I Love Sporadic Date Nights!

Welcome Everyone!

Something I really love and appreciate with Josh is when we do sporadic date nights! I love when it's just one of us just being nice just something simple and loving for no reason at all! For example yesterday (Wednesday) I just wanted to do something nice no reason besides I love him and appreciate him. So when he got home from work I tell him, "lets go to one of the nearby bars and I want to buy you a beer!" We get ready later that night and decided to try one of the nearby bars we've never had before. We live by a lot of taverns and bars all within a block of our apartment, so it's nice that it takes 2 seconds to walk to one. It was a german bar so right up our alley! 

We get there and they have this rewards system, so for every beer you get you get a hole punch in your card and it has to be a --half liter beer--- and after 50 drinks you get a reward each time. We each got 2 beers I got a vanilla flavored one a banana flavored one and just got hefeweizen and a cocoa flavored one. All of them were really good we pretty much locked in that we want to go to this bar more often and cause of course the prizes after 50 beers! It's funny it started off with running over and ordering Josh a beer. And it turned into 3 hours of just hanging out and talking about life, goals, thoughts, etc. It was so nice and sweet sharing the same goals and dreams with him!

It's just nice to do something sweet and loving for your husband or wife. We both do sweet random things for each other all the time, as little as buying him a drink or Josh making popcorn for me or randomly up out of know where a date night! It's always a good feeling just being nice and loving for no reason. It's something that we both love and appreciate so much!

But thanks for reading though!


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