Feeling Nostalgic Lately

Welcome back everyone!

I've been feeling pretty nostalgic lately! It started off last week and I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and I started thinking of the new movie out Detective Pikachu. I think I started thinking about that movie because I watched it on the plane on the way back from Wisconsin. So I sat up and grabbed my computer and looked up the old Pokemon movies I use to own and watch. I looked up the movie Pokemon 2000 the one with the 3 legendary birds and it ALL started coming back to me. I remember all the Pokemon in it just a flood of memories started coming to me. All the Pokemon games, cards, stuffed animals, action figures, everything. The next morning I got up and found all the Pokemon seasons on Netflix and then that led to a rabbit hole of searching for Yu-Gi-Oh tv series on Netflix. Guess what they have 5 seasons of it on Netflix. 

It's funny Josh was actually into Yu-Gi-Oh when he was younger, so he's been watching them with me haha. Since searching for old school Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh seasons on Netflix our Netflix account has gotten pretty flooded with old school cartoons. So we basically decided to make this a tradition now haha we've found so many old cartoons that we use to love, every once in a while we'll make a plate of brownies and sit back watch old cartoons. It's actually been so much fun! Since Josh remembers a lot of the Yu-Gi-Oh episodes he can't wait to show me and then vice versa, I remember a lot of Pokemon episodes I can't wait to show him those episodes! 

It's so crazy just some of the jokes and even voices of the characters, just like they're different than how I remembered it. And obviously we were both younger so like we didn't pick up on some stuff then, than watching them now and picking up it. Like the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh I didn't get the storyline back then and watching them now I'm like, "Oh okay I get it now that's actually kind of cool haha." Same with the learning lessons, like back then I just wanted to watch the battles and Pokemon completely didn't pay attention to the learning portion of the shows. And now watching it there is so many little learning lessons to teach younger kids that are actually pretty clever. 

I don't know why I use to be so embarrassed of liking these cartoons like they're still popular today and you know that Pokemon is coming back when they made Detective Pikachu, which is clearly targeted for people of almost all ages. And like everyone when they're younger is in to something and mine happened to be Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I actually am hoping they make more of that Detective Pikachu, I really don't know anyone that hated it I thought it was really well done to! 

When you think about it can you believe that Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh is still going strong!? Didn't it get created in like 1995 or 1996? And it's still crazy popular, I don't know I think that's nuts. Like it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon. Josh and I were at Target yesterday and we stopped in the Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh card section and you guessed it, they're still creating new monsters for both Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Which means they're probably still making new cartoons and video games for both. 

I first got into Pokemon I think I was 5 or 6? I remember my brother Tyler got a tin of cards and they weren't even the real cards that you can use in a tournament, but I still wanted them. And shortly after that my Dad got me a tin of cards. I woke up super early one day he gave me a tin of cards just like Tyler's. Then that led to stuffed animals, video games, binders and binders of cards, movies. I remember I would search on Craigslist EVERY SINGLE DAY looking for Pokemon cards just hours of searching. I also remember I bought a Gameboy Game Pokemon Ruby Red version and I spent all day playing it, trying to catch up with my neighbors Peter and Steven cause they were farther along in the game than I was. And my parents looked at me after like 10+ hours of playing and they go, "Put it away Brittany you've been playing all day and your eyes are red." I was so mad all I wanted to do was play that game and get to where my friends were at haha. I was good at the games to best that I knew of at the time!

I got into Yu-Gi-Oh shortly after. I think what first got me into Yu-Gi-Oh were the tv shows. I was watching them and then started collecting the cards. I never got into the video games or like action figures. So I was collecting the cards here and there not as crazy as Pokemon. And then maybe around middle school is when my neighbors got into Yu-Gi-Oh so then I was collecting them a little more, while still collecting Pokemon cards. I was always into Pokemon more though not sure why I liked it more? I was collecting everything up until high school and then just interests started changing, I got a job, was busier with school and sports, was becoming friends with more people. It wasn't really anything that made me start hating it just kinda faded out I guess? I mean I always had a little nerd in me lol! 

Honestly this could be a bad thing watching Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh my love for it might get out of hand HAHA! And I don't want it to get crazy I'll start buying cards and games and everything again. I'll go broke and crazy! I swear if you guys saw my collection you guys would think I was a psycho, just ask my parents and neighbors I could of built a life size house with the amount of cards I owned! But I low key hope our kids get into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh that way I have an excuse to watch all of these again LOL!

Not sure if anyone else goes through these nostalgic moments in life, it's like I know they happen I was just surprised when it did! And thought since I'm watching Pokemon right now as I'm typing this thought I'd share my passion for Pokemon and how I grew up loving it! And kind of shaped who I am today in a round about way. 

Hope it was a fun little blog!




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