Going Coconuts Palette And Other Colourpop Review

Hi Everyone!

I just tried the Colourpop Going Coconuts eye shadow palette today and... It's incredible!!! This might be my new go to palette for awhile. Like I said in the last Makeup Mondays post, Colourpop eyeshadows are just always so good and reliable. And same still speaks for this palette. It blended like a dream and the shimmers are stunning it. The colors of the shimmers in it are gorgeous to. This really is a perfect nude palette. Like if I were to create my own everyday palette it would be this one haha. I also love that it has warm and cool tones in it and it's is still able to stay that small compact palette for traveling.

It's been about a week now since I ordered the palette and the other Colourpop products. I've used everything about 3 or 4 times now and I can easily say I still love this palette. Every look I've made with this palette I've loved and it's stayed on all day with no problems, which is what I look for in a palette. The single eyeshadows I bought all of them turned out exactly how I wanted, except there's one color I'm a little bummed about. I bought the shade Peekaboo, which I wore yesterday. That stayed on all day with no issues, was super happy about that color because it's perfect to throw all over your lid and run out the door.

And the second one I bought is called Ice Dream. I thought this color was going to be like a snowy white color, I wanted to put it all over the lid with some neutral shades in the crease. Just a quick easy look that had some shimmer in it. But when I used it, it has this shift of blue and purple in it whenever you turn your head. You can see it shifting form blue and purple and it is noticeable. It almost doesn't look white at all. I don't typically like those shades that change color it's not my thing. So I was a little bummed about that. On a good note it did stay on all day, which I always like! I'll still use it a couple more times and then probably in the next few months I'll end up donating it. Just so I don't completely waist it.

I don't know but Colourpop just nails it on their products. I'm telling ya if you need anything makeup just seriously go to Colourpop they're so reliable and affordable. They need to just keep doing what they're doing cause it's working in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy this little update!


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