Netflix Shows We've Been Loving: Part 1

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This will be a quick little fun blog post! I feel like there's so many good shows that were released recently and of course classic good shows that are timeless! Especially while we are all in quarantine, I think this could be fun. So here's a list of some shows Josh and I have been watching lately including documentaries. I want to make this a continuous series, whenever I have a good list of Netflix shows, I'll write up a quick blog post of our recommendations. 

Avatar The Last Airbender: This show was my LIFE when I was younger. I vividly remember leaving for soccer practice when I was in Middle School. And before I left I would remind my parents, "Hey remember to record Avatar The Last Airbender at 7pm there's a new episode of it!" I was adamant about it to, like if it didn't get done I was SO upset about it. Yes, my parents still had the old school VCR recording like the clunky tapes, if you guys remember that? They were outdated at this time, but that's what my parents still used at the time. It's crazy to me that this show has been out on Netflix for over a month, almost 2 months while I'm typing this and still trending on Netflix's top 10. It's also crazy to me how popular this show is. I remember this show was basically my dirty little secret. Because no one talked about it at school, no one ever mentioned it, not even briefly or acknowledged it even existed. So I'm over here thinking, "I'm not going to say anything about this show because I don't want to be teased." When in reality I was recording every episode and watching it everyday and obsessing over it. 😂 I'm telling you if you haven't watched this show please just give it a shot. This show is so good. It's well liked by a wide age group, not just kids. I really think young adults would like this show also like ages 8-30s age range. I want to talk about this show further in a whole separate blog post because I have a lot to say about it. I'm not kidding when I say this show was a good chunk of my childhood.

Space Force: I've heard this show has been a hit or miss for a lot of people. I kind of see where everyone's coming from. I really liked this show, I think it's pretty funny, it has a great cast and it was created by Greg Daniels, who also created The Office. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Greg Daniels talked about Space Force when he was on The Office Ladies podcast, I thought he mentioned that he's been working on Space Force for a long time? I don't think it's as funny as The Office, so I get where people are coming from from, that point of view. But why I love this show, is because I do think it's well written. The cast is amazing, it's so cool seeing all these well known actors/actresses from other well known shows and movies. Everyone in it you'll recognize. But yeah I do think this show is worth a watch the humor in it is funny it's very well written in my opinion. I think what will be helpful is don't go in expecting it to be The Office. It's a completely different show and I know it's hard not seeing Steve Carell as Micheal Scott. Something else worth mentioning is this show does have a particular kind of humor that everyone might not like. For me, I like the humor in this show.

The Office: Of course The Office I have to mention 😂 I mean in my opinion this show is just all around perfect. It's a timeless show. I mean how many shows can you rattle off, that till this day in 2020 is still popular and people talk about and rewatch all the time. I can't think of a TON of shows like that. This show is on 24/7 at our house, it's on while we're working. This show is the perfect background noise while you're working from home. Because you already know all the jokes and episodes. And then when you're ready for a break, it's a great show to unwind to for a bit. It's crazy, even now I still crack up at the funny parts. It really is just a great timeless forever good show. I think it'll live on for a long time and it's already been 15 years. It first aired in 2005 I believe?

Parks And Recreation: This is of course another classic! This is another that we have on in the background while we're working from home. A lot of what I mentioned about The Office same goes for Parks and Recreation. It's a good show when you're taking a break from work and want to unwind. All of the funny parts in this show I still laugh at to this day. This show I think is also a timeless show even till this day people still watch this and it's still popular. I really don't think you can say that about a lot of TV shows. It took me forever to get into this show, not going to lie. I heard other people mention this also. This show does take a few seasons to get into. But trust me give it till like season 3 and that's when this show really starts to shine and you get into it. I think the jokes start kicking in the best, everyone I think really finds their characters at that point. I tried watching this show back in high school and college multiple times and every time I gave up on it during season 1 or 2. Finally after Josh and I got married we both gave it a go. Josh felt the same he gave it a go multiple times when he was in college and also gave up on it during seasons 1 or 2. So we sat down and tried it and I'm pretty sure it was around season 3 when we really got into it! And now we watch it on repeat! The characters are just so relatable and hilarious! Our favorite is Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer and Leslie Knope. 

