First Month In Austin Texas!

Hi Everyone!

We've been in Austin Texas for almost a month now and I just wanted to share some updates, let everyone know how the first month has been. First and foremost the move went very smoothly! The move from North Carolina to Seattle went smooth and this one, Seattle to Austin also went surprisingly well. No hiccups or anything! We didn't have any issues with broken items in the UBox, which goes to my last blog post why I recommend UBox if you're moving. We've used them twice now and both times have gone so well. 

The original plan was to make this trip a five day trip monday to Friday. So the first day of traveling was great! We set up our traveling schedule so the first 2 days were the longest days of driving. That's just what works for us rather than having the longest days of driving the last day we like getting the longer days of driving done in the beginning. So we went to Boise Idaho was our first stop that was about 7-8 hours of driving. The second stop was at Cortez, and then Levelland.   

Boise Idaho Downtown

The last day of driving was about 6 hours of driving. We arrived in Austin in the afternoon right when our apartment leasing office was closing, so it worked out perfectly. Got the keys, brought everything in from the car and then went to bed.  

Some pictures on the drive.

The next day, Friday June 26th is when we had to pick up our UBox and unload it into the apartment. Our apartment is on the third floor, it was down-pouring out and super hot out. All of which we expected, so this didn't come as a shock to us. The rain sounds like a good thing, but this rain made it complicated because you can't take the boxes out of the UBox and then leave them out. You had to take it out of the UBox and then go straight up to the apartment with it. So we didn't have any breaks or anything it was taking a box out of the UBox and going right up the stairs. One after the other.... No setting it down or anything because the boxes would have gotten wet. I think because of that, that's why we finished unloading the UBox so fast. I thought for sure this unloading was going to take around 4 hours because there's no cart or elevator like our Seattle apartment had. But we flew threw this no cart, no elevator, no dolly. Just ourselves, climbing up the stairs, one box at a time and we finished it all in 1.5 hours. I was impressed with ourselves not going to lie.

Once we finished unloading the UBox it was then unloading some of the boxes mostly bathroom stuff, computers, charges, anything that we wanted use that day and then this week June 27th-July 2nd we just finished up putting all of our clothes away. We organized the closets, board games, finished purchasing things around the house, put together the furniture and organized the kitchen. I think we're just about down now, we have to figure out how we want to organized the furniture, the layout we want. We still have to grocery shop also we've been putting that off haha. The last big things we need to do which is going to take awhile, so we're not in a huge rush is purchasing big ticket items. We have to find a washer and dryer, computer desk and chair for Josh, a bed frame, and then figure out what we want in our guest bedroom. We haven't decided yet what we want to do with that room if we want a bed, futon, couch, or make it an exercise room? We're most likely leaning towards a bed in there. We know for sure it'll be Josh's office space, but we're still figuring out what other furniture we want in there besides Josh's office. But, those are more big ticket items that we'll slowly start purchasing through the rest of this month and next month. 

Where we live in Austin so far we both have really been liking. We live in the Domain area is what they call it here in Austin because it's right by some big companies and right by a HUGE shopping mall. It's nice because literally every store that you'll ever need is all within a mile. You could walk there and I'm not kidding when I say this shopping area is huge. Post office, shopping stores, grocery stores, restaurants literally everything is right by us. I knew all of this stuff was close before when we were researching apartments in the Austin area and this is part of the reason we chose this apartment, but actually being here now and seeing how close it really is is insane. 

It's crazy how much we've been using the pool at our apartment! I mean we've been out there more often than not. I'm shocked because the pool in Durham NC we didn't use as often as we thought we would, but this one we use all the time. I think it's because it's hotter here mostly over 100 degrees everyday and that's why? And the people that do use the pool mostly seem about our age versus in Durham it was mostly older parents with kids. 

The apartment is pretty good for the most part. We like just about everything in our apartment there's just a few things that we're pretty upset about. We've been here less than a month and already have cockroaches... it's like the people that lived here before us or whatever cleaning company this apartment uses to clean they just didn't clean... I'm upset about these cockroaches because the apartment we had in Durham was the cheapest apartment we could find/ever lived in and we never had any issues with cockroaches. But, this apartment is a more pricey and we already had issues with a some cockroaches. They advertised that this apartment had brand new cabinets well... What actually they did is just put a sticker over the old cabinets to make them look new. They also applied the sticker poorly, it's peeling off and bubbling. Another thing is when we moved here, the gates to get in and out of the apartment complex they got struck with lightning and broke. BUT these have been broken now for almost a month and they're still not fixed. Lastly, we still haven't gotten a key card to swipe in to use the amenities. So every time we want to use an amenity we have to call the front desk and then they sometimes take up to 20 minutes to open the amenities door for us. It's just really getting old and they never have an answer to when all of this will get fixed. 

I'm making it sounds worse than it actually is, but my point with pointing these out is we've lived in cheaper apartments and never had as many issues, so it's a little frustrating in my opinion. BUT we really do love this apartment! I think once everything gets fixed, cleaned, etc. It'll be even better. I mean the list would go on forever with everything we love with this apartment. 

But, this is kind of where we are at now just purchasing some of the more bigger furniture pieces, getting photos hung up and figuring out what to do with the second bedroom. We've been shopping around for washer and dryers a lot lately because going to the laundry mat is getting old haha. We've been exploring the area we live in and finding a good church for us. Everything is slowly getting back to normal and in a good routine. 

See ya next blog post!



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