More Makeup Mondays!

Hi Everyone welcome back!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts! I've been super busy filling out paper work to get my massage therapy license in Washington state. I'm not sure I'll be doing any massaging in this state, but I would rather keep up with my licensing just incase some catastrophe happens, I have something to fall back on. And believe it or not the paper work process for getting a massage therapy license transferred takes forever, it took me 6 months to get licensed in North Carolina. I had all the paper work in and ready to go and it took the NC massage board 6 months to review it and get it sent to me. Also my lap top broke so thats been kind of annoying...

So for this make up Monday I wanted to make it short and simple, I wanted to share some of my favorite youtube makeup gurus!

1. Jessica Braun- I like her because she's very relatable and I feel like she's always ahead of the game when it comes to creative ideas and business. She's also just entertaining to watch, her husband and her are hilarious and they do great vlogs!

2. Thatalya- She I found recently actually from Jessica Braun lol. But I like her because she has similar skin tone to me so her recommendations I take seriously. And I like her humor it's like dry humor but I like it haha. I also like how her business style for uploading she takes seriously, she's very consistent and has a strict schedule so she's like reliable. Also fun fact she lives in Seattle!

3. Emily Noel- She's been around forever, she's really similar to Jessica Braun as in like she's entertaining and ahead of the game as to like whats becoming the popular go to styles. And her family vlogs are also so fun to watch. I like how she can pull off like almost any look to and make any makeup application look so effortless.

4. RawBeautyKristi- She's another recent find I found her through some drama channel I think? When I went down the youtube rabbit hole lol! But like her name says it all she's very raw and blunt straight up which I appreciate. I love her chit chat get ready with her she always has great stories. And I feel like we relate in sense of how we both have gone through drastic changes from now and how we were years ago. And guess what she also lives in Seattle haha!

5. Brianna Fox Makeup- I like her makeup tutorials she has some pretty in depth how to apply eyeshadow, contour, foundation, etc. That I watched a lot. And her makeup always looks stunning! I feel like our taste in makeup in similar like styles. She's also relatable and follows the keto diet so she has some videos on her favorite keto meals that I really like and try out, I've found a lot of keto meals from her!

6. Kiki Chanel- This chanel I have grown to LOVE I think if I met her in person we would be best friends she's hilariously honest. Our lives are so similar. Again her chit chat get readys are to die for. The way she thinks is so similar to mine its crazy and again with her super honest and blunt which I love just tells it how it is. She has this youtube serious about MLM's and they really are so honest she goes in depth and explains how pathetic they are and they're all fake don't ever fall into it it'll ruin your life. But obviously she does a better job at it and makes it hilariously honest

Also quick note! I bought my first vanity that I'm obsessed with will literally be a game changer and bought my first full body size mirror (also a game changer lol) so excited to use it! 

Love this vanity so perfect and love the matte black to it! See ya next Monday!  


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