Netflix Recommendations Continue! Part 2

Hi Everyone!

Here's the second round of Netflix shows I want to recommend! These are some obvious ones but also some maybe you forgot about. As you can tell I'm a sucker for crime related documentaries ūüėÜ

House Of Cards: I know this is a controversial one because of Kevin Spacey. BUT, looking at this show as a Netflix show. This is a VERY well done show. Everything about this show is brilliant. It's one of the first Netflix Originals if I remember right. I really think this show was a big kickstarter for Netflix. I didn't use Netflix right away and I remember this show is what all people were talking about. All the actors are excellent in it, I love how serious it is, I love how twisted it is and in a round about way from what I hear is pretty accurate to how things are run. Obviously it's your decision if you want to watch it or not but I really like this show it's so well done. I'm so mad that everything went down the way it did cause this show, I could have seen going really far like another Breaking Bad! Just a ton of seasons I was hoping for. I was mostly pumped to see Doug's storyline play out more than anything, especially at the end there. But it's alright the show ended and the last season sucks. In all honesty I suggest just skipping the last one. 

Sherlock: I started watching this show back in high school, maybe freshman or sophomore year. I remember I didn't have Netflix at the time, so whenever this show came out with a new season, I was spending hours trying to find a link to stream it. Just Googling for hours, usually it didn't work and I had to wait an extra few days to finally stream it. I heard of this show through some friends I know it wasn't on Netflix at the time anyway and it was only showing in Europe it wasn't in the US. Which is why it was so hard to stream it. But recently they added it to Netflix and this show is another show that is so well done. Benedict Cumberbatch is an incredible actor along with Martin Freeman. They're just the perfect combo for this show. I think why this show is so good is, because when they come out with each season, they're only 3 episodes long. But because of that they're very thought out episodes. Each episode I think is like 1.5 hours long, but each episode is so important to the storyline for that season. It's just thought out it's not rushed it's phenomenal show.  

The Staircase: Like I mentioned above I'm a sucker for crime documentaries. My mom watched these type of shows all the time. So I think it rubbed off on me now. BUT even if you're not into crime related shows I suggest giving this one a shot this one is one of the best crime documentaries out there in my opinion. It's so sad watching the main character in this show you really do feel for him. I did, I almost started crying throughout it because I felt so bad for him. I think he was wrongfully convicted so it just hit me hard watching him as he gets older in jail and in so much pain and for his family. 

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: Okay so this one was a really well made documentary I would even rewatch it as crazy as that sounds. This was just a really interesting documentary about this family and the media. Because this all happened when the media was in the light of getting more popular. I felt so bad for this family cause I really think they just got nailed with the media and didn't have time to mourn at all. This documentary also hit me hard, because I remember this case all over the news when I was younger. And I was pretty young when this all went down and I remember it pretty vividly, which to me is saying a lot. I also think this documentary hit me hard, is because Josh and I are planning our honeymoon and it's going to be out of the country. So it just gets me nervous and cautious about everything to where we're going because of this case. Lastly, if you haven't followed this case well, it has been all over social media again. They have a new suspect and evidence that have come to light. The police are still investigating it, but yes, the case has been all over social media again. 

Don't Fu## With Cats: This documentary is another one of my favorites, I mean this one has to be in my top 5! This documentary took me by surprise because the trailer looks like it's going to be hilarious. I truly thought from the trailer is was going to be a comedy. I thought it was going to be about this lady, that's a little crazy about cats, that just went above and beyond with research about cats. Something like that is what I was thinking. I WAS SO WRONG! I don't want to spoil anything, but this is one of my favorites. It was so sad it made me cry, but also so crazy and the crime that was committed is just horrifying. The people doing the research start off looking crazy but really they were heroes. Just an amazing documentary. It's the classic after you watch one episode, you gotta keep watching you'll finish it all in like 3 days!

