Makeup Mondays (part 2)

Welcome to part 2!

So ending the last post with the first time I wore nail polish. I'll start this blog off with the first time I wore makeup! I was living in Milwaukee at the time and going through a grudge phase haha. My roommates and I were going to LOADS of concerts it felt like every week we were going to one (not really just felt like it). One of the concerts my friend named Kristen was getting ready for a concert and putting makeup on. And the whole time she was putting it on I was thinking, "Ya know maybe I should just try it she's really good at makeup she can help me out. Like the only way I'm going to get use to this is by actually doing it and learning how to do it on my own." So I asked and she helped put it on and it wasn't a lot at all, I don't even think I put foundation on actually? The only thing that was shocking was the lipstick. 

I put on bright red lipstick and I immediately took it off! I think what happened was I wasn't expecting how different I looked like I took one look in the mirror and couldn't recognize myself. The shocking difference scared me haha! Maybe the bright red lipstick wasn't a great start for me either for the first time wearing lipstick or maybe not great looking on me haha? But it was definitely just the shock factor. Like I wasn't ready for lipstick, I needed to ease my way up to the lipstick level and get more use to it. 

After that I tried forcing myself to wear it more like once or twice a week. I didn't own a lot of makeup at all and I was only using my fingers to put it on. I was just using concealer not even foundation and like one eyeshadow and mascara. That's it cause I didn't know how to properly put on makeup or even know what a lot of the makeup was. I didn't know the difference between concealer and foundation or contour and bronzer, I had no clue how to put on eyeliner. I knew I wanted to get better at makeup because there's not always going to be someone around that puts it on for me. And to be honest I just wanted to look better have better confidence I suppose. At the time is when I met Josh and we were dating. And like I mean that really is makeup right, when you boil it down? Makes you look better, little more put together?

So fast forward to 2017-2019, I spent the entire year of 2017-2018 watching HOURS of makeup tutorials. As stupid as this sounds I had no idea there was even makeup tutorials on Youtube. I think Allison told me about one and I decided to just give it shot typed in "makeup tutorial" in the youtube search bar and see what got brought up. I started using the ELF makeup brand since I was a broke college kid and heard good things about it and it's crazy cheap. Watched a Youtuber named Kathleenlights who did a whole one brand tutorial using ELF makeup and the next day went out to Target and bought everything she used and copied the look she made. After that I bought ELF makeup brushes that she used. And from there on was watching tons of makeup tutorials all from different beauty gurus. Definitely fell down the rabbit hole and just found so many beauty gurus on youtube that I still watch today even!

I'm not kidding when I say HOURS of videos I was watching like it was a disgusting amount lol! But hey I mean you're not going to get better until you try it and practice everyday. And that's exactly what I did just stopping and playing tons of videos learning how to apply makeup, the different kinds of makeup, what's good what isn't good, the different kinds of looks to do with makeup, I mean you name it I learned it. I also was motivated in learning how to do makeup since Josh and I were engaged, so I wanted at least a rough idea of what I want makeup wise for our wedding day. I did get my makeup done professionally because I think it saved time especially for my bridesmaids, so they didn't need to worry about me and they had their time to get ready. I also wasn't super confident to do it by myself at this point and I wanted it to look flawless on the biggest day of our lives. It's nice knowing though what I wanted and just telling the makeup artists that. 

After Josh and I got married and moved to North Carolina I was putting makeup on almost everyday still practicing. About maybe 6 months of living there is when I really started noticing that I got the hang of this makeup thing. Like I was able to put it on without having to watch videos. Except honestly believe it or not it took me probably almost 2 years to properly put on eyeliner smoothly I was terrible with eyeliner haha! Got it now though! I still watch makeup videos everyday at this point it's probably considered an addiction and hobby not nearly as many videos though! But hey every time I watch them I learn something new and I enjoy it a lot something I never thought I would ever get into. And I own so much makeup now enough that I need like a whole vanity to hold it all how embarrassing!

But I wanted to share the journey of how I got here. I mean I know this will shit peoples pants especially the people I grew up with. Because I was surprised I ended up going this route also! Crazy where life brings us but I'm happy I got here! I really do enjoy makeup, enough that I'm starting a whole fricken weekly blog of it every Monday!

So feel free to stick around and read more stories, tricks, tips that I learn along the way, brands whatever comes to my mind I plan on blogging about!

Brittany Schmidt 

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