Katy Perry and Lil Nas X

I swear I say it in like every blog post! Josh getting that job at Amazon has truly been such a blessing! Amazon paid for almost all of the Amazon employees a free concert, food and drinks! We saw Katy Perry and Lil Nas X perform! Ever heard of them? LOL! We've never seen either of them perform live before, but we heard she puts on a great performance. It was so much fun, it really hit me how many great songs Katy had like it really brought back my middle school years. Every song she sang I've heard of except for maybe 2 of them. And I think the 2 songs I never heard of are on her newest album. But she had like 10 songs just back to back that were great singles and all I'm thinking is, "wow she really did have a lot of hits from the past 10 years that's crazy!" And Josh even agreed it shocked him to, like once you hear them all back to back it makes you think she did have a great career.

Lil Nas X honestly... I haven't listened to before, I didn't realize he's a pretty unique artist. There really isn't another artist like him. What is it maybe country and maybe hip hop in one? I like it though! And I don't really like country either, so that's saying a lot! It kind of sucked he was only on for maybe 15 minutes, Josh was thinking maybe it's cause he's a newer artists? And his most popular song was maybe 30 seconds long, I just didn't get why is performance was so crazy short? Katy's was like an hour long, I mean she was obviously the main act but you would think Lil Nax X would have at least been 30 minutes long. I don't know maybe I'm wrong I'm not in the music industry.

We started the night at Pyramid Brewing, we've never been there before. We have had their beer though and have really liked it. So when we saw that their brewery was right by the stadium we knew we wanted to start there. We each got 2 beers while waiting for Lil Nas X to come on stage. Josh got a cream ale and malt single hop, I got an apricot ale and a sour. All of them were really good! We then get in easy peasy no issues. We got food and drinks right away and it took while to find a seat. We first tried the middle section and that was completely full. It was a little frustrating just cause we were both really hungry we just wanted to sit and eat. So after searching for seats and no luck in the middle row, we decided and said, "screw it we're going one more section up!" We figured both artists are not like are favorite artists in the entire world this is just a fun experience for us so we really didn't care where we were sitting. Got to the third section, tons of seats and honestly you can see everything it was perfect. Just in time for Lil Nas his performance went pretty quick. It was really only like 15 minutes long, but after he finished. We ate our food quick, ran to the bathroom, grabbed our second round of free beers, all perfect timing just in time for Katy Perry. We moved down a little further in the section, just to the screen a little better. And you wouldn't believe it I nearly shit my pants! Jeff Bezos walks out on stage as you see his private helicopter fly away that dropped him off! It really was a sight to see haha! I've never seen him in real life so I was shocked! He just said thanks to all his employees and why he's giving his employees this concert. You know it's nuts that Jeff Bezoos paid for literally a free concert for 20,000+ employees of amazon. Like those Amazon employees filled up the entire football stadium. And it was a free concert with Katy Perry and Lil Nas X both high profile singer/celebrities. Like this wouldn't of been a cheap concert... AND think about the salary that all those employees are getting paid. It just reminds you how successful of guy he is and how much he really has accomplished.

She started off with a song we both never heard of, but immediately right after it she sang almost all 2008 songs. All of them we have heard before so that was a good trip back on memory lane! She saved our 2 favorite songs for last Eye Of The Tiger and Firework! That's honestly like all I wanted was to hear those 2 songs and my day would of been made! And it was! To top the day off it was pretty easy getting out of the parking lot to, I thought we were going to get stuck in traffic but we were home within 20 minutes! Such a good free little date night for Josh and I! Amazon really does treat their employees well! 

Loved our concert experience! 




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