New Girl: This show believe it or not I actually never heard of or started watching it until my husband and I got married in 2017. We had just moved to North Carolina and I didn't have a job right away and Josh told me that I would like this show. He said, "it's a good show to have on in the background while you work." That's kind of the theme for some of these shows on this particular list. So sorry for repeating this a lot, but it's true! So I gave it a shot! I was applying to jobs and had New Girl on in the background. And quickly I LOVED IT! It's such a fun and lighthearted show. It's different and almost reminded me of my college days living with roommates. It's so funny, I consider this another timeless show that'll live on for a long time. You can watch over and over and not get sick of it and still laugh at all of the jokes. I wish I would have found this show earlier back in high school. In my opinion, I think the last couple of seasons suck not going to lie it felt a little rushed. Like they were just ready to rap it up. I don't know I really didn't like the last couple seasons, but overall I really like this show!

Unnatural: I won't spend a ton of time on this one because I think this is one you have to watch to understand it. This one is really good though it actually made me cry a couple of times. It's more of a documentary style it's so interesting and they talked about stuff I just didn't know existed or new any of this was going on in the world. There's also multiple stories going on in this show, one in particular made me cry. You follow along a few different people on their journeys and I like those type of documentary styles. 

Friends From College: This one was so good! I remember it randomly popped up on suggested shows to watch. We saw that Keegan Michael Key was in it, so we thought we should give it a shot. We binged through this show so fast! It's so funny seriously way funnier than you'd think. The whole time you just want to know what happens next. When I read that they are done after 2 seasons I was so upset. I guess I get it cause it's basically a love triangle so there's only so far you can go with that. But it's just such a funny show the character Max is the best just always wide eyed and saying something hilarious. You just want to keep watching to see how everything unravels. This show is weirdly one that I actually watch while I'm working. It's weird because it's only 2 seasons, but I don't know just something about it is perfect for background noise. This is also a good show if you're looking for something to watch and then when a year or 2 rolls around you remember this show and want to watch it again. At least that's what happened to me. We watched it right when it came out, forgot about it and then rewatched it again and it was just as good the second time around!

Community: Josh watched this show way back when he was in college. I literally never heard of this show, I didn't know it existed. I've never seen it advertised, I've never heard anyone talking about it, nothing. So when I met Josh back in 2016, he introduced me to this show. This was kind of the first show we started watching together when we were dating, it was kind of like a date night for us at the time. We got half way through season 1 and then stopped watching it. No particular reason, just got busy with college and finals and studying. Now in 2020 a couple months ago we saw it got added to Netflix and we both completely forgot about it! We've been watching it again and we just started season 2 and I gotta say this show is fantastic! It's hilarious the cast is great. Very well written! I don't know why this show wasn't more popular back when it came out in 2009 I think? I really think this show started at the wrong time. I think if this show was on now it would be way more popular. Like maybe it started too early or too late? Because it was airing on TV right when Parks and Recreation was out and The Office. Maybe those shows were all people were talking about and Community just got lost or aired at the wrong time? But this show is really a joy to watch, so funny it quickly moved up into one of my favorites! Also I have good memories attached to it since this is the show we watched when Josh and I were dating 😊

Santa Clarita Diet: This show I was pleasantly surprised about! I actually really like this show and I'm bummed they ended it. I felt like it was really picking up and I was so curious what was going to happen next. This show is like a dark humor kind of? Beause there is killing people... but it's in a funny way if that makes sense? I really enjoyed this show and it's different and I love the relationship between Sheila and Joel. I was just so surprised at how much I like it. I wish they had a few more seasons cause it ended in such a good spot, I wanted to know what happens next and the direction they were going to go with it! Another show that's on repeat in the background while we are working! I feel like there's so many angles you can take with this show but it must of just not been getting a lot of views on TV. So bummed they ended this show!

The Good Place: This is on the same vein of the Santa Clarita Diet, in the sense of, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this show. This is another show I'm pretty bummed that it's done, they aren't making anymore seasons of it. I love the twist they have with this show, it's different, it's surprising I really like it! I love the perspective of living in the bad place rather than other shows. Other shows show the perspective of living in the good place. So it's different in that sense. Another difference with this show is as bummed as I am that it's done. I do think they ended it at a good time. I don't really know what direction they could have taken with it like I think they told the story and if they carried it on, I think it would have gone downhill. So yes, I think they did a good job at ending the series. The humor in this show is so funny like way more funny than I was expecting. It's the humor where they say some thing brief and quick and almost under the breath, but it's so funny! Another show that I watch on repeat while I'm working.

This is my first round of Netflix TV shows we recommend! This first set of 10 are a lot of ones that we rewatch a lot, just your classic TV shows that I'm sure a lot of people have heard of. But hey there's a reason why so many people have heard of a lot of these because they're classic and timeless and never get old. They are well thought out TV shows that will live on forever! But I hope you enjoy! I plan on posting up more recommendations like this whenever I get a good list together. Let me know below in the comments what shows have you guys watched that you were surprised by or recommend?!

See ya next time!

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