Holiday Bazaar Market

This past weekend Josh and I were in a holiday market that was run by our church. I came across it from a flyer on a random Sunday while we were at church. Called the number and bam, the lady running it got me into the market. It worked out so easily, no problems or application fees, all went smoothly!

It took me forever to get prepared for this market. The first market I went to in North Carolina was so easy to prepare for, since I only had like 5 things haha. I literally only had a table, a tent and 5 pieces of clothing. To make it fair the only reason we did that flea market, was to learn what I need to do for the next market. So I went in expecting nothing, but just to take notes for the future markets. I got a few things from that flea market; one being I need more sizes in the boutique. Two, I need more product so people can walk through my booth, not just walk by it. And three, I would like to have a booth indoors cause putting up a tent on my own would be so difficult. 

This time around it took so long since I had so much more clothing and jewelry. I had to actually had to go and buy more jewelry stands to hold it all. And because I had more options for clothing, I went and bought a tagging gun. So I had to learn how to use one and it took forever to tag everything. The longest part was steaming all the clothing. It's not just steaming one thing I literally had to steam every single piece of clothing, so every size of those dresses and shirts had to get steamed. The other part that took forever was organizing the jewelry, figuring out where and what pieces of jewelry I wanted. And organizing them into baggies, I had to order more small bags for the jewelry. Long story short it took me 2 days to prep for this market, I was up till almost 11pm the night before steaming clothes. 

We got there early at 8pm, I got up at 6am though to start packing it all into the car. We get there and one of the stands I have that has the name of the store on it was missing letter pieces. So there wasn't really anything showing the name of my business besides my business cards. Josh actually ended up driving all the way back home and grabbed the letter pieces bag which was so sweet of him! But it was just annoying cause like everything was ready to go the morning of this market, but somehow still didn't go according to plan. So the first hour of the market I didn't have a sign that had the name of business. Josh got back with the letter and everything went smoothly thought so really it wasn't a big deal at all.

I went into this market again like the last market in NC expecting nothing, just taking notes on how to get better. And it turns out I actually made a ton of sales! I was so shocked with how busy I was! I would even argue I might of made more sales than other people there? It definitely was a wake up call that I should start looking at getting into other markets in the area with how well this went. The frustrating part is that I've been trying to get into other markets, but they're always filled up with other vendors or the application fee is so expensive. Maybe I'm making excuses, but I have actually looked into other markets in the area and contacted them. Their responses have been that they're filled up with vendors already. 

So next step I'm thinking for me business wise at least, is to look for more markets to get into and start advertising more. I was genuinely surprised with how well this market went and it was fun meeting the other vendors. We even got tons of Christmas shopping done at this holiday market haha! I was talking to the other people there that had booths and I was surprised that they don't go to other markets like they only did that one we were at. I was hoping to get some insight on other markets to show in, but didn't get any answers since no one there does any other market.

I'm so happy at how well it went and so happy for my first successful market. I'm excited to try and get into more now and to start searching again especially with summer it'll be nice out to be in the markets!

*I totally forgot to post this up wayyyy back in November! So sorry everyone but it's up now right!? haha!

Till next post thanks for reading!



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