Favorite Makeup Brands

Another Makeup Monday!

Some of my favorite brands I've been loving lately are Milani, WetnWild, Makeup Revolution and ELF. These are brands I've been buying and always seem to have good luck with and they're all affordable!

Milani: I'd say this is the most "expensive" brand even though it's still drugstore. This brand by far has the best eyeshadow palettes and best lipsticks I've ever tried. I'm currently buying almost all of their satin matte lipsticks and I own almost all of their eyeshadow palettes. 

WetnWild: Is probably the cheapest brand on this list. I love them because they're great when you're on a budget and for how cheap this brand is the quality is great! Could easily make a full face of this brand and it would turn out perfect! You could honestly buy a full face under $20 if you wanted to they're that cheap. And some of their makeup I would even argue is better than high end.

Makeup Revolution: It sucks you can only get this brand in Ulta or online but you would have to spend a certain amount for free shipping so it kind of defeats the purpose. But this brand is also affordable and has great quality of makeup. The foundation and eyeshadow palettes are the best! The options of eyeshadow palettes is awesome, if you were looking for a certain palette you'll definitely be able to find a specific one! For example; I was looking for a summer type palette that has certain colors like yellow, orange, green you know like summery colors and makeup revolution had that  palette for under $10!

ELF: Elf was the first makeup brand that I bought and again this is another brand that you could easily purchase a full face of and it would be under $20! Some of their stuff is hit or miss I'll say that, but in all honesty most of it is good! Especially for the price it's right on the same thread as WetnWild. They have great eyeshadow palettes 10 eyeshadows for $10, their $3 brushes are fantastic, the foundation is good and only $6. Their line of makeup is huge also, I'm sure if you tried something and didn't like it they'll have another option. I haven't tried their skin care line, but I know a lot of people say it's really good especially for the price!

Some honorable mentions: Colourpop, LA Girl, Kokie and Nyx. I wanted to mention these brands just because I tried a couple products from them and have been loving them, but I haven't tried enough products to give it like the stamp of approval I guess?! These are also all affordable though if you're curious and just want to give them a shot!

Those are my trusty makeup brands that never seem to fail me and that I've been buying since I started using makeup. And these are all affordable in my opinion! So if you're new to makeup and ballin on budget there's options! Just like I was doing 2-3 years ago trying out makeup, just wanted to spend a little bit not break the bank for makeup! But these are trustworthy and great go to options so you're not stressed out walking into a makeup section!

Hope you enjoyed!





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