First LUXURY Makeup Purchase!

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As you can tell from the title last week I made my first luxury makeup purchase! Well, sort of I'm actually not sure if Natasha Denona is considered luxury makeup, but the price of some of her products I would consider it luxury 🤷🏻‍♀️ ANYWAY, I purchased two of her palettes. I ordered both the Mini Glam Palette and the Mini Retro Palette. Natasha Denona's mini palettes retail for $25 each which, is still pricey in my opinion because they're minis. BUT, when you compare that price to her bigger palettes which are around $125 each. These minis are way more affordable. 

I heard Samantha March talk about the Mini Glam palette. She said this palette is her go to palette she travels with it, she brings it everywhere with her. At the end of her review of this palette she mentioned that they're $25. So then that actually brought me down the rabbit hole to start researching these mini palettes. I watched a bunch of reviews of these palettes on YouTube and it seemed like everyones favorite of these minis were the Mini Retro and Mini Glam. What really drew me into these was definitely the Mini Retro Palette the shades in the Retro one are right up my alley. Quick easy light wash of pink, peach type shades and that Mini Retro palette has just that all pinky type shades that I could use for a quick easy look. But, it's also unique because it has these 2 grey toned colors, so if you wanted to make the look darker you could mix those in. I don't have a lot of gray colors in my collection, so I actually think I'd use those gray shades also. This palette just really drew me in with the shades and how unique it is and knowing I'd use it a ton.

This Mini Retro palette has been sold out for a month if not longer. I was checking every single day for an entire month seeing if it ever got restocked. Well, one night I couldn't sleep and I decided to check out Sephora to see if it got restocked. It had to be around 2am and there it was in stock! I immediately ordered this palette and the Mini Glam palette that night. I think the next day in the afternoon it was all sold out again. If you've been eyeing this palette for awhile I suggest snagging it right away before it gets sold out again. 

The Mini Glam palette, what drew me into that one is again, the shades. The shades in that one are shades that I use all the time. I've always liked a good gold, copper eye look and the mattes are perfect for my skin tone. I've already used that entire palette just this last week because they truly are colors I wear all the time already. 

The mattes in these palettes are phenomenal. Easiest matte eyeshadow I've ever blended, hands down. So effortless, builds up beautifully, long-lasting, just really the easiest thing you'll ever work with. The shimmers are beautiful and soft. I love it because it makes them perfect for everyday. They're not in your face intense or chunky. They're a just a stunning, nice soft shimmer that will look so good on anyone. 

I've been wearing these just about everyday. I mean I've been waking up excited to put makeup on because of these 2 palettes, as crazy as that sounds. I do think these are still technically high priced because they are small. BUT you have to compare it to the other Natasha Denona palettes these are way more affordable than her other eyeshadow palettes she offers. I definitely without a doubt recommend these mini palettes if you're looking to try anything from Natasha Denona. $25 and tons of different color stories she has in these minis. Another point I want to mention, just something to think about. I don't remember the last time I've ever hit pan on an eyeshadow palette. So yes, these are minis, but I like that these are minis. I think I'll actually be able to hit pan on these palettes. I'll for sure get my monies worth from these and they're travel friendly! 😊

I can't talk about these enough! Highly recommend, I've been using these almost everyday! I'm so happy with my first luxury makeup purchase! I hope this is helpful! 




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