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Hi Everyone I know it's been awhile ☺️

I got this idea from Jessica Braun she made this video recently about ranking her eyeshadow palettes and putting them into categories. I thought it was fun and wanted to do the same with my eyeshadow collection. The jist of the video that Jessica made is, she had these different categories and then placed her palettes into them. 

*Note: As some of you know we are moving, so a lot of my makeup is packaged up in boxes already. So I might be forgetting some just a heads up.

Newest Eyeshadow Palette: 
Elf Bite Sized Palette  in rose water and cream and sugar
Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Palette

These are my most recent palettes that I've bought. I actually purchased them because they were recommendation from Jessica Braun 😂 I'm so happy I bought them though, they're crazy affordable and I've been using them a ton!

Oldest Eyeshadow Palette:     
Milani Eyeshadow Palettes in Bold Obsessions and Soft and Sultry

I think these are my oldest palettes that I have that I can think of off the top of my head? Like I said a lot of my palettes are packed away right now or I've decluttered a lot of palettes for this move, it's hard to remember. But, I'm pretty sure these 2 are my oldest palettes I own right now. I think I've had these for a little over 2 years now. These Milani palettes are just solid, good palettes they come in a few different color combinations, so I'm sure you'll find one that fits your needs. 

Most Expensive Eyeshadow Palette:
Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette 

I bought this palette back in November and received it in December because it was on back order. If I remember right it was around $50-$55 after tax and shipping and all that. Before this palette I've never spent more than $20 on a palette so this was a big decision for me. I was going back and forth on it, I was talking to my husband Josh if this was a good purchase or not. I ended up getting it and figured it was a birthday present for myself. I think her palette is completely worth it though the price tag. I use mine a lot it really is a good neutral palette in my opinion. 

Most Affordable Palette:
Elf Bite Sized Palette  in rose water and cream and sugar
Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Palette

I won't spend too much time on these because I talked about them above. But these are fantastic eyeshadows! I love how compact they are and I've been using them like crazy. Both those palettes are around the $5 or less, so super affordable and great palettes.

Everyday Eyeshadow Palette:
Colourpop Going Coconuts Palette

I chose this palette because it really is perfect for everyday wear and it's affordable. My favorite is that this palette has both warm and cool tones in it and the shimmers in this palette are phenomenal. In all honesty this is probably one of my favorite palettes.

Most Colorful Palette:
JCat Beauty Sunset Boulevard Palette 

I don't have a ton of colorful palettes. I've never really owned a super colorful palette, but this is the closets one to it. It has some more muted purples, greens, and reds. And it has a good selection of shimmer shades that I like a lot! If you're looking for more muted colors, but still some color I think this is a good option.

Smallest Eyeshadow Palette: 
Elf Bite Sized Palette  in rose water and cream and sugar
Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Palette

These have a come a lot I guess haha, but yes these are my smallest palettes and happen to be my most recent and most affordable palettes. I specifically bought these for all of the traveling that we're doing soon. So the size of these palettes is a big reason why I bought them in the first place. Also, smaller palettes is just something I'm enjoying right now. The less amount of shades, the less I need to think about what to wear and it makes getting ready in the morning a  lot quicker.

Biggest Eyeshadow Palette:
JCat Beauty Sunset Boulevard Palette 
Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette 

These are my only 2 big palettes I have left in my collection. A lot of them I've decluttered except these two because I love these palettes and still use them a lot. Two great palettes, I think are worth the money and have a great color selection.

Best Memory Palette:
Colourpop Palettes in California Love and Sweet Talk

I bought these palettes at the same time and it was my first time purchasing anything from Colourpop Cosmetics. I've always heard good things about them but was still nervous I've had bad experiences in the past ordering makeup. I've had palettes coming in shattered over and over from ordering them online. But when these came in I couldn't believe it! They were perfect even better in person. The palettes are stunning and really so perfect, exactly what I was looking for. There's a reason why people talk so good about Colourpop Cosmetics.

 Worth The Hype Palette:
 Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette 

I know this is another one that's been mentioned a lot I don't have ton of palettes left in my collection, but I do think this Tati Palette was worth all the hype. I think this palette performs well, I think this palette is worth the pice tag, therefore I think it was worth the hype. I'm happy I purchased it!

Favorite Palette From Favorite Brand:
Colourpop Going Coconuts Palette

This was a tough one because all of the palettes that I have I've kept for a reason because they're true palettes that I love and use all of the time. But I was trying to pick just one for this category and I think this palette is the one. If I had to create my own palette this would truly be it. I really think I would pick these colors for my own palette and it's the only palette where I really do use every single shade in it. 

Most Used Eyeshadow Palette:
Colourpop Going Coconuts Palette
Elf Bite Sized Palette  in rose water and cream and sugar
Wet N Wild Walking On Eggshells Palette

This was also a tough category because right now I'm using a mix of a bunch of different palettes. And it doesn't help that we're moving, so I had to limit what palettes to pack away and ones to keep out for this time. I'm using a lot of single eyeshadows right now, not a lot of palettes. BUT right now in this moment these 3 palettes is what I'm using most. They're small and compact, which makes it easy to travel/move with. They're quick and easy, I'm really only ever working with at most 2 shadows. Something in the crease and then some sort of shimmer on the lid. And the colors in these palettes are just what I'm into right now. Lots of neutrals and light washes of pink/coral/peach shades all over the lid. 

Most Specific Eyeshadow Palette:
Colourpop Smoke Show Palette

I didn't really know where to put this palette so this category I decided to add in. This palette I specifically bought to use for a blown out smokey look. I don't have a lot of palettes with black shades in them to make looks like that that are super dark and smokey. So when I saw Colourpop released this palette I wanted it. It's super affordable and practice blending with black eyeshadow and make some dark smokey looks for a good night out. And the shimmers in this are jaw dropping SUPER shimmery. Just a unique palette that I didn't have anything like in my collection and wanted it. 

I think I covered all of my palettes in my collection. I thought this a fun idea that Jessica Braun had! Watching her video of it was fun and light hearted so I wanted to do the same with this blog post. It was fun to type up and I'm hoping to make a video of it after we move and get everything unpacked. 

Thank you all for reading! ☺️


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