Mindhunter: This show took me a while to get hooked on, because it does have a slow start. I didn't start watching it until after the second season came out. I kept glossing over it whenever it came up on suggested shows to watch. I finally broke down and watched it my husband convinced me that I would like it. He doesn't care for crime shows, but he's really good at knowing what I would like and wouldn't like. I gave it a go and after a few episodes in is really when I got hooked. It's very mind and psychological twisting, kind of shines a light on a criminals mindset. This Netflix show also shows how there's a relation of how a criminal was raised to how they turned out as an adult. Because all of the criminals the main characters are interviewing all mentioned how they were abused when they were growing up. But because that's how they were raised that's how they turned out. So that's kind of interesting watching and seeing the tactics the main characters are using while they're conducting the interviews. BUT, this show is one of the rare shows in my opinion, where each season is getting better. I'm so pumped for the third season to come out! I won't spoil anything, but season 2 is phenomenal and they ended it on a cliff hanger. 

Dexter: I actually haven't watched this show in quite a long time! But this show is right on par with Breaking Bad. On par in the sense that, it's really binge worthy. It's a long running show, so there's a ton of episodes, so it should take a while. You're basically following the mind of Dexter who had a messed up childhood and has the mind of a serial killer, but living the life of a normal person. He works as a blood analysis expert, so he works for basically the police. So he has a good front for what he actually does. He's pretty much addicted to killing people and knows how to get away with it. But, he only kills people that are bad according to him. So you're following his life. I'm sure as a lot of people know the ending to this series was garbage. They finished it off terribly, which sucks because its's such a well liked show. But aside from the bad ending of the show the rest of it is really good. 

The Umbrella Academy: It's kind of funny as I'm typing this I didn't realize that the new season of The Umbrella Academy comes out tomorrow Friday July 31st 2020, so this works out nicely of when I plan to post this! But this was a really well done show! I'm a sucker for super hero related movies and shows and I think this show falls right into that category. There's a couple of of critiques I wish they would do differently. I'm not a huge fan of the cast. I feel like it's a weird mix, like it doesn't fit characters? I don't know how to explain it. When I see avengers I think those actors and actresses work well together. I see them and think yeah that's who'd I expect to play Iron Man, Captain American, Thor, etc. Those actors and actresses just slid into those characters so well. But this show it's a weird mix and I don't see it. But, that could be the point also? Not saying the actors and actresses themselves are bad or bad at acting, I'm saying the mix of them don't fit well to me. The second thing I don't like is Luther the big muscle guy. His head is not proportioned at all to his body. His head is itty bitty compared to his body, like not even close. It's noticeable and definitely seems like a mistake. BUT with all of this being said the storyline itself is really good. I will definitely be watching the second season tomorrow when it comes out. I love the whole story, these certain special kids born on the same day are special and raised together in this academy learning their powers. They were kind of outcasts didn't really get along great and went their separate ways. But are now getting back together because their father died. There was even a couple of surprising parts that I wasn't expecting and ended on a cliff hanger. 

Evil Genius: I've probably said this before in a previous blog post, but it you know me I'm a sucker for crime documentaries. But I can definitely say this is one of the better ones I've seen and I've seen a lot of crime documentaries! This one just took me by surprise. Just the story of these 3 people involved is crazy. Basically it's this sort of crazy love triangle and these people that seem like trash people, but really the girl is a genius in a round about it way. It's just nothing like I've ever seen, I mean it's truly jaw dropping and I don't want to spoil it for everyone. Because that's the point why this documentary is so good because it's shocking!

The Circle: If you're into trash shows this is a good option! Josh and I don't watch any reality tv or shows or whatever. But when this came out we thought we'd give it shot, something to watch while eating popcorn before going to bed. We also thought it was a good idea on Netflix's end getting into reality tv, but on their platform and making it a limited series. We've never seen a reality style show on Netflix. When you think of Netflix you think of movies or shows that were played on TV at one point. But this was Netflix's version of its own reality style. I gotta say it was different and it worked! They did an excellent job on this show! It was so unique having it be reality, but you never see the person. It's like a game show but still had the drama like a reality show. All the interactions were done online through texting and there was these mini games that if you win you get to go on a date in person. So the person could look or lie through texting kind of like catfish and then when you meet them they're completely different than who they said. Another thing to mention quick is the cast that they chose for this show was an excellent group of people. Sometimes I think when it come to shows like this or anything in that reality genre. What makes or breaks a show like this is the cast and the cast was perfect. It's honestly pretty good and Netflix did a good job with it. 

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