How I'm Able To Not Keep So Much Stuff!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to quick touch on something I've been doing the last year or so, that has really been helping me not have so much "stuff" around our apartment. A little back story Josh and I both grew up with parents that were definitely hoarders, they weren't diagnosed hoarders or anything, but I would be willing to bet they would have been haha. No shame or anything it's kind of funny looking back on it, but we definitely came from families that always seem to just collect and save everything. Or always seem to have every excuse in the book to keep stuff. With that being said... When Josh and I got married we both knew immediately it wasn't even really a discussion it just kind of happened. We both don't keep like anything. When we moved to NC we just about got rid of everything, we moved to NC with just our 2 cars and whatever would fit in them. So that's one thing that helped, just moving to different state. We took advantage of it and it was a great way to really go through your entire room and just get with reality asking yourself, "am I really going to use this?"

After we moved and got all settled in I started going through everything like religiously every 6 months. I did it once by accident? I noticed our closet got filled up fast, my makeup area was getting pretty full, our hallway closet was running out of room. I'm over there thinking one day, "man we just moved here and I feel like there's no room for anything and it's just the 2 of us here." We only had 1 bedroom, but it was a pretty big one bedroom apartment with lots of closet space. I ended up that night going crazy and went through EVERYTHING, crazy cleaning. That same night I got rid of a bunch of clothing, shoes, makeup, books, even wedding gifts (as bad as that sounds). But the thing that helped me is just being realistic ask yourself, "Am I really going to use this? I've kept these things for how long and keep making excuses that I'm going to use these and months go by and guess what? It never gets used. I need to get real I'm not going to ever use this." It's something that's so small just asking myself that exact sentence all the time, but it's made a load of difference. I don't get why it works for me, but it does we've gotten rid of so many things. 

Ever since that night I've kept up with it, going through the apartment asking myself those questions the whole day while cleaning. We did the same thing when we moved to Seattle got rid of so many car loads of stuff or sold a bunch of stuff. It really does feel so relieving after cleaning your space out. I never really believed that, until I started doing this and it makes sense that cliche saying, "Clean space clear mind" or however it goes. But, I get it. We've only been in Seattle a little over 6 months and I already have made multiple trips to Goodwill.

Something else that I have been doing and want to even do more of, is when I buy something I get rid of something. For example; when I buy a makeup palette, I always get rid of one. And that goes for anything if I bought a shirt, I'll get rid of a shirt. Along with still keeping up with the 6 month apartment clear out haha. I started doing this with makeup and recently started doing it with clothing and shoes now. Josh does this with his t-shirts and pajama pants haha! It's been working great to because what ends up happening is when let's say I get a shirt and I go to the closet to get rid of one I end up getting rid of multiple shirts. It gets me in that motivated and realistic thinking. Thinking what I've worn and what I haven't worn in forever. 

One last thing I wanted to mention for everyone to think about. Josh and I have lived in a 1 bedroom apartment the entire time we've been married so almost 3 years. And because we've lived in small apartments it's made us live a minimalistic  lifestyle and we've been enjoying it. Because it forces us to not have so much stuff. This has even carried over into the houses that we're looking at buying. We don't want a ginormous house cause then that leaves so much room for things to pile up and collect. Just something to think about take advantage of the small living space you're in cause it'll teach you a lot on how to know what you need and don't need. It forces you to go through your things more ya know?

Those are some things that I have worked for me going through our apartments. Just some quick little pointers that maybe you guys will try out and it'll work for you all!

Thanks for reading!


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