Gifts For Her 2020!

Hi Everyone!

Here's a Gift Guide For Her! I'll be continually adding to this blog post for the rest of November and December 2020! So if you need ideas from now and until Christmas keep checking back here! I think I got a good mix of ideas and like I said I'll keep adding as I come up with more ideas. And it's not all from Amazon or Target I have stores from all over 😊 ALSO just about everything I linked comes in different, colors, sizes, styles, etc. So make sure if you click the links to check out the entire store or website. I'm throwing this out there so then you have other options and ideas for gifts.

Note: These are not affiliate links or sponsored or anything just things I found that I think are good gifts for people! 

Monogrammed Water Bottles

Checkered Weekender Bag

Striped Weekender Bag

Checkered Backpack Purse

Throw Blanket

Other Throw Blanket

Matching PJs At Target
Mens Set

PJ Set

Tall Over The Knee Boots

NIV Bible

Fun Notebooks/Journals At Half Price Books
They have a better selection in store which is why I'm adding this. They do have stuff online which is what I linked. But, if you live by one of these stores they always have a really cute selection of sketch books, journals, notebooks, all sorts of cards, diaries, calendars, all sorts of stationary related products. Another really good gift or stocking stuffer gift and they're all affordably priced in my opinion around $15 or less typically. This is where I get all of my notebooks for bullet journaling. 

Steve Madden Purses and Wallet Sets at TJMaxx
This is another one that doesn't have a link to them, but again if you go to a TJMaxx store in the purse section. They had these sets that had a crossbody purse and wallet. They had all different kinds of sets and they were all around $15. I thought this was a STEAL especially for Steve Madden brand. They also just have a lot of great Steve Madden products in general. Not just the gift sets, but a great selection of his individual purses and wallets you can find there for reasonably priced.

Monogrammed Toiletry Bag And Tons Of Other Products!
This store has an overwhelming amount of great monogrammed products for anyone. Clothes, shoes, toiletry bags, hats, luggage, keychains. I mean you name it they probably have it! I linked the toiletry bag but seriously if you get a chance search their website I'm sure you'll find more gift ideas!

Revlon One Step Hairdryer

Other Brands Of One Step Hairdryer

Amazon Kindle

Other Kindles

Pearl Headbands

Slipper Socks (Walmart)

Other Slippers (Walmart)

Jessica Simpson Slippers


Makeup Bag

Other Makeup Bag

Smaller Makeup Bag

Another Smaller Makeup Bag Option

No show socks amazon:

Dave Ramsey Books/Planners


Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quads

Ulta Stocking Stuffers:
I don't have an exact link for this, but if you go into any Ulta store they always have a bunch of stocking stuffer gifts that are all around $1. And you usually see this stand right in the front of the store when you walk in. They always have some sort of chapsticks, lipsticks, nail care items, mini eyeshadow palettes, travel sized lotions, and even more. I did this the last few years when I was looking for easy, last minute small gifts. You can get a lot and get a few peoples gifts knocked out this way if you're struggling with gift ideas. 

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Sponges

Makeup Brushes From Wet N Wild

Other Wet N Wild Brush Set I Love


Jewelry Dupes amazon:


Brown Slippers

Best Leggings

Maternity Jeans

Wet Brush

Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Gift Set (some of my favorite lipstick formula)

Keds Kate Spade Glitter Shoes 

Amazon Sneakers

Lugz Shoes

Women's Ankle Boots 

Combat Boots

Faux Leather Leggings

Oversized Sweaters

Other Oversized Sweater

Tati Beauty Eyeshadow

Natasha Denona Glam Palette

Natasha Denona Mini Glam Palette

Natasha Denona Mini Retro Palette


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