticks: Part 2

Welcome Back Everyone!

I wanted to continue on with my last blog post of my favorite lipsticks! 

  • Loreal Pareis Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick:  I bought almost all of these in the chocolate scented line because of the colors, again! Haha a lot of the lipsticks I get is purely from the colors. This line has some awesome nude colors. You'll for sure find one that you like and they are long lasting! Also the chocolate scent is incredible, they smell like a straight up Hershey bar lol!
  • Milani Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick: I have 2 shades in this lipstick that I like a lot! I got these from a recommendation from Jessica Braun's Youtube channel. I grabbed 2 shades and they're super comfortable to wear, just a solid comfortable bullet lipstick. Really good go to reliable lipstick.
  • Essence This Is Nude Lipstick: Another straight forward comfortable bullet lipstick. Not a ton of color options, which kinda stinks. But, I have 2 in this line and those 2 I really have been enjoying! Pretty long lasting also which is awesome! Not drying on the lips in my opinion!
  • Maybelline New York Sensational Matte Creamy Lipstick: I only have 1 color in this line... BUT it's very comfortable! Super creamy and I love mixing it with other lipstick shades. Just creamy and comfortable, super reliable! I want to get more shades in this lipstick line at some point. There's a ton of color options, it's almost overwhelming haha!

These are all lipsticks that I wear just everyday! Great colors, comfortable, long wearing and affordable is basically what I look for in a lipstick and that's what I would say all of these are, in my opinion. If I discover anymore and if you guys have suggestions let me know and I'd be happy to get them and try them out! I'm a sucker for lipsticks they quickly became my favorite step in the makeup process! 

Thank you so much guys!


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