Makeup Monday Milani and Colourpop purchase

Hey everyone!

Thought I would quickly share some favorites this past week that I purchased! I tried out the brand Colourpop for the first time, after hearing over and over how great they are. I bought their eyeshadow palettes Sweet Talk and California Love and I'm obsessed with them! Both such pretty palettes and super affordable! I didn't know what to expect with this brand but after these two purchases I can definitely see myself ordering more. I'll start posting pictures of the looks I come up with as I keep trying out the palettes!

It's crazy how when I first started wearing makeup I was so shocked at lipsticks like how different I looked when putting it on. I mean I was so shocked by how l looked I couldn't recognize myself and I just didn't wear lipstick for the longest time. Up until about a year ago is when I started regularly wearing it.

I first bought a ton of lipsticks for my wedding because I didn't know what color lipstick to wear on our wedding day. Everyone and I'm saying EVERYONE was telling me to wear pink lipstick and I tried a couple on and I didn't really like the way it looked or it wasn't really me. So I went the darker color lipstick route like dark brick red and some brown nude type color lipsticks and I felt like that was more me and I pull those shades off better in my opinion. 

But after our wedding I didn't wear any lipstick and now I'm looking at my makeup now and I own probably more lipsticks than any other makeup it's crazy it really looks like I have an obsession haha. So I bought these Milani Lipsticks they're called satin matte and these are probably the most comfiest lipsticks I have ever worn and have really good nude shades highly recommend. I already have plans to order a few more shades in it. 

Short post for today but I'm really happy with all the makeup I purchased last week! Milani is probably my favorite brand and Colourpop might just be up there also after those 2 palette purchases!



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